Whipped cream with prunes

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Whipped cream with prunes


cream (35%) 200 ml
powdered sugar 2-3 st. l.
pitted prunes 70 g
nuts (I have hazelnuts) 50 g
chocolate for decoration

Cooking method

  • This taste, old as the world and unforgettable from childhood, is a lifesaver. Especially when guests are on the doorstep, and you have to whip up a dessert

The dish is designed for

2 servings.

Time for preparing:

10 minutes.

Katyusha, you won't believe it! I bought a prune, let me think I'll make a dessert, otherwise no one remembered about it.
A dish from the "Retro" category! Very fast and tasty - only high in calories
Kate ,
You are from Ukraine - and from what city? Surely not from Western Ukraine? This dessert - this was our favorite dish with my son when we walked along the central street of Ivano-Frankivsk. What a yummy it is! It's a pity, only today I accidentally stumbled upon your recipe - I sent my grandchildren home yesterday - otherwise I would certainly cook it! For myself alone - reluctance, the husband does not really like it .....: cray: Or pamper yourself, beloved?
You guessed it! From Western We have this dessert is really quite common. It's nice that I brought back pleasant memories to you. And myself, I think, is worth pampering ...
Agree! Worth it! On the forum Cakethat year gave a healthier recipe - prunes in yogurt - really, healthier, but not comfortable - frequent jogging to the toilet ..... And prunes with whipped cream and bitters, vvazha, will be more beautiful! Fayno!
And I prostalgic about the walks in Lviv. Tse is really delicious and fine!
And I didn’t eat something like that.

For this, NG also decided to make a dessert, but a little bit wrong.
I stuffed walnuts into prunes and poured sour cream whipped from sugar.
As a child, I often cooked using this recipe.
Oh, and I, too, once upon a time was in Svalyava and just could not pass by such a delicious dessert! Therefore, I enjoyed such delicious food every day. Thanks for reminding me! Tomorrow I'm going to the market for homemade cream!
Ladies, but boil prunes in red wine diluted in half with water and added sugar? Delicious, especially with nuts inside
himichka - interesting idea! I'll have to try. This is something like prunes in mulled wine, and we respect mulled wine
This is our Odessa recipe - homemade wine is a lot, because it can be different, and each variety brings a unique note to the taste.
Quote: himichka

Ladies, but boil prunes in red wine diluted in half with water and added sugar? Delicious, especially with nuts inside
Great, but this will be a different recipe!
And I associate this recipe with weddings. More often it was served with whipped homemade sour cream than with cream - we have this stuff in bulk here! But I'm so smart now, and as a child it was only sour cream with sugar. This replacement does not make the dessert worse.
Whipped cream with prunes
Oh, I couldn't resist such deliciousness - prunes, dried apricots, and on top - chocolate!
Well, that's a fine fellow! Thanks for the great photo Appetizing!
Katerina, thank you for the wonderful recipe!
and I also add homemade cottage cheese, not granular. Or I take cottage cheese as a basis and add cream or yogurt. Also very tasty.
It's simple, but I can imagine how delicious it is! And prunes and nuts are useful.

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