Bean pate with dried apricots and nuts

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Bean pate with dried apricots and nuts


Boiled beans
(color is not important) already salted
1 glass
Dried apricots (soak in water) 6 pcs.
Finely chop the walnuts

Cooking method

  • Put the beans and dried apricots in a blender bowl and make mashed potatoes. Be sure to taste it - what else to add !?

  • Add chopped nuts to the finished puree and mix the whole mass.
  • Put in a jar. I also sprinkled the pate with a little nuts on top and decorated with dried apricots.


I really liked this pate! You will never guess what products it is made of, the taste of dried apricots is present.
Light, hearty breakfast or dinner, but more dessert.
Bon Appetit!

Another great lean dish!

Yes, I cooked it with one bean: with prunes and dried apricots, for a change
Is this pate supposed to be sweet?
I always make it on Holy Eve before Christmas as part of 12 lean dishes, including bean paste, but salty with garlic and vegetable oil or mayonnaise, if not fasting. And this one is so interesting, I think, prunes are combined with garlic, but dried apricots, somehow not very

Olya, additives can be different, it depends on your taste and preferences, even with mango!
Our personal taste is such that it is difficult to imagine what will please everyone more.
But both prunes and dried apricots go well with the beans - I checked it myself

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