Instant noodle salad

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Instant noodle salad


instant noodles / Anacom, rollton 2 packs
crab sticks 200 g
boiled eggs 3 pcs
fresh cucumber 1 PC
dill, parsley, green onions
mayonnaise, sour cream

Cooking method

  • Grind the noodles (do not add spices from the bags), pour 3 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise + 3 tbsp. spoons of sour cream. Set aside for 30 minutes. finely chop greens, fresh cucumber. Add chopped crab sticks and eggs. Mix everything with softened vermicelli. If dry, add mayonnaise. Mix. All.
  • Recipe from Elenka with Cooks. RU


Delicious, simple, quick and cheap salad.

Thank you!
Both quickly and tasty, but how did he get such a high shape?
It's very simple. This is my grater stand. I put a completely prepared salad in it, and then turn it over to a dish
Something like that, somewhere, somewhere I ate thanks for reminding the recipe!
* Anyuta *
Today I made this salad ... to taste, to be honest, I have not yet understood ... ..
Tomorrow I will try, when the noodles are "more thoroughly" soaked ...
If anyone is interested, then the calorie content of a salad with ordinary mayonnaise and 25% sour cream is 251 kK per 100 grams.
Quote: * Annie *
Tomorrow I will try when the noodles are "more thoroughly" soaked

Anyut , well, how are the noodles soaked?

I wonder if this noodle is good for this and similar salads?

Instant noodle salad

Or is it absolutely necessary that the one from bum- package ...
* Anyuta *

Inus, honestly? : Somehow it didn't suit us? I do not know. Well, wine is not so much we are lovers of this "delicacy" ... I will definitely not repeat it, but for the sake of changing the taste sensations, you can try ... Well, something like that!

Tanya, I'm sorry! This is my personal opinion ...
Or maybe some kind of noodles are not so caught?
Anya, thanks for your directness !!!

All sorts of reviews are needed, different reviews are important !!!

And the noodles have been soaked for two hours already, let it be soaked, now I’ll go to her to do something before the salad ...

Later I will write the opinion of my eaters ...
Quote: * Annie *
Tanya, I'm sorry! This is my personal opinion ...
Excellent opinion! If we had the same taste, all food would consist of one dish))
* Anyuta *
Quote: Krosh

And the noodles have been soaked for two hours already

oh-oh-oh ... I fell in love with this emoticon ...
Something I rarely see being used ... and he's so cool !!!!

Quote: celfh

If we had the same taste

Don't be shy ... I keep your other salads on the list of "golden" ...
It's just that this one somehow did not take root!
Recently, such noodles have not been found in the house, only at the dacha A the recipe is interesting
celfh, Tanya, how did I miss it? We have a similar salad in use - I just do it a little differently. I grind the noodles right in a bag, pour it into a bowl, then just a tiny little onion, half a carrot, a couple of cloves of garlic and season with mayonnaise with spices from this bum bag. My husband loves to stand, soak, I like to crunch more. That's it, I’ll go to the kitchen and do it all in one person
Tanyusha, take thanks from my family !!!

The salad was very tasty !!!

True, it took me more mayonnaise, I was guided by the taste of my eaters, I added until it became dry ...

My salad was soaked too long enough, but in my amateurish opinion it is even very good in this case ...

I will repeat !!!

P.S. Today I cooked your "little brother" salad also with "quick" noodles / vermicelli, according to our recipe Antoshka (Lenuska-Antonovka), also very tasty, in vain Lenuska did not want to lay out his recipe publicly / all-seeing ...

Thank you, my sun!)) It is very pleasant to read such a review!))
Tanyush! Forgive the inattentive crow! I missed such a salad! We prepared a similar one several years ago ... But, just such a thing! No crab sticks and no egg. Ah, it's a completely different taste and aroma! Mmm!
And, as for me, I can just crunch dry noodles and get stunned from it no worse than from seeds!
Thanks for the flavorful recipe!
lettohka ttt
Interesting salad, you will have to try! Thank you Tanyusha !!! Bookmarked!
And I also add cheese there. Delicious.

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