Number cake "February 23"

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Number cake February 23


Egg 2 pcs
Sugar 160 g
Butter 100 g
Honey 80 g
Salt pinch
Soda 1 tsp
Flour 390-400 g
Cream 33% 150 g
White chocolate 200 g
Cream cheese 400 g
Powdered sugar 50-70 g
Mango jam
Mango puree 100 g
Sugar 1 tbsp
Corn starch 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Number cake February 23
  • Number cake February 23For the dough: in a saucepan, combine sugar, eggs, honey, a pinch of salt and stir with a whisk until smooth
  • Number cake February 23Add butter and put saucepan over medium heat
  • Cake-number 23 FebruaryWith constant vigorous stirring with a whisk, bring the mixture to a boil, but do not boil
  • Number cake February 23Remove pot from heat and add baking soda. Stir with a whisk - the mass will begin to increase in volume. Then cool the mass to room temperature.
  • Number cake February 23When the mass is completely cool, add the sifted flour. Pour in half the flour and stir with a whisk
  • Number cake February 23Further mixing of flour can be done with a spatula or by hand. The dough is tender and sticky. Wrap it in plastic wrap or a bag and put it in the refrigerator for several hours, you can overnight
  • Number cake February 23Divide the cooled dough into 2 parts and roll it into a thin layer about 3-4 mm thick (I rolled it straight out on a Teflon mat and baked it on it so that the figure would not deform). I printed the numbers on A4 paper and cut out. Height they have about 25 cm... Lightly dust the rolled dough with flour so that the numbers do not stick to the dough, put a number and cut out the dough using a stencil. Then carefully remove it. Each digit must be cut 2 times. I baked one digit at a time. Collect the excess dough after cutting the figure into a ball and roll it out again for the next figure
  • Number cake February 23Pin the figure with a fork so that it does not bubble during baking
  • Number cake February 23Bake the cakes on a Teflon mat in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for a few minutes until a slight blush (I baked for 6-7 minutes)
  • Number cake February 23Cut and bake two digits in turn 2 and two digits 3
  • Number cake February 23Wrap each number in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for several hours (I had a night)
  • Cake-number 23 FebruaryFor the cream: bring the cream to a boil, remove from heat,
  • add chocolate and mix well until smooth. Transfer to a container, cover with foil in contact and put in the refrigerator overnight (I had a day)
  • Number cake February 23Beat cold cream cheese with powdered sugar until smooth
  • Number cake February 23Add cold ganache to the cheese and beat with a mixer at low speed. The cream thickens, becomes very airy and dense
  • Cake-number 23 FebruaryTransfer the cream to a piping bag with a round nozzle
  • Number cake February 23For the mango jam, I mashed frozen mangoes. Add mixed sugar and cornstarch to the puree and place on the stove over medium heat
  • Number cake February 23With constant vigorous stirring, bring the puree to a boil and simmer for 1-2 minutes. It turns out thick confiture, it must be completely cooled
  • Cake-number 23 FebruaryI smeared each number with a little cream from the bottom so that they better adhere to the substrate. Deposit the cream first along the contour of the figure
  • Number cake February 23Then deposit the cream inside the contour and add the mango jam. Cover both digits this way
  • Cake-number 23 FebruaryCover the top with the second digit (I added one more cherry in cognac for one digit). On the upper number, also deposit the cream over the entire surface of the number and decorate the top to your liking.
  • Leave the cake to soak for a few hours (I had it for 4 hours) and serve.
  • The cake turns out to be the most delicate and just melts in your mouth!
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Number cake February 23
  • Get closer to see the cream
  • Number cake February 23
  • For such a size of numbers (the author has a figure of 20 cm), the cream on the ganache was not enough for me, I used additionally sour cream custard. I really like him!
  • Number cake February 23Sour cream custard

The dish is designed for

5-6 servings

Time for preparing:

About two hours of clean time

Cooking program:

Oven, stove


I was inspired by the recipe for a popular cake, which can be made in the form of numbers or letters and decorated as soon as the heart desires (the recipe for this particular cake is taken from Julia Small). Many men cannot imagine a festive table without sweets. And when it is also beautifully presented, it is doubly pleasant. And I decided to please my beloved husband and brother on this holiday.
We really liked the cake! It looks interesting, understands quickly and with pleasure.
The dough from the entire volume of the recipe still remains (I have 350 grams left), and cream for this size of numbers should be made 1.5-2 servings

lady inna
Well finally! Very impressive!
lady inna, Innochka, thank you dear!
But it's not difficult to do! No alignments needed
Lena, thank you! The weight of 1 digit is approximately 800 grams.
Tyetyort, Elena, I didn’t weigh every figure ... I think less, since the total weight of the cake was about 1.3 kg.
And the dough still remains, I made it with a margin, since I baked such a cake for the first time

Weighed the remaining dough - 350 grams left.
Here is a holiday, so a holiday!
Wonderful cake!
Trishka, Ksyushenka, Thank you!
Everyone liked the cake.
On March 8, I want to make eight
And let the men bake the eights ...
Lenus, no words ... How cool it looks! Eye-catching!
lettohka ttt

Elena_Kamch, Helen, Masterpiece!
Elena, great and very original !!!
Elena, very beautiful and original! I took it to bookmarks! Thanks for the recipe!
Elena, very festive and unusual!
Tatka1, Tanyusha, Thank you!
I tried to

lettohka ttt, Natasha , Thank you! Very nice
Simply gorgeous!

I have two questions:
- what is the size of the digit?
- what kind of cream cheese did you use?
natapit, Natashayour praise is very valuable to me

Cvetaal, Svetlana, glad you liked!
The cake is quite simple to perform

celfh, Tatyana, Thank you!

Wiki, Thank you!
The numbers are about 25 cm.
Cream cheese took Violette
Lenochka! Aaaa !!!!
What a beauty! Here is a master class so class !!! Super! It's very beautiful, but it's hard to imagine tasty!
Lenochka, thanks! I definitely can't cook, but I will come to admire.
Rituslya, Ritochka , everything is not so difficult, believe me Honey cakes, cooking is not difficult.
Everything will work out!
And thank you very much for your kind words
thanks for the clarifications
Lena, very nice cake, just going to the anniversary, I wanted to make the cake in numbers, but I didn't like anything, but now I know how! Nice and not at all confusing.
Tatyana1103, Tatyana, I'm glad that I liked this option! For the anniversary, in my opinion, a wonderful cake will turn out!
Second time in two days and the heart has ceased !!!

First time it happened here ...

Lenochka, your boys, I hope they understand HOW Lucky they are with you !!!

Thank you, dear, for your work !!!
ElenaThank you for such beauty!
I have a little stupid question .. probably: girl_red: sorry in advance! What percentage of the cream did you take?
The cake is of course bookmark!
excellent mk! bookmark, I'll try to make it by March 8
lady inna
Lena, I like to look at the details: what is it so red, what are the stars on the cake sprinkled with?
Elena_Kamch, Helen, super cake! And, most importantly, the products are affordable, there would only be pens, like yours and a desire to please your loved ones.
Elena, I will definitely do it. Only recently I watched Julia on YouTube. And for one digit (I want to bake 8), you probably need half a portion? Yes, half a portion of the dough, but you need to think about the cream.
This is beauty !!!!
And the master class is impressive. I'll also bookmark it.
Elena, thanks for the idea.
Lenusya 🔗

I have no words...
at Chuchelka from yesterday or the day before yesterday:
Scarecrow # 9284
Crochet, Innulya, Thanks for the kind words

Quote: zvezda
What percentage of the cream did you take?
zvezda, Olga, cream 33%.
Like, I wrote in the ingredients. But yesterday everything went off so many times that I thought I wouldn't post the recipe at all ...
I'll go over the cream again

Ljna, Zhenya, thank you!
Eights will look just as good! You can also decorate with fresh flowers, mastic elements ..

Quote: lady inna
and what is it so red, than sprinkled with stars on the cake?
Inna, this is red velvet. The cake was in the refrigerator. I tried to cut stars out of it, a few crumbs woke up, I liked it and added

fatinya, Svetlana, Thank you! Everything is done quite simply

Quote: klavick
And for one digit (I want to bake 8), you probably need half a portion?
klavick, Olya, definitely half a portion! You can make a bigger figure or 3 pieces. The cake will be higher. I like tall ones.
And the cream can be taken from Natasha's custard sour cream, to which I gave a link in the recipe. It is VERY tasty, delicate and keeps its shape. Impregnates well. I fell in love with this cream. And it comes out much more budgetary than ganache

Volume, Thank you! Hope you enjoy the taste

Podmosvichka, Lenochka, glad to see you

Quote: ok
at Chuchelka from yesterday or the day before yesterday:
eye, Tatyana, well, the world mind is one for all. There are no variations of this cake on YouTube.
And I indicated the source ...
Elena, I just recently made a cake with Natasha, now I want it with curd cheese. Today I plan to make a mousse cake, and in the evening I will probably make dough and ganache for the number. Thanks for the advice!
And in sour cream custard, you do not need to reduce the amount of oil for these cakes, or will it soak well?
I just make it for a dairy girl without butter at all, only the custard part)
marusya057, Maria, I didn't decrease.
I want to make it completely on sour cream custard by March 8. I will write the result.
Lenuska, I liked your cake so much that I made a round one based on it. Tomorrow at work we will have tea in honor of the last holiday. Made with a biscuit - the chef does not recognize any other dough, cream - sour cream custard (for a pack of sour cream butter 400 grams and two eggs) and cherry jam. Not ah, how beautiful I did it, yours is much more interesting, the numbers themselves play the first violin here.
Number cake February 23
I've already done eight

Number cake February 23

Sour cream custard. Honey.
Soaked. Was soft. But he did not "melt in his mouth." You need a cream like in the recipe from this topic. I confirm.
knob, Ksyusha, thank you! Very interesting cake!
I have wanted to do this for a long time, at first I aimed at the heart on February 14, but it did not grow together. Only by February 23 I got together.
There is also an idea to make two extreme cakes from honey dough, and cut them out of red velvet in the middle.But I don't know if I will ...
And on March 8, you can make honey cakes for yourself, and the chef suddenly decides to discover something new for himself

leoalla, AllochkaThank you for such beauty!
Eights look very impressive!
Quote: leoalla
Soaked. Was soft. But it didn’t "melt in my mouth."
Alla, and at room temperature did you leave it or immediately in the refrigerator?
I just stood in my room for 4 hours. Soaked very well, I did not even expect such tenderness from the cakes
Larisa M
Elena_Kamch, The most beautiful cake !!! I especially like the way the rite is described! However, all your dishes are distinguished by their ability to focus on the peculiarities of the recipe. It is very pleasant to cook with them. There are no pitfalls. Thank you very much.
Quote: Larisa M
They are very pleasant to cook with.
Thank you dear! I tried to. I myself like it when everything is detailed and clear
Irina F
I also already cooked according to Julia's recipe, I really liked the dough at work, it does not deform, just for such figures! And the cream is delicious. By the way, I thought that the cream would not soften the cakes, because they were quite hard, albeit fragile. Made with raspberry jam.
Whom she treated, everyone was delighted.
Lena, thanks for submitting the recipe!
True, I did not do it with numbers, but with pies.
Number cake February 23
And I still made these from the remnants of dough and cream - for one bite)
Cake-number 23 February

Irina F, Ira, what a beauty !!! I dream of such a nozzle with small teeth
I also really liked the dough! And it is very surprising that it is so saturated
Irina F
Elena_Kamch, Lenus, thank you! Spectacular baking with little effort, tell me?
And everyone is delighted !!!
I saw such a cake on one resource not long ago, there really is a different dough, with almond flour and cream, cream and cream cheese, like Philadelphia .. so I sit and think whether such a cream will saturate or not. White chocolate is delicious, but very fatty. Nobody eats fat in the family now. everyone has a sharp diet ..
Quote: Irina F
Spectacular baking with little effort, tell me?
And everyone is delighted !!!
That's for sure! No alignment needed! And a lot can be prepared in advance.

Quote: gawala
Nobody eats fat in the family now
gawala, Galina, and sour cream is also oily? If you put half the amount of oil ..
Quote: Elena_Kamch
sour cream is also greasy?
Oh, what are you .. the husband immediately smells the sour cream. And everything that is not whipped cream means it causes ... well, scrofula in addition .. so you have to think and invent .. They are terrible conservatives in food ..
Galina, what if you make a cream cheese with mascarpone? Beat it with cream and icing sugar. Such a cream will definitely saturate ... But also greasy

You need to go to the Creams section and choose according to your preferences
It is necessary to keep the shape and soak too
Quote: Elena_Kamch
with mascarpone?
about mascapone. for sale, at every corner. But as soon as I take it in my hands and say that I want to make a cream for such a cake, they will immediately tell me that the maskpone is only for Tiramisu. and the other cake is bold. At least stop, just fall.
And tiramisu is so straightforward dietary, it becomes already scary ..
Okay, let's keep thinking ...
Quote: gawala
they will immediately say that the maskpone is only for Tiramisu. and the other cake is bold.
really! And you can't argue
And if you just make whipped cream?
Quote: Elena_Kamch
And you can't argue
Can you imagine how I am here ..

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