Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)

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Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)


Calculation for 1 kilogram
meat (pork neck or chicken thighs)
salt 13-14 grams
ice water (light beer, mineral water) water 80 milliliters
ground black pepper minimum 2 grams
allspice minimum 1 gram
grape vinegar 6% (apple, pepper) 1.5 tbsp. spoons (18 grams)
if the spice mix for the kebab 5 grams or as directed
turnip onion 200-400 grams
onion salt taste
sugar 5 grams
For the vegetable layer
creamy tomatoes small dense
salt option
small turnip onion
For watering the kebab
leftover marinade
sour wine + water 50*50

Cooking method

  • Selection and preparation of meat
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)To make a kebab tasty, you need to choose the right meat. This is the first rule of a good kebab. The meat should be young, better chilled, not fresh, from a well-fed animal, have a "beautiful appearance". You need to pay attention to its color and smell. The beef should be red, the pork should be pinkish, the veal should be slightly pink-bodied, the lamb should be dark red. The smell is pleasant.
  • The meat should be soft to the touch, springy structure. If you press on it, then the fossa is quickly smoothed out, the fibers are slightly separated.
  • It is important for the kebab to buy the right piece of carcass. For lamb, a loin and a part of the back are suitable, for beef, a tenderloin, a thick and thin edge, for pork, a loin, although it is slightly dry, is better than a pork neck, for a store chicken thigh.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)The meat must be washed and cut into equal-sized pieces. Matchbox-sized pieces are considered ideal. The shape should be clear, preferably elongated. Nothing should be hanging and the corners should not be hanging. If there is thick fat along the edge, then it must be cut off, leaving a thin layer. It is not worth cutting the pieces coarsely, otherwise the kebab will be raw inside, and it will be very fried on top and will be dry during long frying.
  • Shish kebab is marinated in enamel, glass or ceramic dishes. It is strongly not recommended to use aluminum dishes for marinating kebabs. This metal, actively interacting with the sour marinade, is capable of at least hopelessly spoiling the taste of a kebab, and at the most making it poisonous.
  • After cutting, put the meat in the refrigerator for cooling.
  • Marinade and marinating meat.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)Peel the onion. Juicy onions are suitable for pickling. We need it in the marinade only because of its juice.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)Cut into rings or half rings. Add salt. Stir and let stand for a while until juice is released. We need a little salt, just so that she draws out this juice.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)Now mix the onion again and mash it well with your hands. Now there is a lot of juice and our onions are ready to be added to the meat.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets) We take out the prepared pieces of meat from the refrigerator, salt.
  • The most important secret of a delicious and juicy kebab is massaging the meat. We use the same technology as in the preparation of ham (sausages). Our task is to keep the meat juice and improve the taste of the future kebab.
  • When we add salt to meat and massage it, we increase the osmotic pressure on the cell walls of the meat. They burst, releasing the protein outside in the form of meat juice. This released protein forms the emulsion that we need to keep the finished meat juicy. It turns out such a protein framework that is able to keep the meat juice and part of the marinade juice in the meat.
  • We begin to massage the meat with salt. What does it mean to massage? Crumple, stir, skip.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets) The meat is ready if it starts to stick a little and white small thin threads have appeared, which stretch for a piece.This will take you about 15 minutes. This is where men's strong arms come in handy!
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)Gradually add ice-cold liquid, sugar, vinegar and spices, continue to massage.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)Add the onion and its juice. If the juice remains on the walls, then it can be collected with a piece of meat. Again we intensively massage.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)If you do everything correctly, then you will not see any liquid in the meat by the end of the massage. The meat will suck it all into itself.
  • The base is ready. We cover the dishes. You don't need to press down anything. Leave to marinate in a cool place for at least 2 hours, but better for 12. Stir the meat several times during marinating.
  • Preparing vegetables for the layer
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)A couple of hours before frying the kebab, prepare the onion for the vegetable layer. Do not stir the meat any more. We need small onions, 2-3 centimeters in diameter. Their number is calculated on the basis of the number of pieces of meat, so that the onion separates each piece on a skewer.
  • We clean the onion and cut it into two parts across. Lightly salt and massage lightly so that the salt dissolves and does not remain on the surface.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets) Lay the onion cut down between the layers of meat. The onion should be covered with meat. Such onions will be saturated with marinade, and when fried, they will smoke. It will be crispy. If a bit and burns, then you can always remove the top crust.
  • If you use tomatoes, which should also be small, then cut them across and lightly salt before stringing.
  • How to prepare a skewer and put on the meat.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)An hour or two before frying, remove the meat from the refrigerator and let it warm up. This will help reduce frying time and increase the juice content. Cold meat shashlik will turn out to be overcooked on the outside and raw on the inside! Because it will take more time to cook it than from meat warmed to room temperature. During this time, put a bow in it.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)To prevent the meat from falling off the skewer during the frying process, treat it along the entire length with lemon juice or vegetable oil, and then heat it for 1-2 minutes. If you cook on a wire rack, then it must be preheated and greased with vegetable oil or lemon juice so that the food does not stick to the metal during the frying process.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)You need to string meat on a skewer along the fibers. The outermost pieces on both sides should be smaller pieces, since the thicker ones may not be fried, because the heat around the edges of the barbecue may be less. If you do not want to make layers of vegetables, then it is better to place the pieces of meat longitudinally on the skewer, close enough to each other, without flattening, but also without leaving gaps. It is better to place large pieces in the center, and leave enough space at both ends to place the skewer on the grill or other device.
  • Chicken thighs are best fried on a wire rack or put on 2 skewers.
  • How to fry a kebab?
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)It is desirable to obtain coals from fruit trees, vines. This smell itself can replace almost all the aromatic spices that we use when preparing barbecue. If you have coals from other trees or of unknown origin (if you are using purchased ones), to compensate for the lack of aroma, you can place sprigs of rosemary and thyme directly on the kebab while frying. When burned, they will fall into the coals, but during this time they will at least slightly give the kebab a pleasant aroma.
  • The reddish color and a thin layer of white ash covering them serve as a signal that the coals are heated to the required temperature and are ready to give off heat. The coals should turn gray. At this moment, the optimum temperature for frying kebabs is about 650 degrees.
  • When coal glows scarlet immediately after it has ignited, it has a temperature of 700-750 aboutC. It's a lot for meat. It will brown very quickly, start charring quickly, and inside will remain damp. But when the coal is covered with ash for the first time, then after you brush the ashes from it, it has the required temperature of 650aboutC. Gradually, it is again covered with ash, but the droplets of fat falling into it revive the process and the temperature is kept almost the same.But, until the fat begins to melt from the meat, you still have to fan the coal with a fan. The second time, you will have to remember the fan closer to the end of frying, when the coal begins to lose heat, and then just such a moment that it is necessary for the meat to brown as soon as possible, until it is dry.
  • Coals need to be distributed evenly over the entire area of ​​the barbecue that you use. Break large pieces with a poker. The optimum size of the coals is 2-3 centimeters. If you only use a part of the barbecue with barbecue (and this is the right approach to business!), Then there should be some coal. They need to be pushed aside at the corners and edge where the last skewer will lie.
  • The kebab should be cooked at a distance of about 12-15 cm above the hot coals. You cannot raise the meat high. The frying time will increase, the brown crust will not work and the meat will be overdried.
  • So that the meat retains the juice inside and remains soft, next to the main pile of coal, you can form another, slightly smaller pile, on which the meat, after the main abundant roasting and crust formation, will gradually reach without charring.
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)The skewers on the grill should be placed as close to each other as possible, this creates a barrier, and the heat does not seep through the gaps, thanks to this arrangement, the kebab is juicy and cooks much faster.
  • To prevent the meat from burning during frying, it must be periodically sprinkled with water, lemon juice, wine or leftover marinade and do not allow the fire to ignite. But don't overuse it! The liquid that gets on the roasting meat cools it down and softens the crust that is fried on the surface. Watering the meat takes longer and loses more juice. Therefore, if the coals are on fire, it is better to move them slightly or remove the skewer for a few seconds and extinguish the fire locally on the coal.
  • Meat readiness
  • Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)How to check if the meat is ready? You need to make a neat cut. If the juice is transparent - you can serve it on the table, if the juice is pink - the meat is not ready, If there is no juice, then something irreparable happened - you have dried out the kebab !!!
  • The easiest way to determine the readiness of meat is with a probe thermometer.
  • For lamb and beef, the temperature inside the piece should be no more than 65 ° C. Otherwise, the meat will be overdried.
  • For pork and chicken, the meat of which cannot be eaten uncooked, the temperature must be at least 71 ° C.
  • You should also check the readiness of the meat around the entire perimeter of the skewer so that the outer pieces do not turn out to be soggy, because there were less coals at the edges.
  • The kebab is ready. Quickly grab a skewer, remove meat or bite into teeth!
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones)

The dish is designed for

family or company


If you follow all these rules, you will get an unearthly delicious barbecue. You will be respected and loved in any company.
If anyone is interested. What will Stalik Khankishiev tell

Bad deal with coal. Not only is the coal in bags that they sell everywhere, anyhow. It is rare that good coal comes across, so that it keeps the heat and does not consist of coal sand and two or three burned-out lumps. So after all, many people also use this coal incorrectly.
Set aside all of these ignition fluids. The smell from them remains on the coal, no matter what is written on the package. Kindle in the normal way: pieces of paper, birch bark, wood chips, coal. Do not pour all at once, let at least a few coals burn properly, and then add the rest. Do not pour directly from the bag, there, at the bottom, most likely only coal dust. Use a scoop or tongs to remove the charcoal from the bag so you can see what you are putting.

Let the charcoal burn all over while it lies on a hill (well, charcoals do not like loneliness, they burn well only while in the company). It is necessary that all the coal burned with a scarlet color. If there are black spots on some coals, then they have not yet flared up properly. Move them to the side, add more coal to them, let them light up for the next batch.

Yes, if you are not going to fry the whole kebab at once, then you need the next batch of coal to light up right there, somewhere nearby, for the next part of the kebab.
So, we distribute the burning scarlet coals over the brazier and break especially large pieces with a poker, so that the main active coals are coals with a size of 2-3 cm, and it does not matter if there are smaller ones among them. Smooth the charcoal over the grill, see if there is a lack of heat, add more charcoal. Let there be a little more coal in the corners of the barbecue (if you are using the whole barbecue), there should be a little more coal along the sides. If you only use a part of the barbecue with a barbecue (and this is the right approach to business!), Then coal must be poured with a certain margin so that the coal on the barbecue does not end where the extreme skewers lie.

That's it, now we have to wait until the coal "turns gray", does not cover the whole layer of white ash. Why? Yes, because I empirically established the best temperature of coal for frying a shashlik 2-3 cm in size in a barbecue 12-15 cm high and with a layer of coal 3 cm.Yes, it's that simple: I took a special remote thermometer (pyrometer) and measured the temperature coal over and over again, because only then can we say “I know it” about something when we can express our knowledge in numbers. So, a good coal temperature is 650C.

When coal glows scarlet immediately after it has burnt out, it has a temperature of 700-750C. That's a lot for meat. It will brown very quickly, start charring quickly, and inside will remain damp. But when the coal is covered with ash for the first time, then after you brush the ashes from it, it has the required temperature of 650C. Gradually, it is again covered with ash, but the droplets of fat falling into it revive the process and the temperature is kept almost as it should. But, until the fat begins to melt from the meat, you still have to fan the coal with a fan. The second time, you will have to remember the fan closer to the end of frying, when the coal begins to lose heat, and then just such a moment that it is necessary for the meat to brown as soon as possible, until it is dry.

Frying meat on coals with temperatures below 550-600C is completely contraindicated - it will dry out and that's all. Often the meat dries up even with good temperature coals, but when the meat is fried on idiotic grills with holes on the sides and deep like buckets. Everything was done there so that the meat was dried under hot jets of air, like hair under a hairdryer.

But remember, you do not have to acquire all these pyrometers in a row, you just need to do as I advise in relation to the barbecue and coal on it. But I very much advise you to buy a thermometer for meat. Wherever you find an electronic wire on the cable, or even better a spoke with a dial at the end - buy for yourself and your friends.

Shish kebab technology in production

Raw meat prepared for the preparation of barbecue is pre-defrosted (thawed). Most often, pork is used, namely the shoulder and ham, less often the brisket and ribs, and even less often the neck.
To reduce the loss of meat juice and accelerate the processes of marinating meat, the meat is injected (if there is no such technical possibility, then massaging is performed, but this will be discussed below). Enterprises fighting for quality usually use 10-20% of their meat (but their kebabs are much more expensive), while the finished meat is juicy and tasty. The composition of the injection brine usually consists of water, table salt and a protein component (usually animal protein), but it can also include soy preparations, functional additives, food phosphates and preservatives. After extrusion, the meat is massaged in a vacuum massager with a cooling jacket for 30-120 minutes (according to the technical features of the apparatus and technological instructions for the product).
Then the fat is cut off, and the meat is cut into pieces with the recommended sizes in TU. If the meat is not syringed, then after cutting it is massaged with water / ice, table salt and a functional additive (more often on citrates - a moisture retainer).The onions are being prepared. It is cleaned, washed in running water, cut into rings.
The next operation is to marinate the kebab. For these purposes, there are various dry marinade mixtures, as well as a variety of spice sets. Vinegar is also added. Spices, the rest of the necessary table salt, onions, vinegar and chopped meat are mixed for 20 minutes in a vacuum massager with a cooling jacket.

The recipe used experience, advice, help and collected technology from
my husband;
my friend Lana19 from the Flour forum;
Stalik Khankishiev;
Gorbunova Evgeniya and
My little bit)

Prepare a kebab like this and you will not regret it. Highly recommend!

Mom Tanya
ang-kay, Angela, this is an encyclopedia !!!!!! Rubbing skewers with lemon juice became a discovery for me !!! Thanks for the valuable information !!!
Irina F
Angela! An excellent guide to barbecue cooking! It seems that everyone knows it, but I saw some subtleties for myself!
Thank you very much🌹🌹🌹
Angela, really curious! Some moments became a real discovery for me. Very useful and interesting!
Thank you so much!

Thank you, thank you !!!!!
I always wanted to learn how to make a delicious barbecue.
Angela, and if "crumpled" in a marinator, then all liquids and spices can be added at once, including ice water?
Angela, thanks! Very detailed and intelligible!
I will print it out, laminate it and as an instruction for the brazier, as a birthday present for my son! Thank you golden!
Girls, thank you all and please) I hope you will use the instructions and you will always eat a wonderful shish kebab.
Quote: krol
and if "crumpled" in a marinator, then all liquids and spices can be added at once, including ice water?
Larissa, I do not have a marinator and I don’t know how it works. But I think that in any case, you need to follow the sequence and add everything in turn, as I described. It just takes less than 15 minutes to massage the meat.
aaaa !!!!!!! they ate everything without me !!!!!!!!!!!!!! fry ishsho! Fog was not enough like a tiger in a zoo, meat was not added !!!
that's so beautiful. and thanks for the valuable information! I will definitely take note!
Irishkina, of course ate. They prepared the fast a week before, and the fast is already the second week. Endure until Christmas now)
Angel, THANKS for such an understandable master class !!!
I did not even know about many subtleties.
Quote: ang-kay

Irishkina, of course ate. They prepared the fast a week before, and the fast is already the second week. Endure until Christmas now)
tada bush should i write it down
I went out the window and looked out in the hope that it was already summer
How to live now in anticipation of such delicious food
ang-kay, thanks a lot, I will definitely use the master class
here they are the secrets of making a gorgeous barbecue
thanks for mk
Volume, Elena, Evgeniya, use it, health)
Quote: Seberia
looked out in the hope that it was summer
Linen, it is easier for us, almost rural residents, of course. Went out into the yard at any time and get ready. There would be meat.

Added on Tuesday, 06 Dec 2016 07:58

Quote: Tumanchik
tada bush should
Irishkina, definitely should)
ang-kay, is there anything that you do not know
Class !! I love this technology. I always moisten the skewer with marinade))
Jeanne, Thank you. I don't know a lot, believe me)
Quote: ang-kay
Leave to marinate in a cool place for at least 2 hours, but better for 12.

Angela, and if more?

Or is it not worth marinating the barbecue for longer than 12 hours?
Innochka. There's no point. But, if it stays in the refrigerator for a day, then nothing will happen.
Hasn't anyone tried it yet?
Angela, thank you very much for your prompt reply !!!

I realized that more in case of need possible, but not necessary ...

I marinated yesterday at 17:00, today I will cook ...

I will report on the result !!!
I'm looking forward to it.
Angela, well there! The end of the season, and I missed such a master class! I take it to bookmarks, thanks!
I learned a lot of interesting things, especially about the gray coating on the coals, I need to show my husband, otherwise he sometimes overcooks the kebab, puts it as soon as the coals were formed
Yuliait's better to see late than never
Angela, and that's true! Let's try tomorrow just
Good luck. I'm waiting with impressions)
N @ dezhd @
ang-kay, Angela, was always afraid to make shish kebab on skewers, only the grill. With your description, I really wanted to try, since the new skewers are lying and waiting in the wings. Thanks for the detailed description.
Hope, I will be glad if everything works out. But it will definitely work if you strictly follow the recipe)
Angela, I want to thank you for such a detailed recipe. For a city man without a summer residence, this is an amazing instruction with all the details, and most importantly, not only how, but why.
We met NG at the dacha, I personally really wanted a barbecue, I did it only 2 times in my life, I didn’t retreat a millimeter, it turned out amazingly, people who live in private houses and eat this almost every day for dinner asked me for a recipe. I am delighted with taste, experience, compliments (half of your
HERE Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)
Hope, very nice to read the rave review. I'm glad it worked out. I am even more glad that people appreciated it, and you received a lot of compliments. Your barbecue is incomparable. Would pull off a piece too. Thanks for sharing.
Girls, did someone else do it?
Quote: ang-kay
Girls, did someone else do it?
Angela, yes, they did it and thank you very much for the detailed recipe! I didn't know all the subtleties, for example, about the amount of added water and about massaging the meat, but they significantly improve the taste of the finished kebab. The photos are not very good, I barely managed to make a couple of shots with the phone of several portions, and even then without the planned option of serving with bread, prepared based on the Georgian Shotis Puri, when a whole shotis is placed on a dish, ready-made meat is placed on the bread, and the top is covered to keep it warm one more whole shotis and so is served to the table. The bread is soaked in hot meat juice and the aroma of the cooked kebab becomes very tasty. (It is also good to remove the kebab from the skewer with this bread. A piece of puri comes off, and the juicy kebab is removed with the crumb, the bread is soaked in juice from the meat, very tasty.) And the kebab and bread quickly, very quickly, they took everything apart Thank you!
Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets) Juicy shish kebab (cooking secrets)
Corsica, to health)
Luna Nord
Very useful infa, only I am somehow annoyed by the intense grinding of meat, because it probably looks like a cutlet? Tomorrow I will try this recipe, it will not be lost at once if I suddenly do not like it.
Why stir the meat is written in the recipe itself with technological reasoning. Luna Nord, Ludmila, I hope that it will not just "not lose weight", but will like it.
Angela good afternoon. tell yak sho, the taste will suffer greatly and the rest of the proportions need to be changed, if you cook without onions at all. you can't. and what can you say about adding ground paprika? how much can you add?
Larissa, I can’t imagine barbecue without onions, to be honest. But if not, then do not put it. I don't like paprika in kebabs, but it's a matter of taste. In general, all spices are a matter of taste.
Thank you.
Shashlik is like borscht - every cook has his own recipe. But to listen to the text of this recipe and recommendations is very, very worth it!

I will never forget one old Georgian who used to grill a barbecue for our company in one of the summer restaurants in Kiev. The Georgian was already under the shashlik, and when I asked how he got such a tasty and juicy shish kebab he willingly shared information. All that is required for a good kebab is good kebab meat - pork neck or lamb loin, salt, pepper, and onions. And that's it, that is, nothing else is needed, from the word at all. You will put everything else later, on the finished dish. If the meat is not of the best quality, then use a little tasty vinegar, coriander, cumin, and any other spice you like. But good meat is nothing, except for salt, pepper, onion, no longer needs.And what is required for a good chicken kebab, I asked, to which he replied: what do you want, because it will not be a kebab, but just fried and baked chicken, but it can also be very tasty, but not as tasty as a real kebab. ..
lana light
Quote: Kapet
salt, pepper, and onion
In, and I was also given such a recipe! We have one boy constantly marinated meat for barbecue for May dressage with the team. It was very tasty and tender. Only he gave one more piece of advice - take the juicy onion, and shake it with your hands a little, before laying it in layers interspersed with meat
Quote: ang-kay
Now mix the onion again and mash it well with your hands. Now there is a lot of juice and our onions are ready to be added to the meat.
Although I do not have men's hands for stirring the kebab, the guests present gave the highest assessment. Made from rustic pork (neck) to mom on DR.
The vegetable layer did not work out due to lack of time, And there was no vinegar in the house.
And so everything is strictly according to the recipe. milled for 7-8 minutes, watched the coals, and the color of the juice too. Well what can I say for a long time I did not get pleasure from such a quality product preparation. This is the only way to cook. Angela thank you, thank you for sharing.
Svetlana, great. Itself is the only way to marina kebab, if it is a kebab. The result is always pleasing. Thanks for sharing.

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