Sweet puff Kabardian bread

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Sweet puff Kabardian bread


Chicken egg 5 items
Sour cream 0.5 cups
Milk 0.5 cups
Salt 1 rounded teaspoon
Sugar 1 rounded tablespoon
Butter ~ 100 grams
Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons to lubricate hands and surface
Flour ~ 600-700 grams
Yeast pinch

Cooking method

  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread are essential products.
  • To prepare sweet flaky Kabardian bread, you need to beat sour cream, eggs, milk, sugar and salt or just mix well. I did this in my new dough mixer with a whisk nozzle, first at first speed, then I gradually increased the speed, and at the end a little in pulse mode, in fact, it was not necessary to do this, I just wanted to play with the modes 😋, you just need to stir the eggs well - milk mixture until sugar dissolves. While Klatrosh was doing his job, I sifted the flour and mixed it with yeast, yeast can be omitted, you can replace it with baking powder, with soda. Then, we change the whisk nozzle - to the hook for kneading the dough, this is done very simply, you just need to turn and pull a little☺. We add flour in three stages. At the first stage - a third of the flour.
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • The harvester, as if he hadn’t even noticed the thickening of the dough, was cheerfully twisting the still quite batter. When all the flour is mixed into the dough, add the second third of the flour. It is best to start kneading with one and gradually, depending on the consistency of the dough, change the speed.
  • By the way, I observed an interesting effect: according to the original recipe, all the flour is poured out in a slide, a depression is made in it, and liquid is added to this depression, and the dough is kneaded - how much flour will take. So, I already had the liquid in the bowl of the combine, and I poured flour on top, and as soon as the kneading began - the flour and the egg-milk mixture magically changed places! And Klatrosh, with such an air that muddleheads like his newly-made mistress still need to follow the recipe, the poor guy has to think and do everything for me, he really chatted a liquid mixture in flour!
  • With the second stage, I naturally had an adventure, well, how could I do without him 😱😉 When my husband and I unpacked the box with Klatrosh and tried on the nozzles for him, we together decided that the spray cover is needed only when kneading with a whisk and H-shaped nozzle, Well, it didn't work to put on the lid, we are Russian people, so an extra detail! ☺ And therefore, after I added the second part of the flour, a small flour fountain happened 😝 I still had to call on all the power of my intellect and figure out how to put on the lid 📤📥 or 🔙🔛🔜🔚
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • After adding the second part of flour, Klatrosh noticeably pulled himself up, and the sound was different and he himself became a little more lazy, but what I read on the internet that he walks with a shake when whipping three proteins is complete nonsense. He stands on his feet very firmly, sticks tightly to the table top.
  • But here you need to carefully monitor the consistency of the dough, add a third of the flour little by little, so as not to clog the dough, but at the same time it should lag behind the hands and be elastic enough, but soft.
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • But like this, I took it out of the combine,
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • I literally mixed it with my hands for five to seven seconds to understand how it turned out, and put it under the film to rest:
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • The dough literally rests for 30-35 minutes, it does not need to rise. During this time, I very quickly and easily, with the handles, washed the bowl of the combine, the lid and the whisk with the hook. And she removed the consequences of the ejection of the flour fountain, a kind of confusion .. I also chatted with my mother. And melted the butter.Klatrosh went to rest at the window and watch how I would cook according to a new recipe for me.
  • We divide the dough into equal parts, I got 8 lumps, from which we form balls
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • Roll out into thin layers:
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • We put the layers one on top of the other, do not be afraid, they will not stick together:
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • Now we take each layer and stretch it with our hands as much as possible, the dough should become very thin, my edges still turned out to be thick .. We coat the dough with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. We also do with the subsequent layers, stack them on top of each other. Then we roll up all the layers at the same time into a roll:
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • And we twist it into a snail:
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • We put the mold with the snail in an oven preheated to 200 ° © for 40 minutes. I baked in a combined mode of convection and bottom heat.
  • And this is what my sweet Kabardian bread turned out to be.
  • Sweet puff Kabardian bread Sweet puff Kabardian bread
  • Since I got 8 lumps, then 8 layers came out, I divided them, first I folded five layers and made a snail, then my child drove with a rolling pin over the remaining ones, and I made, again, four layers. As a result, I baked two bread.

The dish is designed for

2 bread

Time for preparing:

1-1.5 hours

Cooking program:

Kneader + rolling pin + oven 😜


The bread turned out, not quite bread in the traditional sense, rather sweet pastries, to be honest, satisfyingly heavy. I have never baked this recipe, this is the first pancake. There are no complaints about the kneader, he kneaded the dough gorgeous! You just need to adapt the recipe for yourself. The girls liked it at work. And I liked how Klatrosh works.

Very intricate bread!
Quote: MariV

Very intricate bread!
MarIvanna, in fact, is only a rolling idea, but it's so easy to cook.
If time permits, I will concoct lakums one of these days. Especially for you 😊, considering your love for the Adygeyan cuisine 😻
Ninelle, Thank you!
Yes, I love the Adyghe cuisine - pyndzhypkhapkh, khychiny, “Sosrykue and mafIe”, zhau baur. I rested in Nalchik for a long time. Liked.
Ninellewhat a delicious bread!
Ninelle, gorgeous master class
Impressive. Can I have a photo of the cut?
lily_a, I'm afraid not already .. Now I'll see at home what is left

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