Can you please tell me which HP to buy with a sturdy bucket for baking sourdough rye bread?

Now I have a Supra150, for two years the bucket has worn out, but that's not the problem. Rye bread is suitable in different ways, then 3 hours, then all 8. And the program in it for 3 hours and 3.5 is in no way suitable. There is a separate "baked goods", you could turn it on after proofing, but it is for 30 minutes, bread needs an hour, no less. Two times in a row, "baking" does not turn on until the HP cools down. I bake every other day and every time with tambourines)))

So I would like to buy a new one with a sturdy bucket, with the ability to turn on baking when the dough comes up and also heat up a little for the duration of the proofing (maybe there is no such thing in nature), with a bread weight of 750/1000. Yes, and always with a window.

You need this here and you will be happy Programmable Sana Smart Bread
Thanks for the link, I read everything.

But for two, this is a very large volume. And too expensive)) and I don't need so many functions. The bowl, of course, is a great stainless steel, but it sticks, is there any more reliable coating (maybe ceramic or ... whatever else there are).

This process will be enough for me: kneading - turn off (God bless him, heated) - proofing as needed - baking an hour. All.

Something very simple, so that baking separately was for an hour.
Georgina, rye bread within one loaf is easily kneaded with a spoon, and baked in a slow cooker ... Cheap and cheerful ...
NatalyMur, I tried it in a slow cooker - the crust is not the same
Georgina, then the oven will help you. And the crust will be, and the spirit of bread
Chaliapin did not hear, Rabinovich sang to me I read topics about programmable bread makers - I was not impressed. Some kind of hemorrhoid programs, which are not the fact that they will work because of the frequent unpredictability of the leaven.

From a series of unsolicited responses)))

But the truth is - it seems to me that it is better to dream of a good dough mixer, and learn to bake in the oven. I still have an intermediate option - I knead the dough in a bread maker, I have not even tried to bake a sourdough in it. But yeast - often, especially white, when the urge is sharp)
Maroussia, gas oven, without thermometer. She adapted pies, manna, charlotte in it, but she adapted herself - everything was on a whim where to subtract, where to add, where to open or substitute water at all. I think bread requires a different attitude.

There is also a small electric oven, but the wind blows in it and the crust dries out (convection does not turn off).

Quote: Georgina

NatalyMur, I tried it in a slow cooker - the crust is not the same
I turn the bread over and bake it on the other side, or rather I did this before. And now I bought an airfryer for 1300 rubles, the cheapest one I found - I put it on a multicooker saucepan on top for 20 minutes - the top is rosy. That is, I bake in a cartoon, I bake the top in an airfryer. It's more comfortable for me. And kneading rye bread in KhP did not suit me ...
Girls, dear! But it can't be simpler (I'm tired of pots, forms and bowls from HP to the battery, from the battery to the multi ... turn on the hp time so that in the last hour I can insert a bucket of dough, etc.)
Inexpensive HP, so that you put everything in it, put it for kneading, then the dough rose as much as necessary, and you turn on the bake. The task will only be to see how the dough rises.

I look at the HP Market, but how to understand their characteristics ??
NatalyMur, and what did not suit you in batching in HP? I'm still a little special, especially with sourdough (I brought it out three months ago, before that with yeast), I seem to like everything, in the sense of kneading in hp or I don't understand any subtleties.
Georgina, choose HP the one in which there is an individual program, or programmable HP
look more in this thread
Rye custard bread is real (almost forgotten taste). Baking methods and additives (Vanya28)

Choosing a bread machine for sourdough rye bread I made my choice thanks to her.
Now Polaris also made a stove with an individual program and three buckets
Quote: Fotina
Some kind of hemorrhoid programs, which are not the fact that they will work because of the frequent unpredictability of the leaven.
I bake with sourdough and rye and wheat. Moreover, all the recipes and those that are designed for the oven.
I change the proofing time and baking T. I'm comfortable. You need to understand once how it is programmed, and then you do everything automatically
OlgaGera, went to study, there are so many new, interesting, thank you!
Olga, what kind of stove do you have?
Of the programmable ones, I liked the Kenwood 450 best, also because it bakes small loaves. I most often bake rye bread from 500 g of flour, wheat in general from 350 - we eat little white bread.

And now I ran through the forum on the Kenwood topic - there both at the beginning and at the end of the topic, many compare Kesha with the old Panasonic-255 in favor of the latter. And I just have this Panasonic, and this particular model. Since 2007 - I then registered on this site for the first time)))
I bake yeast bread on the auto program, and I just knead the sourdough bread on the first batch of Pizza (15 minutes). And sometimes I distribute it first (if it is not bread with a predominance of rye flour, I distribute it right away in the form).
Svetlana, I have Bork 800.
Satisfied to the point of disgrace. True, she walked around him for two weeks, she was afraid. Now he bakes almost daily, or even twice a day.
Yes, I come up with the leaven and look. Sometimes bread rises in a couple of hours, and sometimes 5 is not enough. I've been playing here for a while.

I think the topics can be connected so as not to get confused in the future.
Georgina, Brand 3801 four programmable programs (oil oil). And in my opinion, Olya MariV explains very well how to program it ... if interested, I will throw this link
A citizen
I have a slightly larger supra-230.
I bake rye and mixed bread in semi-manual mode.
If it is purely rye, then just one batch is enough, with water, I experimentally came up with what is needed for 100 g flour. flour 80-90 ml of water.
Put yeast on the desired result, if you stir in the morning and bake at night, then 0.5-0.6 grams is enough. for 1 kg of bookmarks, and if you want to bake an hour after 5-6, then yeast 5-6 g / 1 kg.
Take a look at the leaven at the weekend and decide on the amount and time.
AlenKa, thanks, but I have a different HP. I can change the time and T on any program
sazalexter, thanks for the hint (for some reason I couldn't find it myself)
OlgaGera, the topics really need to be combined, maybe ask the moderators? I already realized that I didn't have to make a new one, but look better and ask there
A citizen, I also thought about the 230th, but they say it is inconvenient to take out the bucket, you need to pull up and the whole hp rises, it is difficult to hold it by the hot edges. I read it somewhere in the reviews.
Vinokurova, yes, yes, please reference. I read reviews on the market, downloaded the instructions, I think.
I make gray sourdough bread in an lg bread maker, I need two programs, kneading dough and just baking.

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