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Electric brooms From year to year, progress is striding by leaps and bounds and comes to visit almost every apartment. So the turn came to the simplest and most loyal helpers around the house - brooms. Their electronic counterparts may seem to someone an unjustified luxury, because there is a washing vacuum cleaner, a steam generator and other cleaning equipment. However, an electric broom is a specific subject and it has a number of tasks that only he can solve. It is not for nothing that Karcher, the largest German manufacturer of household appliances, has included them in its list of products.

How does this miracle work?

Don't be intimidated by the "electro" prefix. The electric broom is lightweight and easy to use, and most importantly, it is much more effective than a conventional broom. The cordless drive easily handles the smallest dust particles as well as larger debris. The electric broom has no dust bag. Everything that the movable brush collects accumulates in a kind of scoop, which is easily shaken out into the trash bin. Many models are equipped with a telescopic bar that adjusts to the height of any person, so cleaning is easily accessible to both adults and children.

Electric broomsConsider electric broom Karcher K 55 ... This device is in no way inferior to its usual counterpart in agility and lightness. And because of the battery-powered rotating brush, it is much more convenient than a vacuum cleaner. It can help you deal with dust, hair and other floor debris in minutes. And you don't need to plug it into the network. It has an excellent rechargeable battery. The only drawback is the short operating time, only 20 minutes. Karcher 55 Pet, a modification of this model, was created especially for all lovers of our smaller brothers. After all, every pet owner knows how difficult it can be to completely clean the carpet from his pet's fur. And this modification will allow you to do it quickly and without hassle.

Model Karcher EB 30/1 - real professional. It has a higher motor supply voltage. The drive is more powerful. It is perfect for cleaning carpets. Equipped with two brushes, one of which is intended for cleaning pet hair. The mechanism is designed in such a way that the brush does not raise dust when sweeping. Replacing brushes is easy, effortless. The disadvantages include its higher price and slightly more weight.

Another manufacturer of this electric miracle is Philips. Her candidate for examination is Philips FC6125 / 01. The first thing that attracts attention is the operating time - almost an hour. It is lighter than Karcher K 55. Not so industrial design. Designed for cleaning all types of floors. Thanks to the unique control system (hands-free cleaning), you get really easy cleaning, from the floor straight to the bin. You just press one button, the dust collector will open, and all the contents are dumped directly into the trash can. There is no need to bend over or get your hands dirty.

It is worth noting that not only housewives line up to buy electric brooms. What janitor does not dream of such a miracle. And today their dream has become a reality. Already in many yards, foliage is actively removed with their help. In general, we can say that the new unit instantly found application in offices, apartments and courtyards.

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