Vitesse VS-427. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

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Vitesse VS-427

Technical characteristics of the Vitesse VS-427 bread machine

  • Power, W - 650
  • Delay start - yes
  • Display - Large LCD display with backlight
  • Power parameters, V / Hz - 220-240 ~ 50
  • Case material - stainless steel
  • Maximum baking weight, g - 1000
  • Baking weight, g - 500g / 750g / 1000g
  • Keeping bread warm, min - Keeping bread warm for 60 minutes
  • Number of cooking programs - 12
  • Available functions
    making jams
    baking bread
    baking pies
  • Equipment
    the spoon
    measuring cup
    non-stick baking dish
    kneading spatula
  • additional characteristics
    12 cooking programs: Basic, French bread, Whole grain bread, Sweet, Very quick (1), Very quick (2), Quick bread, Cupcake, Dough, Yoghurt, Jam / preserves, Baking
    Suitable for making cakes and jams
    Setting the degree of browning of the bread (light, medium and dark crust)
  • Weight - 4700 grams

Vitesse VS-427

The VS-427 bread maker has a large backlit LCD display, where you can easily watch the cooking process! The device also has a "delayed start" function and a function of keeping the temperature for an hour!

The set of the wonderful ViTESSE bread maker includes a measuring cup, a spatula for kneading dough and an instruction manual that will make you feel confident using this amazing device!

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying your own bread every day.

Delight your family and friends with all kinds of jams, preserves or excellent pastries from the ultra-modern ViTESSE bread machine! After all, no festive table today is complete without this traditional Russian food!

In our age of modern technologies, unfortunately, less and less natural, natural, pristine remains. Treat yourself to the joy of eating natural bread and fresh pastries!

Vitesse VS-427

  1. List of cooking programs (menu);
  2. Cooking process indicators;
  3. Time adjustment (- increase the time by 10 minutes, - decrease by 10 minutes);
  4. Crust color selection indicators;
  5. Cooking process indicators;
  6. Indicators of the choice of the weight of the prepared bread (450/680/900 g);
  7. "WEIGHT" button (size / weight), to select the weight of the bread to be prepared;
  8. Button "CRUST COLOR", to select the color of the crust;
  9. "MENU" button to select cooking programs;
  10. Button "START / STOP", to start / stop the operation of the bread maker or cancel the selected function.

Vitesse VS-427

Vitesse VS-428. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

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