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Sunbathing wiselyIt doesn't matter where you live - in the north or in the south, in any case the sun is bad for your skin. Its rays dry out, promote the appearance of pigmentation, age, and so on.

Of course, in warmer regions, the consequences are more pronounced than in the northern part of our planet. Therefore, we decided to give a couple of useful, moreover, proven tips, and if you go on vacation to hot countries, then this guide is irreplaceable for you.

1) Be sure to purchase sun protection products. But do not buy whatever comes up first, but choose the one that suits your skin.

For sensitive skin that reacts sharply to various irritants, a product that has a stronger protection (SPF 20 and above) is suitable. And if even the slightest exposure to the sun is bad for your body, then use a self-tanner.

For light skin that burns more than once, but several times in just one trip to the sea, a product with SPF 15 is suitable, which should be used for the first days, after which use SPF 10.

For normal skin, which, although it burns during the first days of being on the beach, but in the following days, tan is great, you can advise SPF 10 in the first days, and then SPF 8.

For dark skin, SPF 6- SPF 4 is suitable. Sunbathing is not so scary for owners of such skin.

2) In addition to preventing burnout, these protection products are also able to moisturize the skin, prevent flaking, and your tan will look great. And you also don't have to peel off the flakes of burnt skin.

3) It's one thing when your shoulders burn out. Of course, spots on the back do not cause delight, but this is not as scary as the appearance of pigmentation on the face. No one is immune from burning the skin on the face, so if such a nuisance occurs, it will be great if you have a cream or spray for burns on hand. It will have the desired effect.

4) Self-tanning products can always replace a real tan. First, you can use them at home. Secondly, the tan lasts long enough and, if desired, you can apply the product more than once. Thirdly, you don't need to travel to the sea or lake to get a good tan. Fourth, even in the cold season, you can look as if you were sunbathing.

Sunbathing wiselyYou should know:

1. Do not use perfumes before going to sit on your sides on the beach, because they can increase the sensitivity of your skin due to the substances contained in these products.

2. Creams with SPF protect our skin from burns, this should not be forgotten. Rays belonging to group B have a bad effect on the surface layers of the skin, causing burns, while those belonging to group A accelerate aging.

3. If you swim in the water with a mask and think that the rays will not reach you there, then you are deeply mistaken. The sun's rays can affect you at a depth of 1 m, while their effect is enhanced (water acts as a lens).

4. If you are taking medications, namely antibiotics, then it is better to refrain from the pleasure of soaking up the sun, or at least try to avoid direct rays. Antibiotics can increase the sensitivity of your skin.

I'd like to believe that you will use our advice. And that you seriously understood how dangerous sunbathing can be if you do not take the necessary precautions.

Yarmolenko V.O.

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