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Online shopping tipsOnline stores today are the most convenient and economical form of obtaining the desired product. This is especially true for residents of those settlements where there are difficulties with access to retail outlets. Sellers simply do not risk buying some goods due to low demand - this is where the online store comes to the rescue.

You can find almost everything through the network, the assortment is simply huge. And if you skillfully use this opportunity, taking preparatory measures to ensure security, you can greatly facilitate the buying process and save a lot. It is enough to adhere to a few simple rules:

1. Before placing an application for a thing you like, it is most reasonable to look at prices in several outlets, as well as to read reviews of other buyers about products. Usually, the audience of online stores is not only not shy about giving compliments to the purchase, but also notices the shortcomings.

2. Pay close attention to where the payment data is transferred and how much is transferred.

3. Carefully read the terms of delivery of goods, as there are some nuances (especially if the buyer lives in the periphery). The conditions for all sellers are different - some deliver the purchased goods using the postal service, others maintain their own team of couriers; some take into account the cost of delivery in the offered price, while the cost of the goods for others depends on the dimensions, weight and other variables. Accordingly, both prices and terms are very flexible. The buyer can wait for his purchase for several hours or several months. Overlays are not excluded. In short, there are a lot of options - you need to familiarize yourself with this very carefully in advance.

4. The next condition is that you need to look very carefully at the inscription "Availability in stock" during registration. If the product is out of stock, the wait may take several days. Or the purchase will not come at all, since the seller no longer sells this product or does not plan to order yet. The most correct solution in such a situation is to clarify the availability of goods in the warehouse by phone (or alternative communications).

5. In order not to get into the networks of scammers, you need to first analyze the site. A conscientious seller indicates all his coordinates that should be checked, does not require 100% prepayment and does not set very low "attractive" prices, which may be a simple "lure".

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Online shopping tipsAn important factor is the lifetime of the chosen online store. The experience of many buyers shows that the longer a store has been in existence, the less risk we face when shopping. How to find out how long a particular online store exists? As easy as pie. You can see the age of a web resource in numerous whois services. There is a field in which it is enough to enter the domain name of the store and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Already in the resulting list, we find the created line - it is in it that the date of the resource creation is indicated.

Attendance is also a significant factor. In standard online stores on the page, there is a mandatory site visit counter. If the seller hides this information, you should think carefully before having any dealings with such "conspirators".

6. The fight against counterfeit (also called "pirated") products is the main task of many services. Unfortunately, the results are not yet very encouraging, although progress has been made. In order not to run into such "pirates", it is enough to make all purchases on the Internet only in specialized stores that sell a certain type of product.This is also a guarantee that sellers dealing with specific products will be able to provide more qualified advice than a supermarket employee, where the number of items includes dozens of positions.

Useful products in the Aliexpress online store

7. It makes sense to read the reviews about the selected resource. To do this, just type the name of the store in a search engine and read customer reviews. It is also worth taking a close look at the terms of warranty service.

These tips are, of course, not a panacea. They will not save the online store seller from possible dishonesty, but they will make you take a closer look at the little things.

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