How to care for hand skin?

How to care for your handsThe skin on the hands is much thinner than on the face, almost devoid of a layer of subcutaneous fat and contains much less sebaceous glands. That is why it, deprived of natural protection, quickly becomes thinner, coarser and more easily amenable to age-related changes.

Culinary traditions of the César department (Colombia)

Culinary traditions of the César department (Colombia)The territory of the Cesar department is located in two Colombian regions, the Andean and the Caribbean, where before the European conquest, initiated by the German Ambrosio Alfinger in 1530, lived two culturally close Indian groups - the Caribbean and the Arawak, which gave a great cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Aresa AR-2009. Description and characteristics of the multicooker

Aresa AR-2009

Maxwell MW-3751 W. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Grape cultivation

Grape cultivationToday, grape cultivation is not a simple matter. But the work spent will pay off with interest when it's time to harvest the first crop.

What food is known for the Peruvian region of Huanuco?

Peruvian region of HuanucoHuanuco is one of the central regions of Peru, which on its territory unites the eastern slopes of the Andes and part of the Amazonian plain with high and low jungles.

About rationality and excessiveness

O razumnosti i chrezmernostiNot so long ago, about a man who lives in abundance, one could say: he only lacks bird's milk. Now this saying is outdated, as pastry chefs of the Moscow restaurant "Prague" invented a cake called "Bird's milk".

Nutrition for hypothyroidism: 7 foods to limit

Thyroid problemsHypothyroidism, like many other diseases, forces a person to reconsider their diet. Some products have to be abandoned, because they negatively affect the patient's health. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland works less efficiently, which affects metabolism.

Tips for a young housewife, or What you need to know before you start cooking

Tips for a young housewife• Before you start cooking, put on an apron, tie your hair with a kerchief, wash your hands thoroughly, and brush your nails with a brush.

• Any dish that is new to you should be started only after you make sure you understand the recipe well.

Morona Santiago Province in Ecuador: culinary traditions

Province of Morona SantiagoThe province of Morona Santiago, stretching in the east of the republic along the Peruvian border, occupies more than 25 thousand square kilometers of the Ecuadorian Amazon, crossed by rivers, low mountain ranges and covered with jungle. The wet forests of the region are the historical homeland of several Indian peoples belonging to the Jibaro linguistic group, who to this day maintain a connection with nature and draw vital resources from it: the Achuara, Shiviara and Shuara.

Convenience of your home

Convenience of your homeWe will enter our dwelling as if for the first time, we will try to look at it like visitors to a house-museum. We come there not only to breathe the air of the past, but to see the environment in which a person of interest to us lived, to understand how the uncommonness and individuality of this person were reflected in everyday life.

Laretti LR7607. Bread Maker Specifications

National cuisine of the Chiquimula department in Guatemala

Chiquimula in GuatemalaThe Chiquimula Department is known in Guatemala as the "Pearl of the Orient". It is located on the border with El Salvador and Honduras in a fairly arid, but fertile area, where the population consists of mestizos and the Chorti ethnic group, which emerged from the Mayan people.

Avex BM-250 (BM-250 X). Description and characteristics of bread makers

Table decoration and food decoration

Table decoration and food decorationSome housewives think whether the table looks beautiful - it's the tenth thing, the main thing is it would be clean and tasty. We disagree with this opinion.Beautifully decorated food and tastefully served table are needed to satisfy our aesthetic needs and for purely utilitarian purposes - for better assimilation of food, and ultimately testify to the owners' sincere desire to make the holiday, as they say, pleasant for guests from all sides.

Endever SkyLine MB-62. Bread maker characteristics

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