Against cancer

Against cancerIn our time, the treatment of malignant tumors is one of the most exciting problems of medicine, which occupies the minds of scientists around the world. Researchers in many countries are persistently searching for the causes of cancer, developing new methods for the recognition and treatment of malignant tumors. Much in this area of ​​medicine has become known, but how much is still unknown!

Delta Lux DL-6526. Multivariate characteristics


Site planning and development

Site planning and developmentPlots of 8 to 12 acres are usually allocated for individual development in cities and workers' settlements. Household plots in rural areas can reach 25-30 acres (and more).

Endever SkyLine MB-52. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

Pain recedes (essay on anesthesia)

The pain recedesAlmost every patient who is to undergo an operation, even a small one, asks the doctor the same question: will it hurt, under what anesthesia the operation will be performed?

Scarlett SC-MC410S28. Description and characteristics of the multicooker

Scarlett SC-MC410S28

Agrotechnical method of protecting garden plantings from pests and diseases

Agrotechnical method of protecting garden plantingsIt is impossible to get good yields of fruits and berries, to ensure that flowers decorate the garden during spring, summer and autumn without creating favorable conditions for the plants, which include the provision of a sufficient amount of nutrients and moisture, timely care of the plantings, including the systematic destruction of weeds, loosening the soil and other activities, including the fight against pests and diseases.

Aresa AR-2008. Description and characteristics of the multicooker

Aresa AR-2008

The dark sides of progress

The dark sides of progressProgress! This short, energetic word has firmly entered our everyday life and has become familiar. Since the middle of the 20th century, the pace of scientific and technological progress has been accelerating all the time, causing surprise and admiration even among us - witnesses and participants in this process.

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DandelionThe world around us is rich and diverse. You just need to learn to understand him and use his gifts correctly. And for a sensitive, careful attitude, he will open in all his splendor, as did this unpretentious and graceful flower - the medicinal dandelion, which has settled almost throughout the country.

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Heroes of the animal kingdom

Heroes of the animal kingdomAn illustrative case occurred once in Vienna. A three-year-old girl named Margo was attacked by an evil shepherd dog. The dog used its terrible fangs, Margot screamed from unbearable pain, and ... it's not hard to imagine how this drama would have ended if help had not arrived in time.

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Treatment for tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis

Treatment for tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitisFirst of all, the sick with angina must be put to bed. This is one of the main preventive measures for both local complications (the formation of a near-tonsil abscess, inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes), and general ones - rheumatism, infectious nonspecific polyarthritis, nephritis, pyelitis, etc. (only with very mild catarrhal sore throat, semi-bed rest can be allowed).

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Marta MT-4324 NS Nonstick

"Green friend"

Green friendThe benefits of green spaces have long been known to mankind. They play a significant role in regulating the thermal regime and air humidity, and improve the microclimate. Finally, the forest is a giant filter.

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