Kidney disease: originally from childhood

Kidney disease from childhoodAn unbalanced diet in childhood can lead to an increased excretion of salts by the kidneys - dysmetabolic nephropathy. This disease is dangerous because its progress can cause inflammation of the kidneys, bladder, and contribute to the formation of stones. But by choosing the right diet, you can avoid these health problems.

Honey and its healing properties

Honey and its healing propertiesWhat is honey? This is the most complex biological product. It contains a whole complex of biochemical substances. They are necessary for the human body, since they have a beneficial effect on the vital activity of all organs, maintain health and significantly increase the duration of an active life.

Recipes March 26 - April 1, 2012

Good Pediatrician: 10 Likes

Good pediatricianIf you already have a small child, a pediatrician will also visit you soon. How to know if a doctor is right for your baby: There are 10 simple signs that indicate a good doctor who can be trusted with your baby's health.

Suspended and stretch ceilings "For" and "Against"

Suspended and stretch ceilings For and againstDuring the construction of a house or renovation of an apartment, many disagreements arise on the topic of what the ceiling will be in the room: stretch or suspended. Undoubtedly, each of the types has a number of advantages and disadvantages during installation and further operation.

The benefits of medicinal herbal teas

The benefits of medicinal herbal teasEveryone loves black tea, green tea and others like them. But today we will focus on those that are collected and brewed from sage leaves, chamomile flowers and other medicinal plants. In general, we will have some tea in the spirit of our ancestors ...

Child development: an introduction to nature

Child development familiarization with natureThe task of upbringing is to facilitate the identification of positive emotions in children during communication with plants, animals; set an example of careful handling of plants and animals; arouse interest in playing with water, sand.

Movement is life!

Movement is lifeEvery person strives to live a long and happy life. Undoubtedly, one of the most important ingredients of happiness is health. Many will agree with the statement that a healthy beggar is happier than a sick rich man. The relationship between the level of physical activity and life expectancy has been known for a long time.

Dandruff. Liquidation operation

Dandruff. Liquidation operationAny shampoo can wash off dandruff. But the newly arrived scales of a dirty white color will appear on the skin even before the hair is completely dry after the bath procedure. Therefore, it is better to use not ordinary shampoos, but medicinal ones that are sold in pharmacies.

Tips from an experienced mom

Tips from an experienced momIf you have a baby, you probably have a lot of questions. Use the advice of experienced mothers to help you manage your baby in the first year of life with ease.

Cleaning feathers: moisturizing and softening the skin

Cleaning feathers: moisturizing and softening the skinAfter the winter "hibernation", not every one of us can boast of a wonderful view, because frost and "electrified" and dry air in heated rooms did not have the best effect on the skin, and warm clothes allowed us to "relax" and forget about some parts of the body that need special care.

Plate model - perfect ratio of food on the plate

Plate model - perfect ratio of food on the plateA plate model is a rule for filling a plate with food according to a certain pattern. It allows you to visually estimate what and in what quantities you should eat in order to lose weight and not harm your health.


GooseberryA low shrub with thorny shoots is called a gooseberry. It blooms in May, bears fruit in July - early August. The flowers are small, greenish or reddish. Fruits - berries of various sizes, shapes, colors with high taste. The pulp is very juicy, covered with skin and contains many seeds. For long-term storage, the berries are frozen or sprinkled with sugar. Due to its taste and nutritional qualities, gooseberries are called "northern grapes".

The schoolboy is tired

The schoolboy is tiredThere were entries in the diary: "I was spinning in class, constantly interfering with my comrades" and the range of grades from eights to threes. If you try to call a schoolboy to order, he simply does not hear you! The reason, most likely, is that the longest and most difficult academic quarter ends and the growing child's brain is tired, exhausted.

Royal jelly and human health

Royal jelly and human healthFor medicinal and preventive purposes, royal jelly has been used since ancient times. Royal jelly is a highly nutritious substance, a secret produced from bee bread by the glands of nurse bees. They feed the bees-nurses their future offspring - larvae and drones. But the most important purpose of royal jelly is to feed the future uterus.

History of Cuban coffee

Cuban coffeeAccording to statistics, Cuba is far from the first place among the producers of coffee beans. About 20,000 tons of coffee - almost the same amount is produced, for example, in Haiti. And the area of ​​coffee plantations on Liberty Island is the same as in Costa Rica - 90,000 hectares. Although in Costa Rica, due to its high yield, coffee is harvested seven times more than in Cuba.

Posture: a few tips in the office environment

Posture some tips in an office settingSymptoms such as neck numbness, pulling pain between the shoulder blades, and colic in the lower back are familiar to most people who work in an office. Unfortunately, the main cause of all these ailments is a poorly organized workplace.

Modern technologies: bacteriological starter cultures

bacteriological startersEveryone is talking about the benefits of fermented milk products. Even more often - about the benefits of a natural home product. Unlike manufactured dairy products, it is not stuffed with incomprehensible substances, dyes and preservatives. But given the rapid pace of technological progress (and the ingenuity of manufacturers), the authenticity of cottage cheese or sour cream is sometimes rather doubtful.

10 Ways To Improve Your Body Without Needles, Diet, And Remorse!

10 ways to improve your body without needles, diet and remorseAll women are well aware of their shortcomings and we understand that genetics is primarily to blame for this. So it's pointless to worry about fixing them at any cost. Instead, focus your attention on those aspects that can be transformed.

What is childhood happiness?

What is children's happiness

A happy person gets better. In moments of pleasure, he is more generous, noble and more sensitive than usual. During the experience of pleasure, the body can function in excess of its capabilities, its owner becomes smarter, stronger, faster and more observant. Therefore, there is nothing more natural and beneficial than striving for happiness. However, each person must grab his firebird himself.

Cuisine and the Golden Triangle Rule

Cuisine and the rule of the golden triangleKITCHEN (from German Kuche - kitchen) is a room for cooking (the old name is a cook).
The kitchen is the cosiness of the hearth, it is rightfully considered the heart of every house or apartment. This is where we prepare food. Regardless of where we live, in a private house or apartment, the kitchen is one of the most important places where all relatives from time to time gather to eat or just chat over a cup of coffee. Guests are often received here, sharing news, emotional experiences and impressions at a joint meal.

Olive oil for skin and hair beauty

Olive oil for skin and hair beautyOlive oil is considered to be the oldest cosmetic product and it remains indispensable in a home cosmetic bag to this day. Olive oil is suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of hair and skin type. What are the beneficial properties of this product?

Recipes March 19 - 25, 2012

Traveling with a child

Traveling with a childWhen going on a trip with your baby, remember two important things - safety and comfort. To do this, you need to ensure that the child has comfortable clothes and the necessary hygiene items. When it comes to nutrition, try to avoid dairy products, which can go bad quickly, and raw fruits and vegetables.

Maupassant's favorite foods: culinary inspiration

Maupassant's favorite dishesThe whole flavor of French cuisine is reflected in two recipes of the favorite delicacies of the famous writer Guy de Maupassant - “Dear friend” and “Ma shushu” veal soups.

The healing properties of sea buckthorn

From the Latin language, buckthorn (buckthorn) literally translates as "shiny horse". The ancient Romans gave this name to the branchy shrub growing on the sands and pebbles along the river banks, for a reason. They noticed that if horses are regularly fed with sea buckthorn leaves or fruits, the horses' coat becomes shiny and shiny.

Toys of the past and present

Toys of the past and presentIs it possible to imagine childhood without your favorite doll, teddy bear or bright car? Once upon a time, these simple toys brought indescribable joy to our parents. Children of the new millennium are fond of modern toys, which do not always have a positive effect on the development and children's psyche.

Thermal water for facial skin care

Thermal water for facial skin careThe skin of the face requires increased attention to itself, since it is quite susceptible to various negative manifestations of the environment. If you provide your skin with the necessary care, then you can avoid early aging, the appearance of wrinkles, circles under the eyes and much more.

What can your own language tell you?

What own language can tellShowing your tongue is not polite. But the doctor can. And you can and even need to. This is necessary for self-diagnosis. What can your own language tell you? Do not forget to regularly stick out your tongue to yourself so as not to miss the signal that everything is not well in the body.

Male beauty: how to take care of himself for a man

For a long time, men do not wash with soap and do not seal the cuts after shaving with pieces of newsprint. But even modern men can be divided into two camps. Some are well versed in skin care products, use them regularly, love to do it and do not hide it.

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