GFGril GFO-48BR. Mini oven overview


Bosch TAT 8613For a long time I chose a stove for a summer residence. In the end, I settled on GFGril GFO-48BR. She came to me in a large box.

Bosch TAT 8613. Toaster overview

$ vetLana

Bosch TAT 8613The Bosch TAT 8613 toaster was chosen from among the many toasters sold in our stores because of the quartz heaters, and the firm mattered.

I approach each purchase of home appliances very thoroughly, read reviews, compare characteristics. We had several toasters, both with open heating elements and with quartz ones. We like the toaster with quartz heaters more, so the search was directed precisely to this type of model. Unfortunately, the search is quite difficult, because in the characteristics of toasters, nowhere is it written what type of heating element is used.

Whirlpool OAS KP8V1 IX. Electric oven overview


Whirlpool OAS KP8V1 IX

I recently became the owner of this oven. First steps and impressions.

Redmond RMC-PM380. Overview of the multicooker-pressure cooker


Babycook Original Steamer Blender

My favorite multicooker-pressure cooker-slow cooker STEBA broke. Of course, I will repair it, but this is no longer very reliable and a replacement is needed. Anyway, I want something new.

I have the following requirements for the device: the volume of the bowl is 6 liters, the presence of a cooking mode under pressure, the ability to cook food at temperatures below 100 degrees with an accurate temperature setting. Well, understandably, reliability, durability, a bowl with a good coating. It seems to be nothing supernatural, but I got the feeling that in order to replace the Shtebochka, I would need two devices - a pressure cooker and a multicooker. However, kind people advised me to pay attention to the REDMOND line and now RMC-PM380 is coming to me.

Beaba Babycook Original. Steamer blender overview


Babycook Original Steamer Blender

This model of the steamer-blender is designed by the manufacturer for baby food.
But you can use the device for making pureed soups, vegetable purees for adult food, for dietary and vegetarian food, since the device has a small capacity, and it is possible to cook 1-2 portions of the finished dish at a time. Which is very convenient for dietary meals, cooking hot, fresh food at one time.

Kenwood CH 580. Chopper overview


Kenwood CH 580. Chopper overview

Choppers, or the English name "chopper" (from the English chopper - to chop) are small devices that chop, grind, cut, puree in a matter of seconds. What exactly and how - already depends on the model, the size of the bowl, the device of the knives. Some will equally easily chop greens, meat and ice, and some ice is an exception.

But, in principle, modern models of any brand + are technically and externally the same, so the chopper / chopper is easy enough to choose, I focus on reviews, my preferences for design, brand trust, etc.

Panasonic NU-SC101. Steam Convection Oven Overview


Panasonic_NU-SC1WZPE01There are a lot of things on our site. And we have tabletop ovens Tabletop ovens, stoves ... And convection ovens at our service Convection ovens Gemlux. And microwaves and steamers ... But for the oven to be 4 in 1 - no.
I know that there are owners of this steamer oven, but there is no topic or review. In my opinion, this circumstance is unfair. I decided to fill the gap because the stove is universal and deserves attention.

Panasonic NU-SC1WZPE01 Steam Convection Oven

Panasonic SD-ZP2000KTS. Bread Maker Overview


Panasonic SDZP2000KTSBread is the main food of many people, for breakfast a sandwich or toast, soup with bread, bread for salads, some even eat it with the second course. Well, who didn’t want to cook it on their own, while spending a minimum of effort, both temporary and physical?

Steba Smoking Box. Overview of the aromatizer


Steba smoking boxThe device is designed for smoke flavoring ham, meat, fish, cheese, drinks, both at home and in cafes, bars, restaurants.
Suitable for aromatization with herbs or tea.

Solis Vac Prestige. Vacuum Sealer Review


Solis vac prestigeA vacuum sealer is not the first device the hostess buys. But if it appears in the kitchen, it will definitely be used.

Unold Profi Plus (48880). Ice Cream Maker Review


UNOLD Profi Plus model 48880I bring to your attention an overview of the ice cream maker from the German brand Unold. This is the 2017 model with the highest power and displacement in the company's line of ice cream makers.

Lequip LOP-G3. Review and testing of a home auger oil press


 Lequip LOP-G3The L'equip LOP-G3 screw oil press will allow you to independently obtain delicious natural oils at home. They are brighter and more natural in color, have a mild, natural and pleasant smell, rich in nutrients and fats.

Gastroback 42359. Overview of the milk frother and hot chocolate


Gastroback 42359My kids are very fond of cocoa and hot chocolate, and I do not like to cook it. More precisely, the way it should ideally be, I never succeeded. And since this is a useful product, especially for children, I thought about buying a unit that would do it myself. So my choice fell on the Gastroback 42359.

Kenwood KAX 700. Review of the nozzle-spiralizer for the kitchen machine


Kenwood KAX 700Everyone knows about the benefits of vegetables. And I, of course, know about this, but for a long time I could not find a solution to the problem for myself: how, with minimal physical effort and with the least time spent on their preparation / cooking, introduce these very vegetables into your daily diet as a basis for all their wealth, variety, low calorie content and, I must say, cheapness: zucchini, beets, carrots, kohlrabi, the same stem (stalk) of broccoli? ... As an alternative to cabbage, tomatoes (the merits of which I do not dispute).

Dream land egg maker. Japanese Maker's Review of Original Long Eggs


Dream land egg makerIn the world of cooking, there are many unusual, partly even funny, ways to design the most simple and familiar products. That would seem an egg, well, what can you think of with it? But there are many ways to original eggs. And a separate place was won by various makers that change the shape of the egg. Cars, bunnies, or just a very long egg.

Tefal BL 841138 (Moulinex Easy Soup). Soup blender review

$ vetLana

Tefal BL 841138 (Moulinex Easy Soup)Tefal BL 841138 and Moulinex Easy Soup models of soup blenders are completely identical, from appearance to functionality. They differ only in the name of the brand. Therefore, everything that relates to the model from Moulinex can be safely applied to Tefal.

The Soup Cooker Moulinex EASY SOUP is designed for making puree soup, soup with pieces, compote.
Power 1000 W.
Volume 1.2 l (4 portions)

5 programs:

Kenwood FDM 100 BA. Mini-harvester review


Kenwood FDM 100 BAEven in spite of the fact that you have a lot of serious and useful kitchen equipment, you still do some culinary processes with your hands. When it is for a festive table, where both the result and appearance are important, then this is normal. But when you just cook borscht, or something else quick and everyday, then getting out and / or turning on serious electronic assistants is too lazy, and somehow quickly manually rub a couple of carrots, beets, cut a couple of onions.

Review of the multi-baker Redmond RMB-M713 / 1 Pro


Review REDMOND RMB-M713 / 1 PROSince I have been using the Redmond RMB-M713 / 1 Pro multi-baker for a long time - since October 2017, I decided to collect my impressions in one small review. This is a multifunctional device that can replace a waffle iron, toaster, and in many cases an oven.

Overview of the Princess 221215 hand blender


Hand blender Princess 221215I would like to introduce you to the Princess hand blender "Smart control XL" 221215.

Review of the electric grinder (spiralizer) Kenwood FGP 203 WG


Kenwood FGP 203 WGA variety of vegetables cut into spirals is a very fashionable trend. First, vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet. Secondly, there are more and more vegetarians in the world, and they need to somehow diversify their menu. Over the past two years, many models of spiralizers have appeared, and whole series of books with recipes for spiralizers have been published. Many sites and channels on YouTube are dedicated only to cooking with spiral vegetables. So I decided to join this topic.

Review of the Moulinex HV8 ME 626 meat grinder


Moulinex HV8 ME 626Sometimes you want convenience and speed. So I wanted to ... .. buy an electric meat grinder. I read the reviews on the forum, realized the main thing that the junction of the screw and the nozzle of the meat grinder should be metal, and went to the store. There I told the seller my main condition and our choice fell on Moulinex ME 626 for 6,299 rubles. For about 600 rubles, the same model cost without 5 grating nozzles, but I decided what to take with nozzles. Productivity 2.6 kg / min, rated power - 800 W, power with shaft blocking 2000 W. Cord length - 90 cm.Weight - 3.85 kg.

Overview of the Tescoma Delicia pattern cake mold


Tescoma DeliciaWhen buying another kitchen device, there is always a risk that you will not use it more than once. Because it turned out to be not as comfortable as dreamed of, or because I did not like it, or because, despite the desire to possess it, having bought it and calmed down, I simply forgot about it. When a thing costs three kopecks, then it's not a pity. But when it is more expensive, then being taught by bitter experience and clogged mezzanines, I more and more often stop myself.

Bekker BK-5200 mechanical noodle cutter review


Bekker BK-5200 mechanical noodle cutter reviewThe inevitable result of communication on the culinary forum is the desire to acquire various kitchen devices, the existence of which had never been known before. Thanks to the forum, that only I have not appeared - from a simple yogurt maker I "matured" to a kitchen car, having bought a lot of interesting things along the way, including a noodle cutter.

I chose the noodle cutter according to the principle - I will buy the simplest mechanical one, I will like it or not, and according to the results, I will either buy myself a super cool one, or I will not feel sorry for the money. The only condition was - I want the length of the rollers to be as long as possible.

Review of pizza maker Boxiya BXY-1265


Review of pizza maker Boxiya BXY-1265

Summer, heat under 40, nothing else contributes to the purchase of new kitchen appliances as a hot workshop in the kitchen! I'd like to minimize heat transfer to the environment!
It is from such extreme life circumstances that a cute Chinese pizza maker named Boxiya, model BXY-1265, appeared in my kitchen world.
This model is positioned as an oven for Arabic bread, pizza and other things.

Review of the cyclone filter Neolux FC-02 for a vacuum cleaner


Review of the cyclone filter Neolux FC-02 for the Samsung VC18M21 vacuum cleanerImmediately, you can make a reservation - this cyclone filter will fit almost any modern vacuum cleaner, the tube diameter of which is 32 and 35 mm. When I bought a vacuum cleaner many years ago, a large box with additional attachments came with it as a gift. On the box it was written that this is a set of attachments specifically for cleaning during and / or after repairs. In this box there were 3 or 4 nozzles - to collect dust during drilling, for large debris, some other, I don't remember, all this lies on the mezzanine. And then there was the cyclone filter - the only attachment from this gift box that I used constantly until it broke. I loved her so much, she was so convenient and irreplaceable that I immediately ran to buy the same one.

Review of Kitfort KT-1101 screw juicer


OVERVIEW of the Kitfort KT-1101-3 auger juicerA juicer, of course, is not the most necessary device in the kitchen, but if you have embarked on the path of proper nutrition or want to vitaminize yourself and your family, then you simply need to purchase it. If you choose between centrifugal juicers and screw juicers, the latter can squeeze much more juice out of some products. Although the auger works slower, the temperature of the products does not rise. This allows you to save more vitamins and nutrients. This happens because the principle of operation in an auger juicer is similar to a meat grinder - a large screw (auger) into which the product enters, simply breaks and crushes to small fractions and, passing through a fine sieve, gives off all its juices.

Bomann WA 5018 waffle maker review


Bomann WA 5018 waffle maker reviewHaving tried the waffle maker for Belgian soft waffles, I decided to compare it to the waffle makers for thin waffles. Although, I would still call the Bomann WA 5018 waffle iron a waffle iron for medium (in thickness) waffles.

If I had a choice in front of me - only one waffle iron, and at the same time before that there would be no one, i.e.I would have to choose from the picture, then I would choose the Belgian waffles. Because they are beautiful, delicious, reminiscent of a vacation in Europe. A thin or medium kind of like ordinary. And choosing this one waffle maker, I would never know how delicious other waffles are.

Kitfort KT-1501 vacuum unit review

Mandraik Ludmila

KITFORT KT-1501Carried away by the sous-vide, I realized that I was missing one more small evacuator (I already have a Steba vacuum). And here I can say by chance, at a discount, I saw and bought myself a small manual vacuum cleaner KITFORT KT-1501.
I really liked this cute little toy.
As usual, KITFORT has packaging, a cardboard box of a beautiful, my favorite, blue, almost turquoise color.

Clatronic WA 3606 waffle maker review for Belgian waffles


Clatronic WA 3606 waffle maker review for Belgian wafflesThe market for kitchen electrical gadgets is diverse. Sometimes it seems to me that there is no such kitchen process for which an electrical analog does not exist. A separate niche in the market is occupied by various, as I call them, bakery products. Those. appliances that bake waffles, cookies, cakes, baskets, etc. From any kind of dough, any shape.

All the time I wanted to test such an electric assistant in order to understand whether it is worth spending money. Besides, it is not clear which one to choose. It’s not that expensive to buy ten devices, but they also need to be stored somewhere. But here I got two different waffle irons, and today I will talk about one of them, and in the next review about the other, and compare them.

Review of ultrasonic humidifier Polaris PUH 4405D


Polaris PUH 4405DWe all love clean and fresh air after rain. I would very much like to breathe easily at home. But this is not easy to achieve. But the state of our health largely depends on the temperature and humidity in the premises. Many have probably noticed that during the heating season (and especially towards the end of the season, when all hygroscopic finishing materials and furniture have dried well), an increased thirst appears, the mucous membrane of the lips, nose, eyes dries up, the skin peels off and even painful cracks appear on the fingers hands. Residents of urban high-rise buildings with central heating and plastic windows facing the sunny side are especially affected.

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