Smoked fish terrine

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Smoked fish terrine


In the original it was something like this:
Thin salmon slices 8 pcs.
Hot smoked mackerel 400 g
Cream cheese
with horseradish (2 tsp. with a slide)
250 g
Heavy cream 300 ml
Whiskey or rum 3 tbsp. l.
and 2 tbsp. l. water
10 g
Pepper, salt taste
Protein 1 egg

Cooking method

  • This time I took 500 g of hot smoked greenery, added capers and olives and threw out the egg white.
  • Disassemble the fish into pieces, mix with cheese (I took Philadelphia), horseradish, whip cream and add there. Salt and pepper if required. Soak gelatin in 2 tbsp. l. water for 15 minutes, then warm it up in the microwave until the gelatin dissolves (and not to a boil!), pour alcohol into the gelatin, mix and add fish to the mixture. Pieces of fish should be preserved, so mix without fanaticism, carefully.
  • I also added capers and put olives in the middle of the terrine. The fact is that salmon in the original recipe was supposed to play a purely decorative role, since without it the terrine would be dead white. I didn't have salmon available, so I needed to somehow bloom the terrine on the cut. At first I was going to swell dill into cheese, but it turned out that it was over too. Capers and olives were used. The whipped egg white, which is supposedly added at the end to give the terrine porosity, I did not add. I don't like raw protein in dishes.
  • After that we lay out the terrine mold with cling film, evenly distribute the mixture, close the top with the hanging ends of the film and into the refrigerator. Better at night ...


Fatty, high-calorie and tasty ...
I love fish in almost all forms. It all started a few days ago when I bought two hot-smoked greenplants to make a pumpkin soup with smoked fish. I still could not get myself together and began to be very worried about the rasp, who could not live to see my inspiration ...

Today I stuck my nose into the refrigerator, admired the fish again, listened to myself, realized that I didn't want soup, but the fish had to be attached ... Eureka! I'll do terrine ...

The recipe I whistled from some edition of the Deli, it seems "100 best snacks" or something like that. I reshaped it for today's contents of my refrigerator and sold it ...

Then we take out a white French bread or a piece of rye, take out a bottle of dry white wine, feast and enjoy life. And if you have thin pancakes in stock, then you are just a happy person. I once received guests with this terrine: I put out a large plate with thin pancakes and terrine. We cut off a piece, wrap it in a pancake and immediately ukantrapulivaem. Shine!

Scarecrow, I never cease to be amazed at your ability to embody the most unthinkable recipes (in my opinion), I just read these, I can imagine, this is where my enthusiasm ends, and the fish fillet, for example, turns into a banal cutlet
Believe it or not, I eat least of all what I cook. Mostly I try. I like it - great, I do not like it - it goes to the trash heap (and it happens). I just love the process. How someone likes to knit, sew, play computer. Therefore, I take what is more interesting and more complicated. You cook simple things already on the machine and there is no feeling of the process ...

My men have already eaten the terrine ...
Scarecrow, I was very interested in this recipe, I am looking for something new for my husband's birthday. There are several questions, explain the stupid one: how is salmon cut - large or small? Do you need to mix it with the rest of the products or do you need to put it decoratively?
This is how it was written in the original:

"Cover the form for terrine with cling film so that there are free ends outside, then lay out slices of smoked salmon; and on them - fish mass (from mackerel, cream cheese, etc. - approx. mine)... Cover and refrigerate overnight.Remove the finished terrine from the mold, cut into slices and serve with dry white or dry sparkling wine. "

It is better to take the original fish from the recipe (mackerel, in particular). It has a bright taste and is not drowned out by cheese and cream.
Scarecrow, thank you for quick answer ! It remains to find the cream, otherwise we have a problem with them after the new year, and I caught fire with this recipe ...
I made it! Only the devil / devil confused me and instead of 2 teaspoons put 2 TABLE spoons with a slide of horseradish, but nothing, the guests did not even notice ...

Quote: aynat

I made it! Only the devil / devil confused me and instead of 2 teaspoons put 2 TABLE spoons with a slide of horseradish, but nothing, the guests did not even notice ...

Well, like, it was intended!

Salmon with horseradish goes well. Did you manage to capture it?
It wasn't before that, but it's the same, only red on top ...
Nata, Natasha, thanks for the recipe!
This is the second time I'm cooking for the new year. This is delicious!!!

Only the photo in my recipe is awful, of course ...
ScarecrowThanks for the recipe! As it came in handy, it was necessary to attach a piece of smoked salmon left over from slicing on a festive New Year's table. There is no mackerel and tomorrow we have to go to the market for it (we only stock up on fresh fish delicacies there), a huge department and a huge selection. Terrin did not have to do, only now you need to souffle and learn how to make it.

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