Easy Low Calorie Morning Waffle Recipe

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Easy Low Calorie Morning Waffle Recipe


Cottage cheese 0% fat, soft 500 gr.
Eggs 2 pcs.
Sugar (fructose) 20 gr.
Baking powder, baking powder 1 sachet
Vanillin 1 sachet
Whole grain flour 100 g (or 9 parts white flour and 1 part bran)
Fiber (Siberian Hawkeye, you can bran) 20 gr.
Water 50 ml (or 1 more egg)
Dried berries (cherries, cranberries) 50-70 gr.
Olive oil for lubricating the waffle iron 10 gr.

Cooking method

  • Baked in a Philips waffle iron 3 in 1
  • Exit - 6 waffles
  • Calorie content - 123 kcal per 100 g, 177 kcal per 1 piece.
  • Alas, I didn’t have time to take a photo Photo of similar wafers made from whole wheat flour with sourdough
  • The result is lush, fried outside and soft inside dessert waffles

The dish is designed for

6 pcs.

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Easy Low Calorie Morning Waffle Recipe

Tell me, how about the cooking method, mix everything?
Unfortunately, it didn't transform itself into a new form.
Can't edit now

For dietary purposes:
1. Sugar and fructose, I would now replace with stevia 2/3 tsp.
2. Instead of whole eggs, I would use proteins (3 proteins instead of 2 eggs)
3. Method of preparation - whisk the whites with salt and a teaspoon of lemon juice into a strong foam, separately mix the dry ingredients, then mix everything and bake immediately
And what is the consistency of the dough according to this recipe?
Like pancakes
These are the waffles I need. Tomorrow I will bake, the cottage cheese needs to be determined urgently. Alexandra, thanks for the recipe.
Good health, Lagri!
Good recipe, we'll try it out on the weekend - I'll tell you my impressions)
Great waffles! That's what you need. I did exactly the dietary option, I really liked it.
Alexandra, thanks a lot for the recipe!
+ Gala +, good health!
A good recipe for those who want waffles, but weight problems. And here it is delicious, and the conscience does not torment.
Florichka, I have a whole blog of such recipes, there are even sweets and ice cream
Great, I will definitely take a look.
And I was very welcoming, although I did not make a dietary option at all. cottage cheese took normal fat and completely eggs.
not corrugations at all, but tender cheesecakes. Thanks for the recipe!
Mirabel , for good health

Maybe grease the waffle iron with more oil?
I got it with a crispy crust, but soft enough inside.
Still, waffles, not cheesecakes
Maybe a different density of cottage cheese
You can add a couple of tablespoons of flour
I think you might have a more powerful waffle iron than mine.
I have a 7 in 1 device with a capacity of 750 kW. Maybe because of this.
Quark cottage cheese is soft, 3 eggs, I added a little more flour. And if I tried to get a fried crust, then it burned a little.
Delicious anyway! Corrugations, waffles Yusyrniki .. no difference. delicious and this is the main thing!

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