Eggplant inside out

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Eggplant inside out


eggplant 2 pcs. (300 g each)
chopped meat 600 g
bulb onions 1 pc. (150 g)
fresh garlic 2 cloves
cheese 100 g
salt, ground black pepper, coriander taste
cling film, foil
fresh tomatoes 100 g
bell pepper 1 pc (70 g)

Cooking method

Eggplant inside out
Chop the eggplants with a knife or fork and bake until tender in the oven. I baked in a Ninja grill, "Grill" mode, T-260 degrees, time - 10 minutes + heating. I put the eggplants on a cold grill and baked them on a grill plate.
Cool the eggplants, peel and cut lengthwise.
Eggplant inside out
Grate the cheese on a fine or medium grater and stuff the eggplant.
Minced meat (I have beef + pork) knead very well by adding chopped onions, garlic, salt and spices.
Eggplant inside out
Smooth the minced meat into a layer on cling film and place the eggplant
Eggplant inside out
Using a film, wrap the minced meat on the eggplant, seal the joint and form a large "cutlet"
Eggplant inside out
Transfer the blanks to foil, making "boats", and bake until tender. I baked in the grill, T-260 degrees from a cold state for 6 minutes + heating.
Eggplant inside out
Grind the tomatoes and bell peppers in a blender, salt to taste and brush over the eggplant with the resulting paste.
Eggplant inside out
Bake for another 4 minutes.
Eggplant inside out
Eggplant inside out
cut into portions and enjoy.

Cooking program:

oven, grill Ninja


The recipe with my slight changes is taken from here:
Many thanks to the author! The dish is delicious!

Svetlana, thanks for the yummy
I love that
I will definitely
Sveta, super, how delicious it will be, I will definitely repeat!
Svetlana, what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I think yes no, I'm sure it's delicious !!! I take a note. Thank you.
Ladies, dear, this dish turned out to be just delicious! I will also cook for the festive table. Thank you for not passing by, cook and please your loved ones.

According to the recipe, flour is used in the minced meat, but I did without it.
Svetik, do you have halves of eggplant in a cutlet or a whole folded one?
Cvetaal, very interesting, and most importantly, adapted for our grill.
I will definitely do this, a little later, but I will.
By the way, what is your grill?
Elena, whole eggplants, in each - an incision, not completely, wrapped in minced meat whole.
Our grill is Ninja.
Come to our Temka, we have a lot of goodies

Irish, be sure to cook it, my family and I really liked it, I didn't even expect such deliciousness!
Thanks, I'll come
How delicious and beautiful! In the piggy bank

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