Grilled minced chicken Ninja (skillet)

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Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)


Chicken breast fillet 3 pcs.
Bulb onions 1 PC.
Chicken egg 2 pcs.
Mayonnaise 1 tbsp. l. on horseback
Sour cream 1 st. l. on horseback
Corn starch 2 tbsp. l. on horseback
Svan salt 0.5 tsp
Sea salt 0.5 tsp
Cilantro and dill small bundle
Ground black pepper, granulated garlic and ground fenugreek by a pinch
Vegetable oil (coconut) for greasing or frying 1-2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
Chicken fillet without skin, you can also with skin, just cut off excess fat, wash and dry. Cut with a sharp knife first along and then across. After that, start chopping with a knife in different directions until smooth.
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
Finely chop the onion and chop with a knife and fillet. I cut the onion on the thinnest insert for the Gigant grater.
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
Add starch, mayonnaise and sour cream (you can have one in the right amount), herbs, salt and seasonings.
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
Place in a bowl and add eggs.
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
Mix the minced meat almost to the threads
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
Grease a drip tray with vegetable oil and place on a low wire rack and heat in a grill at 180 C in the Bake program. As soon as the grill informs about the set temperature, put the minced meat on the tray with a spoon. Set 12-13 minutes.
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
After six minutes, open and brush the patties with vegetable oil using a brush.
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
These are such appetizing cutlets.
Grilled minced chicken Ninja (pan)
To be fair, the cutlets turned out to be juicier in a frying pan under the lid, but the taste turned out to be brighter from the grill.


There are several similar recipes on the site, I offer my own version for grilling. But the frying pan is no worse.
I salt a little, and the fillets are different, please take this into account.

Sometime in the 90s, they began to publish recipes in small magazines. There were a lot of them from different publishers, which appeared like mushrooms after a rain. And this kind of cooking method was encountered once in every issue.
At that time, I took on the daunting task of teaching the Russian language to our Chinese Wushu trainer, since all his money went to a rented apartment, and we fed him, organized leisure time according to our abilities, in short, took care of how we could in gratitude that he shared and taught us what it was impossible to learn and Russian masters.

Naturally, the lesson began with a meal, since although the teaching was dull to a full belly, he did not perceive anything new with his head when he was hungry.
And then no one had pickles, they did not sell snakes, frogs, too, so such simple profitable recipes helped out.
I was surprised the first time I served such cutlets with rice, that he asked me how I know this Chinese recipe. He said that he tasted very much like some of their dish and chopped half of the frying pan in one fell swoop.

Rada-dms, and who does not have a pallet, what to do? Fry in a pan ??
Your cutlets look gorgeous, you will have to make
Lerele, on paper in HC, in a crispy basket that is.
Fry some of them in a pan, I often do them, Mick loves terribly chopped.
Rada-dms, I’m so lazy, I used to do something like this, I cut it with my hands, now it’s a pulse in the kitchen machine. And here I forgot something like this, thanks for reminding me.
Put the tortillas in the recipe, and the steak would be great. Anyway, they will still buy such grills. As I rummage around, I know where to look, and whoever has not read the topic from the beginning will find it.
I want a moderator in the topic. I understand that there is a lot of work, but suddenly ...
Lerele, I will try to chop the frozen fillet in Ninza so that it remains small in pieces.
Rada- Dms !!! Delicate and fluffy cutlets, right and asking for the name Bird's milk !!! Well done!!!

Quote: Lerele

Rada-dms, and who does not have a pallet, what to do? Fry in a pan ??
Your cutlets look gorgeous, you will have to make
the pan can be selected in size
We love these cutlets very much! I often cook. Red fish is also very tasty, according to the same principle. Olga, thanks for the recipe!
Cook, Cvetaal, friends, thank you for your support! We breathe the same air in our Temko.
Placed so that later not to invent modes, and it will be useful for beginners. More recipes make it easier to get your bearings right away, so exhibit everything, everything will be useful. And the recipe from the 90s, who and how did not make them, there are a million variations, and all are very tasty. I'm going to print the story to him.
Rada-dms, and I got the form from Teskoma, in it you can
I'll go boast
lettohka ttt
Rada-dmsWhat delicious cutlets! Mmm .. Ninzi, no, and it is not expected, for that you can cook in afochka, it remains to get a good fillet-game) Thank you, Olga, took it to the piggy bank.
lettohka ttt, Natasha, here you can have the most stuck fillet, not necessarily the highest grade.
And add everything there, you can also meat from the thighs, it will be even tastier, it is not so lean.
In times of shortage, I ripped off the chicken meat, from the bones of a pot of soup, from the pulp or such cutlets, I always added grated potatoes to them, and if not cutlets, then either pilaf, or stewed, and I got food for two days.
I always asked for cutlets.
Then somehow it was forgotten, there was another food, but you can not cut it with your hands
lettohka ttt, in Affochka it will work out great, but make a part in a frying pan, compare. Thank you, Natusya, for your continued support for my "creations"!
Quote: Lerele
lettohka ttt, Natasha, here you can have the most overwhelming fillet, not necessarily the highest grade.
Just about, cut everything with a knife, whatever you hit, even the skin is possible, only smaller. We did just that. We survived on that!
I also really love such cutlets, although instead of mayonnaise and sour cream I take natural yogurt, instead of starch, oat bran, you get PP cutlets!

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