Okroshka on kvass ... Just okroshka.

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Okroshka on kvass ... Just okroshka.


Kvass, I have "Ochakovsky" 2-3 l.
Boiled potatoes 2-3pcs.
Boiled eggs 2-3pcs.
Ham 200-300g.
Fresh cucumbers 2-3pcs.
Radish 5-6pcs.
Parsley dill along the beam.
Green onion Beam
Russian mustard 1h l.
Horseradish table 1h l.
Salt pepper taste

Cooking method

What can you eat in this heat ... And so as not to melt even more? Of course Okroshechka) ...
Summer is good, it's warm, it's sunshine ...
This opportunity is in unlimited quantities everything that somehow cools and saturates a little ...
In my case, it is Okroshka eaten by pots ...
So let's go ...
In general, I indicate an approximate set of products, depending on how much you will cook.
Kvass, I buy only "Ochakovsky", to me it is most similar to the one that was sold in early childhood, remember in barrels, on tap ...
In short, your favorite kvass to choose from.
We put everything in a large saucepan ...
Potatoes, peel, cut into cubes.
Peel the eggs, divide into whites and yolks.
Cut the whites into cubes, grind the yolks with mustard and horseradish, pour in a small amount of kvass, let it stand for a while while we cook the rest. Secret number of times. )
Cut the ham into cubes.
Cut the cucumbers and radishes into strips, I use a Berner grater, or into cubes. Chop the greens finely.
Chop the onion, add a little salt, grind well and pour in a small amount of kvass, let it brew. Secret number two.)
When everything is chopped, add the yolks and onions, pour over everything with kvass, add salt and pepper to taste.

Let cool well and serve with sour cream and blackberries.
Here are some Photos ...
Okroshka on kvass ... Just okroshka.
Okroshka on kvass ... Just okroshka.
Bon Appetit everyone!
Your Trishka!

The dish is designed for

Large casserole

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Okroshka mine, collected from a variety of recipes to your taste.
I hope someone will find my version useful in this heat.

Ksenia, number one, and number two in my "opera" too)) I really like to do that.
Okroshka, my family, also cracks with pots (I just a little bit, so that they got more))) We call okroshka - kvass. The only caveat is that mine are made from white, sour kvass. If it is not, then I do it with diluted, water, kefir and add brine (or lemon juice) Although in my childhood okroshka was just on sweet kvass. "White okroshka" is already the cost of pouring into a husband's family. At what at first I did not like this ... but very soon I was so imbued with a new taste that now I don’t even think about the classic, black-sweet kvass)))
Thanks for the recipe. even the read was delicious and refreshing.
ANGELINA BLACKmore, Natasha, I'm glad that our tastes almost coincided,
thanks for stopping by, freshen up.
We do not only eat on such kvass, the small one refuses it altogether, but my husband and I are on a high, we also love cold ones from sorrel in the heat, and they eat these.
Look at my okroshka

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