Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)

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Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)


milk 180 ml
sugar 1/2 tsp
premium wheat flour 50 g
pressed yeast 10 g
dough all
premium wheat flour 270 g
butter 25 g
salt 1/2 tsp
egg C1 1 PC.
Imeretian cheese (Adyghe, suluguni, well-pressed homemade cottage cheese) 450-500 g
salt optional
melted butter for lubrication

Cooking method

Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Heat the milk slightly. Dissolve yeast with sugar. Add flour. Mix. Cover. Put in a warm place for 15-30 minutes.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Melt the butter and cool.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Pour salt into flour. Stir. Make a hole in the center. Release an egg into it. Pour in the dough. Start mixing. I kneaded with my hands. The dough will be very soft and sticky. The kneading was carried out by the stretching-folding method.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Once all the flour is moistened, gradually add oil.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
The dough is in the middle of the batch.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Dough at the end of kneading. It is very soft, but lags behind dishes and hands. At this point, hands should be washed and wiped dry. Can be oiled.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Lightly dust the table with flour. Lay out the dough. Form a ball. Transfer to a greased bowl. Cover. Put in a warm place.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
After 45 minutes, knead the dough. Cover again and place in a warm place for another 45 minutes.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Dough before shaping.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Divide the dough into three parts. Roll each piece into a ball.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Grate or knead cheese. I have suluguni. I had no other cheese. Dust the table with flour. Flatten each piece. Put a third of the cheese on each slice. The weight of the cheese should be approximately equal to the weight of the dough.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Gather the dough into a knot. Pinch well.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Turn over. Starting in the center, begin kneading the dough to form a flat cake. The thickness of the cake should be around a centimeter.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Make a hole in the center.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Transfer the tortilla to the pan. I just baked on stone. Put in an oven preheated to 250 degrees for 8-15 minutes. Achash should be browned.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Remove, grease with melted butter. Serve immediately. If the achash is cold, then warm it up.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Achash is an Abkhazian khachapur. It differs from the Georgian version not so much in the dough, but in the filling. Fresh homemade squeezed cottage cheese or Imeretian cheese is taken. Adyghe cheese is quite suitable for us. In the most extreme case, you can take, like me, suluguni. Delicious. Recommend!

ang-kay, thanks for the recipe. The trip to Sochi and Abkhazia was the most delicious for me, and the first thing I remember is, of course, khachapuri in different variations. And if I repeated the version with a boat at home, then I have not cooked such a khachapur (and this is what they say in Abkhazia). I will definitely try.
ang-kay, Angela, thanks for the detailed recipe!
Photos cause salivation!
ang-kay, Beautiful. Well, just like the Ossetian pie, both in form and in content.
What are you doing to me and you don't need to salt the curd?
I also wanted to ask about cottage cheese, just the husband brought fresh good cottage cheese. And I have no cheeses, only mozzarella and not enough. Maybe crumble it into cottage cheese? Tomorrow I would like to make a beautiful khachapur.
Angela, thanks for the recipe!
Girls, thanks for your attention to the recipe. It's very, very tasty)
Quote: tatyana1
exactly like an Ossetian pie, both in form and in content.
If I am not mistaken, then Ossetian pies are prepared with more than one cheese. It is mixed with potatoes, cabbage, herbs. It is similar here, but still has its own peculiarity.
Quote: Sweetheart
but you don't need to salt the cottage cheese
I think it will not hurt.
Quote: Wiki
Maybe crumble it into cottage cheese?
Can. Who will forbid us?
Angela, thanks for the recipe!
We love khachapuri in any version, but I haven't baked this one yet.
I will definitely cook it this week.
Marina, not at all. I'm waiting)
Angela, thanks from my whole family for such a delicious recipe!
Cheese is a mixture of Peasant and feta cheese.
Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)

Abkhazian Achash (Khachapur)
Marina, excellent khachapur. Well done! I'm glad I liked it)
ang-kay, but can you knead in a bread maker? Laziness...
Tatyana, it's probably late already. The machine has to cope.
And I'm smart mamusi advised: the bread maker kneads, the Princess bakes. And so she did. And everything worked out! It turned out delicious. Half a portion - one pie. "But" only one thing: baked with feta cheese plus a little cottage cheese, salty. I should have diluted it a little more ... So I will do so next time. Thanks for the simple and delicious cake!
Tatyana, great)
Oh! And who did in the princess, share the regime. At me it burns, then lightly strongly. Only today I found a recipe, my husband loves such things so much, I want to please. Thanks for the detailed recipe, I’m with the test for now.
ang-kay, Angela, please tell me, what is the diameter of your khachapurs?
I also want to bake in the princess. It is 30 cm. I think one or two khachapurins will come out?
Quote: Dana
loves such things
Tatyana, I hope everything works out)
Quote: Lyusenka
the diameter of your khachapurs
Lucy, about 26 centimeters.
ang-kay, Angela, thank you!

I think two thirty centimeters will be just right.

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