Grilled salad "Sidimdoma"

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Grilled Salad Sidimdom


Turkey breast, fillet 200-250g
Red onion 30g
Fresh tomato 70g
Fresh cucumber 50g
Olives / pitted olives 40g
Natural vinegar (apple cider, balsamic, or grape) 1g
Naturally fermented soy sauce 5g
Extra virgin olive oil 11g
Allspice 2g
Black pepper 1g

Cooking method

The meaning of this salad is that it is hearty and low in calories. It may well replace a full meal. And easy to prepare. The only thing it needs is a grill pan.Grilled Salad Sidimdom
Simple, cast iron, irreplaceable.
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
Dissolve the turkey breast fillet into steaks of any shape with a thickness of 0.5-1 cm. Leave the steaks 200-250g, and freeze the rest in the freezer. If the steaks are frozen, they can be used without even defrosting. Sprinkle each piece with ground allspice and ground black pepper on each side to taste. I pepper strongly. Do not salt! And put it on the grill pan. And then we cover the square frying pan with a round lid - this way the turkey will not dry out and be smoked.
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
The juice from the meat will smoke a little, but that's okay. I cook the first side over high heat and then turn the steaks and reduce the heat. It turns out like this
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
While the turkey is cooking, we cut the vegetables
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
Pickle the onions with natural vinegar: moisten the onions with vinegar right on the board. I use a spray dispenser. Very comfortably. Transfer to a plate and add olives / olives.
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
Remove steaks
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
Olives / olives can be cut into rings with a knife neatly, or you can simply break them in half with your hands (who are too lazy to cut).
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
Cut the finished turkey into pieces
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
Then pour the soy sauce over the turkey to add salt. It is important not to overflow!
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
All components are assembled. We fill with oil.
Grilled Salad Sidimdom
The salad can be supplemented with sesame seeds (5g), basil, arugula, spinach, cilantro.
Everything to your taste. But in winter, when there is no greenery, this base is quite suitable. The salad is VERY tasty and only 440kcal for the whole serving 450g

Great salad!
Two in one! Great!

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