Horseshoe bagels

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Horseshoe bagels


milk 185 g
water 185 g
sugar 20 g
salt 7 g
butter 25 g
premium wheat flour 570 g
dry instant yeast 6 g
water 2 p.
soda 2 tsp
sesame black optional
yolk + 1 tbsp. l. milk

Cooking method

Horseshoe bagels
Mix milk with water and heat slightly. Mix flour with yeast and sugar. Melt the butter. Start kneading the dough. I kneaded with a hook. Once all the flour is moist, add oil and salt. Knead a soft dough.
Horseshoe bagels
Lightly dust the table with flour. Collect the dough into a ball. Grease the dishes with oil. put the dough. Cover and send to a warm place to ferment.
Horseshoe bagels
The dough should increase in volume by 2-3 times. It will take up to an hour.
Horseshoe bagels
Knead the dough and divide into equal pieces using a scale. I divided by 13. Roll each piece into a ball.
Horseshoe bagels
Roll each ball into a long "tongue". Make a notch at the base.
Horseshoe bagels
Roll into a flagellum.
Horseshoe bagels
Collapse with a horseshoe. Let the horseshoes lie under the plastic for 10 minutes.
Horseshoe bagels
Boil 2 liters of water. Add soda. Lower each shoe for 20 seconds.
Horseshoe bagels
Put on a baking sheet. Brush with a mixture of yolk and milk. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Horseshoe bagels
Bake on a stone in an oven preheated to 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Get it. leave to cool on a wire rack.
Horseshoe bagels

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Delicious bagels. Soft crumb, thin crunchy crust. Recommend!

What cute and delicious bagels!
Angela thanks for the recipe!
I do not have dry instant yeast, can I use fresh pressed yeast and how much?
18 gr. fresh, right?
Galina, Thank you. I have yeast with improvers at a rate of 1 gram per 100 grams of flour. Pressed in this recipe is enough for 10 grams.
Angelawhat toy bagels! Eh, grandchildren are far away, they will come and please them. Bookmarked for now. Thank you for spoiling us with wonderful recipes!
I don't have horseshoe bagels, but horseshoes.
They didn’t turn out thin for me, but tasty.
Angela thanks for the recipe!
Galinaare still beautiful. Next time, if it is, then you just need to roll the tongue longer. I'm glad you liked it)
Quote: marika33
grandchildren are far away, they will come, I will please them
Marina, thank you. I would be glad if you bake)

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