Shanga with cottage cheese

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Shanga with cottage cheese


Flour 600+ how much it will take
Milk 250ml
Sugar 120gr
Oil 120-150gr
Salt 0.75 tsp
St. yeast 25gr
Eggs 2
Vanilla sugar 2 sachets
Cottage cheese 500gr
Small eggs 2
Sugar Taste

Cooking method

In those Soviet times, our holidays always smelled like baking, everyone baked rolls, buns, pies, shangi, and the morning of the holiday always began with cheerful marches that woke everyone up before the demonstration.
They inflated balloons, took branches and walked in a friendly crowd in a large column, sang songs, shouted hurray !!
Then there was a feast, but the smell of baking since then has a strong association with those holidays in me.
And, of course, I try to bake baking for those our holidays.
In our family, both grandmothers and mommy always baked buns, pies and shangi. There was always a fragrant fish pie, and shangi with bird cherry, cottage cheese, lingonberries. The dough was brought in an enameled bucket and we always ran and pinched off the pieces.
Today I have shanga with cottage cheese and buns.
You can take any dough as you like.
I start the dough in a bread maker.
Heat the milk, put yeast, a little sugar, milk in a bread machine and add a little flour. I turn on the first program I come across so that the flour interferes with the dough, after a minute or two I turn off the bread maker and leave the dough to come up.
Then I add eggs, salt, sugar, flour, turn on the dough program, and when the dough starts to gather, add butter. All this time, I follow the dough, if necessary, add either flour or liquid, that is, I bring it to the consistency I need. As soon as the dough has gathered in a slightly smearing bun, I close the lid and wait for the end of the program, I have 1 hour 30 minutes.
The dough for shangi can be any butter, it should contain butter, eggs.
Shangi filling can be made from cottage cheese, bird cherry, berries, we made from lingonberries with sugar.
From lingonberries, you need to put a grate of dough on top (well, we have always done this), apparently it is liquidish.
I have cottage cheese filling.
Take 500 g of cottage cheese and 2 small or 1 large eggs, sugar to taste.
We take out the dough, cut off the required amount to fit your shape, roll it out, put it in the mold.
We make small sides. We put the cottage cheese, level it and slightly bend the sides.
Shanga with cottage cheese
Preheat the oven to 190 'and bake for about 25-30 minutes.
Shanga with cottage cheese
Cool it down.
Mix sour cream with sugar and spread on cottage cheese.
We let stand a little and make friends with sour cream and cottage cheese.
Shanga with cottage cheese
We make buns from the second half of the dough, I rolled out a sheet of dough, greased it with butter, sprinkled with sugar, rolled it into a roll and cut it into washers. Bake until golden brown.
Shanga with cottage cheese
Everything turned out very tasty !! Help yourself!! Bon Appetit!!
Shanga with cottage cheese
Happy Holidays !!!! Uraaaaaaaa

Irina, how I wanted to try it !!! Thank you very much for sharing. We must cook! Happy Holidays!
What a soulful and warm recipe!
Irisha, thanks for sharing.
And Happy Holidays !!!
Cvetaal, now I'll tease - it's a very tasty shanga, I can highlight a piece and thank you !!
Trishka, nostalgia is a terrible thing, we first sang ourselves in the morning, then I turned on those songs from the old life,

then I shouted slogans, my husband hurray, in short they staged their own home demonstration. We just didn't go in formation
Quote: Lerele
did not go in formation
It's in vain, I had to march down the corridor
Trishka, I offered no ball, refused
Quote: Lerele
nostalgia is a scary thing
I agree, thank you
The recipe is awesome! I just have a little cottage cheese left ...
zvezda, and each of us has our own memories, our own traditions from those years when the trees were still large
Quote: Lerele
each of us has our own memories, our own traditions
Of course ,,, but this is really mine .. I always went to demonstrations, sang songs ,,,
zvezda, everyone walked
And there was a festive atmosphere, they were waiting for the holidays, everyone was smart, and how they sang and danced during the demonstrations !!
There is no such thing now
Thanks for the wonderful recipe.
Now Khlebushek will finish baking. Let me cook the dough.
I really want to try. Hopefully today or tomorrow I can.

Lerele, thanks for the yummy!)
Here are my Shangulki ... from the Omelette.

Shanga with cottage cheese
mamusiwhat a fine fellow you are, it's even more convenient to eat them, the old ladies sometimes made little shanezhkami, I'm lazy
I am very glad that I liked it !!

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