Spicy biscuits on sparkling wine

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Spicy biscuits on sparkling wine


Butter, frozen 100g
Wheat flour 250g
Granulated sugar 100g
Sparkling wine (Muscatel, or champagne, etc.), chilled 100g
Vanilla sugar 1 tea lies.
Soda 1 tea lies.
Salt pinch
Cinnamon 4 tea. lies.
Red pepper pinch
Ground ginger pinch
Ground cloves 1 PC.
Ground cardamom pinch
Ground nutmeg pinch
Allspice pinch

Cooking method

The story behind this cookie is when you can't drink, you can try to eat it. To everyone who has something left that is not a desire to drink, but a pity to pour out, is dedicated.
Once, when opening a new supermarket, I was presented with a bottle of Muscatel for my purchase. At first I was delighted, but it turned out that this is from the series "bitter to eat and sorry to throw out." It was not champagne, but a wine-containing sparkling drink. In addition to wine material, it contains sugar, alcohol, citric acid. We don't drink that. But since there are no artificial colors and flavors in this drink, I decided to use it for cookies. Add baking soda - no baking powder needed. The spices are added because they go well with the taste of muscatel or other sparkling wine. A set of spices - for your taste, there are no rules here. It turned out quite tasty.
Spicy biscuits on sparkling wine

It is convenient to cook the dough in a food processor, in a chopper (blender, meat grinder). Cut the frozen butter into smaller pieces and load into the bowl of the food processor.
Pour all flour, sugar, spices, soda and salt there immediately. In short - everything except sparkling wine.
Turn on the harvester and crumble the contents. Threshing is not long - no more than a minute. So that the oil does not heat up and melt.
Continuing to thresh, pour in a thin stream of chilled sparkling wine. Also no longer than 1 minute.
Knead loose crumbs gently to the rest of the dough. Again, not for long so as not to melt the oil.
Roll out the dough 0.5 cm thick and cut out figures or cut into any shapes. You don't need to let it rest in the refrigerator, otherwise the dough will become sticky. But if nevertheless the dough turns out to be sticky, roll the sausage 3 cm in diameter and cut into 1 cm discs. Then flatten the discs to 0.5 cm. Lay out on parchment and bake in the oven.

The dish is designed for


Cooking program:

30-45 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees

The biscuit has an interesting structure. I took it to the piggy bank, thanks for the recipe!

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