Mushroom Soup in Ninja® Foodi®

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Mushroom Soup in Ninja® Foodi®


Meat Optional
Champignon mushrooms + dry
Onions, carrots

Cooking method

Delicious, hearty, rich soup for every day.
To do it easily and quickly enough, the result is pleasing. You can do it in any pressure cooker, multicooker, on the stove.
Soak dry mushrooms, peel onions, carrots, potatoes. I have not specified the amount of ingredients, depending on your preference and family composition. You don't have to take meat, there will be lean soup.
Turn on the saucepan for the program sote.
Pour a little oil and put the thinly sliced ​​meat to fry, I have low-fat pork, fry it.
Then add onions and carrots and continue frying.
Mushroom Soup in Ninja® Foodi®
While everything is fried, we wash and cut the champignons, we cut the potatoes.
Add mushrooms to the saucepan and continue frying.
Put the soaked mushrooms along with water from under them, simmer a little mushrooms.
Add potatoes and rice, salt and pepper.
Mushroom Soup in Ninja® Foodi®
Fill with water. Here you choose the density you need, but you must take into account that the rice will boil over.
Mushroom Soup in Ninja® Foodi®
Turn off the sote program, close the lid and set the program pressure for 7 minutes.
At the end of the program, let off steam, add dill, let stand for 5 minutes.
Serve with sour cream.
Try it, delicious !! Bon Appetit!!
Mushroom Soup in Ninja® Foodi®
Mushroom Soup in Ninja® Foodi®

LereleWhat an interesting combination - dry forest and mushrooms. We must try it somehow. Let's just move away from Lent, during which a lot of mushrooms were eaten, and I'll cook it. Honestly, I can't imagine champignons in soup at all.But it's very interesting
celfh, I rarely have real mushrooms, so I take a little of them altogether, for a natural smell, and so mushrooms are like mushrooms in the soup, these champignons.
Quote: Lerele
I rarely have real mushrooms
Lerele, you can't even imagine how many of them I have This is also a problem - where to attach them
celfhI'm going to die of envy
Do you know how much mushrooms cost? 32 euro kg white. I bought a pack of dry ones for 5 euros and I'm pulling now, and there are few of them.
We do not collect ourselves, but it seems that I have never heard of someone collecting it nearby.
And before, mom cooked mushrooms for the winter, and in winter she made such salads with rice delicious, it was just impossible to stop, very tasty.
Quote: Lerele
32 euro kg white.
starting a business, 50/50
Lerele, you can't even imagine how many mushrooms there are in Germany, at least we collected. But, I think, where we collected them, is now a private territory.
What a wonderful soup !!! And, by the way, I never cooked on mushroom meat, cooked only on chicken broth, so I'll try. Dried mushrooms wagon and trolley of the son.
Thanks for the recipe!
celfh, it may well be, I also heard that people collect, but my districts are somehow not mushroom, none of my friends collect.
Rada-dms, I would have cooked myself without meat at all, we used to do this without meat with my mother, but now we have to add, some only eat soups with meat.

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