Croatian radish salad

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Croatian radish salad


Radish 150gr
Mayonnaise 2 tbsp. l
Olive oil 1 st. l
Lemon juice 2/3 tsp
Salt, pepper, sugar

Cooking method

Very quick, original salad to the table.
First, we wash and cut radishes and herbs, parsley and basil.
Croatian radish salad

Preparing the dressing. Put mayonnaise, olive oil, lemon juice and herbs in a dose, salt and pepper.

Croatian radish salad
Then mix well. There is no sugar in the recipe, I added a little, it seemed to me that it was not enough.
Croatian radish salad

We put the dressing in the radish, everything is ready.
Croatian radish salad

Bon Appetit!!

Croatian radish salad


The author of the recipe is Fedor Vladimirovich, thanks to him !!

I will try to see if the recipe appears in the column on the right, at first it was not.

I love radishes, I will try with this dressing, thanks)
I love radishes, I'll try it in the summer and so on.
kavmins, Cirre, not a bad gas station, who loves mayo, and generally good.
Basil played very interesting, I didn't even expect it.
That's what a good salad. And all the ingredients are in the refrigerator. I think without basil (well, this herb is not ours) will also be good.
Photo could not be taken. The salad bowl was licked. Light wonderful salad. I didn't even expect this from a radish.
orange, that's great !!
By the spring, you need to eat more salads, all the same, there are not enough vitamins, it's good that now you can buy everything in the store !!
Quote: orange
Salad bowl licked
They ate everything without me, nightmarrrrr!
But radish is bored in the refrigerator, only dry basil is there, should I?
Rada-dms, do it !!
One of these days I will try to make and display one more radish salad from childhood.
Rada-dms, the basil was from the freezer.
Radisska stayed, tomorrow I’ll play more.
lettohka ttt
LereleThank you, I'll try, and I have a salad with such a dressing, there is a basil in the freezer.
You can also put it dry, let it stand for a while and that's it.
lettohka ttt, Try it, delicious.

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