Backhandle or Viennese backhandle (chicken legs)

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Backhandle or Viennese backhandle (chicken legs)


Chicken legs
Ghee butter

Cooking method

These very chicken legs have been known as a specialty of Viennese cuisine since the 18th century. Actually, this name can be any part of the chicken, but bones must be removed from the breast. By the way, they can serve legs and offal, such as stomachs, hearts.
All this is well breaded and fried at first, always in ghee, and then brought in the oven until tender.
The recipe is simple.
Backhandle or Viennese backhandle (chicken legs)
First, we marinate the skinless chicken, here you have a free choice, they recommend salt, pepper and lemon juice, I also took sea salt with herbs, chili pepper and instead of lemon juice I took balsamic.
Left to marinate for an hour.
Backhandle or Viennese backhandle (chicken legs)
Then I cooked everything for breading, eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs in a batter from a tapper. We take the leg, roll it in flour, then dip it in an egg and put it in breading, I have a baker, put it on the wire rack. When all the legs are laid, sprinkle with breadcrumbs on top.
Close the batter and shake it. The legs are well rolled in breadcrumbs.
Backhandle or Viennese backhandle (chicken legs)
Fry the legs in ghee until they are browned. And we shift to a dose for the oven.

I made in Ninya Fudi, so I put them on a stand, covered them with foil so that they would not overcook and set them for half an hour at 180 *.
Backhandle or Viennese backhandle (chicken legs)
The legs are well fried, they are delicious.

Backhandle or Viennese backhandle (chicken legs)

Lerele, what a yummy chicken we love all the more so. I will try to quickly cook
How delicious the food on the site is today!
Tatyana1103, try it, I really liked it, such a crust on top, inside it is soft, everything evaporated well.
Rada-dmsIt's kind of immodest to praise yourself, but I will still praise, everything turned out deliciously !!

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