Cake "Peaches in yoghurt"

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Peaches cake in yogurt


For the basics:
Biscuits 300 g
Butter 150 g
For mousse:
Yogurt 500 ml
Canned peaches 500 g
Cottage cheese 200 g
Gelatin 20 g
Water 100 ml
Powdered sugar taste
The form 24 cm

Cooking method

Peaches cake in yogurt
Grind the cookies. Pour melted butter into it. Mix.

Peaches cake in yogurt
Place the form on a plate or dish. Lay the sides with acetate tape or strips from a file. Put the sandy-buttered mass into the mold. Tamp with a glass. Put in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Peaches cake in yogurt
Pour gelatin with 100 ml of water. Let it swell. Beat the curd cheese with a mixer. Pour in yogurt. Add powder. Beat the mixture.
Peaches cake in yogurt
Punch the peaches with a hand blender. Set aside a little for decoration. Pour the rest of the puree into the mousse. Mix.

Peaches cake in yogurt
Melt the swollen gelatin in a water bath. Pour into the mousse while stirring. Remove the cake pan from the refrigerator and pour the mousse into it. Spoon the delayed puree

Peaches cake in yogurt
Stir, creating a drawing with a skewer and put in the refrigerator until it solidifies.
Peaches cake in yogurt

How simple and delicious even I can and will do Thanks for the recipe
Of course you will. What really.
Volgas, Svetlana, thanks for the recipe. I love this, I hope it will work out, I will come with brags
But what does not work then. Of course everything will be fine.
And I'll make myself a mousse, are there frozen peaches? Sveta, thanks! As always, not confused, but very tasty and winning recipes!

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