Chocolate focaccia by Roberto Rinaldini

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Chocolate focaccia by Roberto Rinaldini


Wheat flour, premium grade (12% protein) 500 g
Butter 150 g
Milk 300 g
Dark chocolate (dragee, drops) 100 g
White cane sugar 80 g
Candied orange fruits 50 g
Salt 15 g
Fresh pressed yeast 15 g
Vanilla (pod) 1 PC.
Ghee butter 150 g
Sugar 10 g
Salt 2 g
Cream interlayer
Milk chocolate 120 g
Nut paste (hazelnuts) 100 g
Olive oil 10 g
Cocoa powder 6 g
Vanilla (pod) 1/2 pcs.

Cooking method

Dough. Combine yeast, flour, sugar, vanilla, candied fruit and milk using a hook attachment in a mixer.
When the dough is done, add the chocolate drops and candied fruits and shape the dough into a ball, as the finished focaccia will be round.
Leave the dough for 60 minutes, covered with plastic wrap.
Press the dough with your fingertips to remove any gases that have accumulated during fermentation (proceed in the same way as when forming a regular focaccia), shape the dough into a disk and place it in a 22 cm dish.
Combine all the ingredients in the Mix section. Pour melted butter over the dough, sprinkle with crystal sugar and let the dough rise at 24 C for about 2 hours. When cooking, I reduced the amount of oil by about 2 times.
Bake in the oven at 180 C for 25 minutes, until tender. In my oven, the focaccia was baked for about 40 minutes. Refrigerate the focaccia.
For making cream melt the chocolate at 45 ° C in the microwave.
Place the hazelnut, cocoa and vanilla pasta in a blender bowl.
Turn the blender on high, then add the butter and melted chocolate. I swapped out the cream for a soft chocolate icing mixed with chopped nuts.
For finishing. Cut the focaccia in half into two cakes and add the hazelnut and cocoa cream.
Chocolate focaccia by Roberto Rinaldini


According to the recipe "Focaccia al cioccolato" from the book "I miei dolci al cioccolato" by Roberto Rinaldini. The author shared a photo of the pages of the book with the illustration and the text of the recipe on his profile on one of the social networks on the Internet.
Thanks to the author!

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