Pressure Cooker Chickpea Soup (Ninja Foodi® 6.5-qt)

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Pressure Cooker Chickpea Soup (Ninja Foodi® 6.5-qt)


Meat (lean pork)
Bacon (any smoked meats can be)

Cooking method

I do not indicate the number, everyone does as much as the family needs. All the same, I again with praises in our pan, it is very convenient for me to cook in it without any pans and other utensils.

It's easy and simple to do, fry the pork, I have completely lean, on the Saute, Hi program.
Soak chickpeas in the evening.
While the pork is fried, clean and cut the onion, carrot and bacon.
We put everything in a saucepan and begin to peel the potatoes. Stir frying occasionally.
Pressure Cooker Chickpea Soup (Ninja Foodi® 6.5-qt)
We send the potatoes into a saucepan, mix and leave for a couple of minutes so that it is saturated with the smell of bacon and frying.
Pressure Cooker Chickpea Soup (Ninja Foodi® 6.5-qt)
Salt, pepper, put dry herbs, add chickpeas and mix. Leave it again for a couple of minutes, then fill it with water. Here it is necessary to decide whether there is enough salt, if necessary, add salt.
Pressure Cooker Chickpea Soup (Ninja Foodi® 6.5-qt)
Turn off the sote program, close the removable lid, turn on the Pressure, Hi program. Here you need to see what kind of chickpeas you have, it was written on my pack to cook 35 minutes, I divided it by 3 for a pressure cooker and set it to 12 minutes, this turned out to be not enough and I added 15 more. If the peas are quick-cooking, then you need less time. I came across some kind of oak chickpea, it boiled, soft, but still not boiled, as I would like to partially to the state of puree. Nevertheless, the soup turned out to be very tasty.

Bon Appetit!!

Who goes to visit at night
He acts wisely !!!!
And we're still hot soup
We'll have time to gobble up fast!
While other dreams are gazing
We graze on the site "zhrachka"
To be the first to come running to her
Don't get into a fight for soup! !
lettohka ttt
Where is my big spoon ??? Test soup!
Ol, a rhyme in the subject!
lettohka ttt, yeah! Just enough for three!
Rada-dmsoh god what a verse
From night hunger, and I will soon hit poetry, sometimes just stand right, even fall, even run somewhere for tasty
I am so delighted with the pan, right here it is mine, I like everything. She didn't like Kuzina, although she cooked a lot in her, and the love did not work out, and then right away, bam in my heart
Lerele, cool soup turned out!
And for me to combine bacon with meat is an innovation! Usually I used one thing, but here the meat is full-fledged and, practically, dietary, without fat, and the taste of smoked meat can be brought in with a small addition of bacon. And then you put one smoked product, as a rule, very fatty, but not everyone can. Thank you very much for this! the recipe is valuable for me! I am sure that even if the peas became even softer, they would retain their shape.

Quote: Lerele
Rada-dms, god what a verse
Quote: lettohka ttt
Ol, a rhyme in the subject!
Quote: Lerele
From night hunger and I will soon hit poetry

"A real creator must be hungry, then he can create a masterpiece. Well-fed masterpieces do not create."
"The hungry always has enough food for thought."

Lerele, I join, I hope I got a portion, I love this soup.
Quote: Lerele
I got some kind of oak peas,
maybe I'm wrong, but according to external signs this is Chickpea, therefore it takes longer to cook, to taste different peas that are not familiar to us. Oh, while I was looking at it, I wanted to cook it with him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Svetlana777, written biogorokh
I still think myself how strange he is, but I believe what is written
Rada-dms, those who are well-fed and do not want anything in stores, unlike the hungry, I have long noticed the difference in the amount purchased in a well-fed and hungry state

Quote: Svetlana777
Svetochka, we will arrive, connect you and make you order, then you will get tired of saying thanks!
This is one hundred percent chickpeas, it is cooked for at least 45 minutes at high pressure. You can add a little soda while soaking to expel phytic acid and reduce cooking time.
So chickpeas and even cooler !!!
Quote: Rada-dms
Svetochka, we will arrive, connect you and make you order, then you will get tired of saying thanks!
I agree

Quote: Lerele
biogorokh is written
, however ... schA ours prochukhayut and also pray for BIO and the price for 3 letters
: girl_haha: It turned out to be a chickpea
Where did I look ???
Peas can be seen standing nearby, also bio, but I ... it happens
Lerele, you just dreamed of a pea, or the seller hypnotized you so that you would buy a chickpea - stopood, it costs more.
The essence is the same - they are legumes, and they cook for a long time using one technology.
Rada-dms, there is no seller there, I looked at all sorts of peas and chickpeas for half an hour, for some reason I ended up with chickpeas in my hands, although I looked at the peas
I have already corrected it, it turns out it is still possible, although I have already written to the Chief.
Clean the drawer, yours is full.
And what about me with the box, it says that it is 10 percent full.
Rada-dms, and I have it written that it is full, maybe I?
No, not me, I have little.
Lerele, so I wanted some soup, I just didn't have any strength ... I soaked the chickpea, but how long can I wait, maybe cook in two stages? I read the theory about soaking, I will only have to dream for now
Mandraik Ludmila
Lerele, I'm sorry, not about your soup, yesterday I cooked the same soup with chickpeas, I haven't used it for a long time, I got into the tyrnet to read how much to soak it and read that it’s better not to leave it overnight, otherwise it will become tough, supposedly it’s better to soak no more 3-4 hours, it turns out they lie? Can I soak it for the night and is it normal in consistency?
Hunting is worse than bondage, I found a can of canned chickpeas in the pantry, and a delicious soup was ready in half an hour
Pressure Cooker Chickpea Soup (Ninja Foodi® 6.5-qt)

I had frozen beef, so I set the time on pressure for 30 minutes at once.
From the spices I added bay leaf (in powder), dry garlic, cumin, allspice. Delicious, thanks for the recipe!
Cvetaal, on my pack it was written about the night, but I soaked it somewhere at 11, and cooked at 6. He just needs more time, I cooked together for 27 minutes, but it could have been more, because it was cooked, but was not quite soft, as I wanted.

Your soup is gorgeous

Mandraik Ludmila, listen, maybe you're right, that's why I got such a ...
I myself have not done anything with either chickpeas or peas for so long that I began to do it like on a pack.

Lerele, I liked the soup with canned chickpeas, and I'll attach it to something soaked somewhere.
Cvetaal, Frau Tim has a recipe with chickpeas, how nuts snap, I liked it then, but it was long ago
Mandraik Ludmila
Lerele, I had an old, long-standing, kept in water for 4 hours (2 hours with soda and another 2 hours just in water) but I was making a puree soup, so it blew up normally

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