Grilled mackerel Ninja

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Grilled mackerel Ninja


chilled or fresh frozen mackerel 1 - 2 pcs.
lemon juice 1 tbsp. l.
soy sauce (depending on concentration) from 1 tsp up to 1 tbsp. l.
mirin sauce 1 tbsp. l.
chili-lime sauce (or chili-pepper to taste) 1 tsp
salt option
Sesame oil 1 tbsp. l.
spice option

Cooking method

  • Prepare a marinade with all of the listed ingredients.
    Wash the mackerel, gut, remove the ridge and bones.
    Grilled mackerel Ninja
    Brush fillet with marinade. Switch on the grill for the Grill", T-260 degrees. After the signal, put the fish on the grill. Cooking time - 6 -7 minutes.
    Grilled mackerel Ninja
    I had 2 large mackerels. Fried one at a time.

The dish is designed for

2 mackerels

Cooking program:



I had chilled mackerel. Delicious, both hot and cold. Recommend.!

What a fishing trip! Wah! I rarely make mackerel, although I have amateurs! Thank you, Svetochka, you are just candy!
Olga, thanks! Today I bought the freshest one for the occasion. Well, how not to cook when there is such a magic grill
Cvetaal, do you think there is a grill program in the saucepan too, can you do it?
I don't like frying fish, it smells to me, but I would put it in a saucepan and voila, and there is less or no smell at all
It turned out very beautiful, I immediately wanted
Lerele, Irina, of course you can! I would cook there if it wasn't for the grill. In a saucepan, if you need to cook a little longer on the "Grill" program, since the maximum temperature is lower. I would probably cook at Air crisp.
Cvetaal, I will have to try, I have no friendship with smells, but there is still a lid, and under the hood, no, you have to go for fish
Only I didn’t see fresh mackerel at us, or I simply didn’t pay attention.
Quote: Lerele
I have no friendship with smells
The smell is still there, but not as vigorous as from a frying pan

Quote: Lerele
I have not seen fresh mackerel here
It doesn't always happen with us either.
Girls, is this grill mode like an air fryer or like a contact grill?
ch-g-ch, Svetlanadefinitely not a contact grill. I don't have an air fryer, so a correct comparison will not work. Ninza has a very high maximum temperature - 265 degrees, a fan and a heater are built into the cover. Products come into contact only with the surface on which they lie. There is no contact at the top.
Thank you. I'll try in AF. Such a delicious recipe)
ch-g-ch, it seems to me that it will definitely work out in the cafe, because there is a small basket and everything is baked very well, because it is close to the heater and fan.
Looks very nice. We respect mackerel in any form, well, except for raw, of course. I will try to do it in a frying pan. Thank you

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