Charlotte in Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt.

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Charlotte in Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt.


Eggs 5 small
Sugar 1 glass
Flour 1 glass with a slide
Vanilla sugar Sachet
baking powder 1h l
Apples Taste
1 glass -250g

Cooking method

  • I decided to test the BAKE program, baking.
  • I looked in a book, looked in the internet, for some reason everyone bakes not in their own saucepan, but in forms that are placed on a stand in their own saucepan. I decided to bake in my own saucepan and try what happens.
  • Therefore, I expose it with a recipe, can anyone use my experience.
  • So, ordinary charlotte.
  • Beat the eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar well until they increase 3 times. Or at 4. Our saucepan is large, my eggs were small, so I took 5. Sugar, as always, 1 glass.
  • Charlotte in Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt.
    Add flour with baking powder and mix.
  • Grease the saucepan well with oil, put apples, pour dough.
    Charlotte in Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt.
    BAKE program 55 minutes. It automatically came out 190 ', I reduced it to 180'. Next time I will reduce to 170 'or 160. Because I had to cover the top. I found my net, and covered it up. You can use foil or paper.
  • Charlotte in Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt.
    At the end of the program, I checked it with a skewer and the cake looked like this, a little ruddy.
  • Charlotte in Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt.
    I turned it over on a plate, came out of the saucepan easily, did not stick anywhere
  • It turned out to be tall and lush, very happy. It is not necessary to buy additional containers for baking, it bakes perfectly in its own saucepan. Help yourself!
  • Charlotte in Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt.

Lerele, gorgeous charlotte, I love just this one, I went to want an entu device again, but just the other day, after analyzing how much technology I have, I decided that I would not take Ninja, I will interrupt, but there are such temptations
Svetlana777Light, I also hesitated about the device, I seem to have a lot of everything, but honestly I really like it.
First, a very comfortable saucepan, wide, with good coverage.
All the programs I've used are working as expected.
It is very convenient that she works like a cousin with an air blower and like a pressure cooker.
That is, if finances allow, then want
Moreover, you can sell something from the old.
Quote: Svetlana777
I went to want entu devaysin again
Want it! Sell ​​two Eliks, already half.
I am generally a skeptic, a cousin, although I cook in her, I never fell in love because of caring for her, but this one somehow came to my heart.
Very good saucepan, and what I doubted
The only thing, dear, and it is difficult to buy it from you.
But I think they will still be delivered, it's not for nothing that the forum has been functioning for 13 years, but we are writing about devices
Quote: Lerele
Moreover, you can sell something from the old.
no, I can’t sell from the word sApsem only to seize what is missing.
Quote: OlgaGera
Sell ​​two Eliks, already half.
even hard to believe, especially since one has already been used already 2 times, and who else will tell me to go into sleep mode? no, let him live.
I'll get a little better from a cold, more coughing does not allow me to delve into it normally, and I will go to study Temka again, otherwise I’m already confused I want a saucepan or grill

Oh, I still remembered, have they already introduced restrictions of 200 euros? or all the same they left 500, and in general I somehow got confused in everything, CU professed me with kitschen, paid in November, and they delayed more than a month with the dispatch and sent it this year, so I think what will happen to me for that

Quote: Lerele
The only thing, dear, and it's difficult to buy it from you.
Vooot, it's expensive, and it's scary to buy from far away, although I already received a Ninja blender.
Quote: Lerele
it's not for nothing that the forum has been functioning for 13 years, but we are writing about devices
yeah, solid temptations and wishlist.
Svetlana777, listen, I also thought that I would only have to throw it away, took out the AF Philips, bought it in the front rows a hundred years ago, did not throw it away, because I thought that if my cousin breaks down, I will get the AF. So I looked, took a picture and put it on ebay .... and sold it for as much as 30 euros, but I wanted to give it away for that, like a gift.
So it turns out everything is for sale
Lerele, gorgeous charlotte! You can see how airy it is!
Cvetaal, I also liked the size, it turned out like from an oven form, and not small, like from a multi. I often do it, but here it is convenient, not to get the cartoon out of the closet
Because it stands on the countertop.
And the top is not white.
You haven't covered the bottom with anything? And then I still do not dare to bake without paper. I also like the size and the baking form. The saucepan is just sharpened for biscuits!
Cvetaal, no, you can see on the first photo, oiled it with oil and that's it.
Lerele, this is charlotte's crumb! It turned out gorgeous! Thank you, I'll bake by the weekend, apples are still heaps of lethargic, but tasty!

Quote: Svetlana777
no, I can't sell from the word sApsem, just grab what is not

Aaaaa, finally the sister appeared with the same manners! I just can’t, as I tear it from my heart, although I’m just mentally ripening to start clearing the device park. But I'm afraid that it won't become freer, because progress does not stand still, and such marketing monsters work vsfor us that it's difficult to resist ...

Quote: Svetlana777
otherwise I'm already confused I want a saucepan or grill
Call, I'll explain everything quickly! I won over Irishka in a day!
Even now, even now, I myself cannot understand who is cooking what without half a liter, I guess by the shape of the container. There is simply a program Grill in the GRILL and in the POT. Yes, and I myself sometimes miss the instructions in what I cooked.
But you have to want "both two!" Good, no words, these devices!
Rada-dms, so I said for a long time that it would be nice to divide the topic into a pan and a grill, because sometimes it is not clear what it is about, because as you correctly wrote, there is a GRILL program in both appliances, both bake too.
But some didn't like it for some reason

I saw, I found the net, for some reason it lay in a box with cereals
Quote: Lerele
I saw, I found the net, for some reason it was lying in a box with cereals
He-he, now remember, my father thought when she put it there!
Not otherwise than about manti!
Irish, I only understand from the shape of the forms what was cooked in, but what to do, since it was already established from the very beginning!

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