Thin pancakes stuffed with fish

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Thin pancakes stuffed with fish


Wheat flour 1 cup / 150 grams
The water is clean about 250 ml.
Salt pinch
White sugar 2-3 tsp
Fish white, boiled red 200-300 grams
Bulb onions 1 PC.
Fresh herbs, chili peppers taste
Vegetable butter (butter, ghee) for sautéing

Cooking method

  • Knead a simple lean dough from the amount of ingredients specified in the recipe and bake thin pancakes.
  • The pancake dough can be re-cooked, or you can use pre-baked pancakes. I just have the lean pancakes baked the day before. I baked pancakes in a large size so that you can safely wrap any filling in them.
  • Cooking the filling.
  • Cut the onions into strips or feathers. I like to chop the onion for the filling in this way, then the filling in the pancakes will not be "flat"
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Fry the onions in a pan, in any oil, and lightly salt, add spices to taste.
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • We use any fish, white or red, pre-boiled in water or steamed. I steamed the red fish (trout tails), so all the goodies were preserved in the fish, and it was not watery. Now the fish needs to be "disheveled" with a fork, as in a jelly.
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Chop fresh herbs and chop chili peppers thin
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Add fried onions, herbs to the fish
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Stir the mass. The filling is ready.
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Place the pancakes one at a time on a large plate. On it a couple of tablespoons of fish filling
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • We carefully fold the envelope out of the pancake
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • If the pancakes are not subject to instant eating, then they can be folded in portions on trays and put some in the refrigerator, put some in the freezer, having previously packed in a bag, film. I did so))
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Now ready-made pancakes can be fried in a pan, in any convenient oil. It is advisable to fry on a not high heat, so that a ruddy crust forms, and the filling warms up inside.
  • Ready-made pancakes are served to the table. Pancakes are very satisfying, so it is advisable to serve a salad of fresh vegetables with them. Or with tea and coffee for breakfast.
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish
  • Thin pancakes stuffed with fish

Tanya, great. Thank you!!!
Admin, Tanya, thanks for the recipe. So unusual, and at the same time, simple. I'd like to try it. I will definitely repeat. I take it to bookmarks. Thank you.
Quote: Marfusha5
So unusual, and at the same time, simple

Girls, THANKS and health!

Irisha, what is an unusual recipe? We make meat filling without problems, and why the fish filling is impossible Very simple and tasty, satisfying I often cook such fish filling, I hope you will like it too
Thanks for the recipe.
I always cut the onion finely. it will be necessary to try for splendor to cut with feathers.
There are no eggs in the pancakes. And what does their absence give? I've never made pancakes without eggs.
Quote: Iri55
And what does their absence give?

Gives lean pancakes, for POST or for those who find eggs harmful. If desired, you can add an egg.
So that the filling is not sticky, I knead the fish with a fork so that it is in pieces, and fry the onion coarsely with feathers.
Fish in pieces in the filling will probably be tastier. I wanted to use the purchased minced cod fish, but I'll go for the red fish.
Ira, to your health!

Ground fish gives a lot of juice, turns into cutlet mass.
If the fish is pre-boiled for a couple, the fish protein is seized and the fish is obtained as a "whole piece", in which all the juices and goodies and even jelly on the cooled fish are preserved. And to process such fish is much faster and easier. For the filling, it is best to steam the fish, the juice will remain in it.
You can stew in a little water, and then cool the fish right in the water, but it may remain watery.

For broths and filling, I buy the tail of a salmon or trout, there is enough meat on them, a lot of jelly (you can also cook jellied meat) and this fish costs much cheaper than a whole piece.

Thin pancakes stuffed with fishMixed fish aspic (without gelatin)
Thin pancakes stuffed with fishFish jelly

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