Millet porridge with undiluted milk in a slow cooker KT205

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Millet porridge with undiluted milk in a slow cooker KT205


millet 100 ml
milk 3.5% 500 ml

Cooking method

  • Millet porridge with undiluted milk for 2h 15 minutes at High at KT205.
  • (without stirring), 1: 5.
  • I still achieved a millet porridge suitable for my taste for the lazy. Prepared from 100 ml of cereals and 500 ml of milk 3.5%. I added sugar to the plate, did not add butter.
  • The preliminary preparation was that
  • 1.I put a couple of drops of odorless vegetable oil on a cloth and wiped the bottom and the bottom third of the sides of the bowl so that the cereal would not stick to the bowl.
  • 2. I boil about a liter of salted water in a saucepan on the stove, put the washed millet there and, stirring, let it boil for 30-40 seconds, at the same time removing the emerging dark scales.
  • Then she threw the millet on a sieve and once again washed it well from white foam and sharp-smelling water.
  • She poured milk into the bowl, poured the cereal, stirred, covered and put on Hai.
  • Since I was cooking for the first time, I watched the process through the lid and measured the temperature of the porridge twice.
  • After 2 hours, the porridge began to boil slightly against the walls, I measured it, only 93 ℃.
  • And after 2 hours 15 minutes, the porridge began to boil well and evenly and the foam began to rise slightly, a little, by about 0.5 cm, but still.
  • I put the temperature probe -97 ℃ into the porridge. I didn't heat it any longer, the millet already smelled delicious and looked steamed, so I turned off the device and went on business for 1.5 hours. Then she came and looked at what happened.
  • Millet porridge with undiluted milk in a slow cooker KT205
  • This is what the porridge looked like in a bowl. I seasoned it with sugar and put it on 2 plates
  • Millet porridge with undiluted milk in a slow cooker KT205
  • And this is the bottom.
  • I'll try it again with supervision, and then I'll set it on the timer for 2h 15 min. and stand for an hour in the switched off device.


Another variant:

Millet porridge in Kitfort 205
1 glass of millet
2 glasses of water
1/3 tsp salt
1 tsp odorless vegetable oil
2 tsp butter.
Milk in plates about 100 ml per serving and sugar in plates too.
(I wash the millet and boil for 1 minute in boiling water, stirring to release the bitterness. Then I wash it well again, dig it out and use it.)
Poured 2 glasses of cold water into the bowl of the slow cooker, put salt, millet, oil, mixed, covered with a lid and cooked on Hai for 2 hours and 20 minutes.
I immediately took the bowl of ready-made porridge out of the base so that the porridge would not dry on the walls of the bowl.
The finished millet turned out to be very tender, just downy, I set aside a portion for myself on a plate, diluted it with cold milk, since you can't pour cold milk into a hot bowl, the bowl may burst.
Sprinkled with sugar and it turned out very tender, homogeneous and tasty.
If I put it on the timer, I’ll set it for 2 hours, since it will not be possible to immediately remove the bowl from the base.
Millet porridge with undiluted milk in a slow cooker KT205

Porridge in Kitfort 205 stuck to the walls?
If you do as I wrote, it does not stick, but a large dose even in half milk sticks (and darkens) to the bottom and walls of the bowl in both KT205 and KT2010. Millet and rice in milk are not easy cereals for long cooking.
brendabaker, Oksana, I'll tell you about my porridge in Kitenka.))
But I cook a larger portion - 130 ml of cereal per 950 ml of milk and 1 tsp. salt, all at once. I just wash the millet well, do not scald it and do not boil it.)) I smeared a piece of sl on the bowl. oil along the bottom and back wall, where it was last welded. Covered with a glass lid.
I cooked for 4.5 hours on low (with a timer, I had to remember how to handle it ...), and then an hour later I wanted to turn it on for heating, but turned to hi ...She caught herself, was already noticeably boiling around the edges, turned it off.
Here's what happened (on the left, it's my shadow reflected so badly, the color of the porridge was the same)
Millet porridge with undiluted milk in a slow cooker KT205
I liked the process, nothing stuck, did not interfere, and the taste!
You can set this portion for 5 or even 6 hours safely.
Lyudmila, thank you very much: we conclude:
Millet 1: 7 can be cooked on Low for 4.5-5 hours without stirring.
It is very desirable to smear a bowl with oil, it helps.
A small portion, 500 ml is easier to cook on High., But a 1L portion is already better to cook longer on Low.

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