Curd-rice casserole with cherries (disposal of rice porridge)

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Curd-rice casserole with cherries (disposal of rice porridge)


thick milk rice porridge 500-600 grams
soft cottage cheese 200 grams
egg c-0 1-2 pieces
pitted cherries (frozen, fresh, from compote) 200 grams
salt optional
sugar optional
baking powder 1 teaspoon

Cooking method

  • The husband asked to cook rice porridge.
  • And since the majesty loves rice porridge with raisins, and there were no raisins at home, the porridge stagnated in the refrigerator.
  • If it was sugar-free, it could be fed to dogs.
  • In general, I had to think about where to attach.
  • The proportions are all by eye.
  • Weighed it in order to roughly imagine for the future, if you like it.
  • So.
  • Put cottage cheese, eggs or an egg into the porridge, punch it with a blender until smooth.
  • We try, if necessary, add salt and sugar.
  • Put the baking powder, mix.
  • At the end, we introduce cherries, or any other berries (you can put a finely chopped apple, or any dried fruit).
  • It is better to drain the liquid from ice cream or from compote.
  • We spread it in a silicone mold and bake at 180-200 degrees until golden brown.
  • I baked 20 out of cold in a pizza maker + 20 more after turning off.
  • Cool slightly and transfer to a plate.
  • All.
  • If desired, you can serve it with sour cream.

The dish is designed for

for family

Time for preparing:

about an hour

Cooking program:

blender, oven or pizza oven


Sour cream, as it turned out, is not needed at all.
The casserole turned out to be wonderful Tender, juicy, with a pleasant sourness
Curd-rice casserole with cherries (disposal of rice porridge)
I recommend, very tasty

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