Waffles "Churros"

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Waffles Churros


premium wheat flour 125 BC
milk 190 ml.
egg C1 1 PC.
butter 75 g
sugar 65 g
cinnamon 1.5 tsp.
salt 1/2 tsp
vanilla taste
baking powder 2 tsp
chocolate 40 g
fat cream 75 ml.

Cooking method

  • Waffles ChurrosMelt the butter.
    Waffles ChurrosMix flour with vanilla, baking powder, cinnamon (1/2 tsp), salt.
    Waffles ChurrosHeat the milk slightly. Add 1 tablespoon sugar, egg. Pour in 2.5 tablespoons of melted butter. Stir with a mixer.
    Waffles ChurrosSift the flour mixture and stir.
    Waffles ChurrosIt turns out a smooth dough of medium density.
    Waffles ChurrosHeat the waffle iron, grease with vegetable oil. Pour the dough and bake until tender.
    Waffles ChurrosBreak or chop the chocolate. Pour cream over and melt in a water bath or microwave. Stir until smooth. You can simply heat the cream almost to a boil, pour in the chocolate, wait a couple of minutes and stir.
    Waffles ChurrosCombine the remaining sugar and cinnamon.
    Waffles ChurrosGrease the finished waffles with melted butter.
    Waffles ChurrosDip in cinnamon sugar. Serve the waffles warm with warm chocolate sauce.
    Waffles Churros
  • Waffles Churros
  • Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


The recipe was taken from Z. Ivchenko.
It's obscenely delicious. There is nothing to even talk about. Recommend!

Angela, well, I think differently that I have a NINADA waffle iron! And what should I do after yours that
Quote: ang-kay
Dip in cinnamon sugar ...
Serve ... warm with warm chocolate sauce.
Oh, thank you very much, I just have a socket of a multi-baker "churos" lying idle, I bought it for the occasion in Redmond for a promotion, but I never tried it.
Quote: Ilmirushka
And what should I do after your waffles
Buy a waffle iron
I bought it and I'm VERY glad. Now I was filling in the waffle recipes and trying.

ang-kay, thanks for the recipe! After Brussels, I put them on the line. Sorry eaters are not enough
Wiki, so now I have the same story with female tartlets (there are 3 of them!) and cupcakes - I put them on and try ... every day!
Oh, I put it wrong. I try the FURNACE, and the husband EATS
Quote: Wiki
I try the FURNACE, and the husband EATS
well, that's it!
Galina Byko
Can this recipe be used in a princesca churros appliance?
Angel, what do you think, a Soviet electric waffle iron, most likely probably will not work for this recipe?
Very appetizing and beautiful photos and the very process of eating which cannot be resisted!
Thank you for the recipe and beautiful photos!
Angel, what can you advise e-mail. waffle iron?
Ilmirushka, Annushka85, Wiki, Galina Byko, Stotskaya, thanks for stopping by. The waffles are very tasty and soft. The scent ....
Quote: Ilmirushka
waffle maker NINADA
Ilmira, I rarely use the device. Very rarely!
Quote: Annushka85
I have a socket of a multi-baker "churos"
Quote: Galina Byko
princesca for churros?
Girls, I can't say. Because I don't have such a device. If it works like a waffle iron, then everything should work out. I only made churros deep-fried. For them, the dough is much thicker and they turn out crispy. Here the dough is much thinner and the waffles are soft, especially after oiling.
Quote: Stotskaya
Soviet electric waffle iron
For thin waffles, the dough will work. But this is completely different.
Quote: Stotskaya
advise email waffle iron?
I can't say anything. I have the simplest Bomann.
All about waffle irons in this thread https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/in...ption=com_smf&board=478.0
Galina Byko
Angela, what is your waffle iron?
Quote: ang-kay
I have the simplest Bomann.
Angel, what kind of email do you have? waffle iron and do you like it?
On Ozone now at a discount of 1011 rubles. the rotary waffle iron Travola is on sale. Yesterday they brought it to me and I have already tested it. Bakes evenly and quickly.


Angela, how many waffles and what size do you get from this dough?
Quote: Stotskaya
what is your model of e-waffle iron and do you like it?
This is not a topic about waffle iron. Waffle makers are discussed in another topic. Otherwise we will be punished.

bomann estate (ST / WA 516 CB)
I had no other. There is nothing to compare with. It doesn't bake quickly, but I don't know how it should be.

Quote: Marpl
how many waffles and what size are made from this dough?
Marina, the size, in my opinion, is standard for such wafers. And you will get as many of them as you want. Everything will depend on the specific dough you pour.
I have 6 pcs full size.
Churros is made of choux pastry. You don't need to brew anything here? and the milk is just warm or warm to hot?
Angela, thanks for the answer. And each dough volume is designed for a certain number of wafers plus or minus 1-2 pcs. I just want to know approximately how much dough to make, everyone has different appetites. For example, I immediately do a double dose, and some of them have a lot of this volume.
Quote: Korata
Churros is made of choux pastry. You don't need to brew anything here? and the milk is just warm or warm to hot?
Korata, these are waffles, not the classic churros. Here waffles are rolled in sugar and spices. Therefore, they called it that.
Angela, take the report! Delicious waffles, thank you very much for the recipe! The first batch was baked in a churrosnice, the rest - in a waffle iron, the latter were liked more.
Waffles ChurrosWaffles Churros
Angela, thank you for your answer!
If I try on my email. waf. , then unsubscribe!
Quote: Cvetaal
take the report!
Svetlana, so cool. Ruddy, even. Doused in a sugar mixture? Why is it worse in churrosnitsa? Well I don’t know this beast.
Quote: Stotskaya
If I try on my email. waf. , then unsubscribe!
Lala, interesting to look at thin.
Quote: ang-kay
Doused in a sugar mixture? Why is it worse in churrosnitsa? Well I don’t know this beast.

Angela, thank you dear! Greased with butter and sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon on top. In the churrosnice, such dough sticks turned out, and in the waffle iron they are more crunchy or something.
Angela, why didn't you cook your sauce? I mean chocolate sauce made from glucose syrup, etc., well, you get the idea)). And what is tastier then tell me, pliz?
Leah, I did everything according to the proposed recipe that I found. Here is ganache. It cannot be tasteless. The sauce is slightly different. But it will be fine with him. Both are delicious to disgrace)

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