How to make sea buckthorn bread?

Hello! My family really liked the Sea Buckthorn Blossom bread.

I read on the Internet that it is also very useful. It is not always brought to our bakeries.

Tell me how to cook one yourself? For example in a bread maker? If this is important, I have a Kenwood bm-250 bread maker. There was something about beta-carotene in the composition and so on. Write the sea buckthorn bread recipes you tested?
AurumWhat is the composition of this bread? If there is sea buckthorn only in the form of oil, then you can take any recipe for bread with vegetable oil and replace it with sea buckthorn.
BREAD Sea buckthorn color

Manufactured by TU 9114-007-49872579-04

Ingredients: baking wheat flour of the highest grade, drinking water, sugar, pressed baking yeast, table food salt, bakery improver "Magimix", food additive: "Akvan - S" - beta-carotene.


sea ​​buckthorn cake in bread

Aurum, add sea buckthorn or oil to the dough, or sea buckthorn, or sea buckthorn in any form - and that's it. What's the special recipe?

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