Chia pudding with fermented baked milk and fruits

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Chia pudding with fermented baked milk and fruits


Chia seeds 4 tbsp (I have 2 tbsp)
Almond milk (I have fermented baked milk) 200 ml
Banana 1-2 pcs
Any berries (I have black currants) 50 g
Sweetener (I have grape pecmez) Taste

Cooking method

  • Everything is very simple and fast here. There is nothing even to describe.
  • 1. Fill the chia seeds with fermented baked milk (or milk, as in the author's recipe), mix and put them in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, maybe more.
  • 2. After 5-10 minutes after the initial mixing, it is advisable to mix again.
  • 3. Purée the banana.
  • 4. Purée berries and add sweetener (if you need).
  • 5. We take out the fermented baked milk with seeds, mix with a banana. Better to lay out in layers: pudding, banana, berries.
  • We decorate as desired.
  • Chia pudding with fermented baked milk and fruits
  • We try and enjoy.

The dish is designed for

1 serving

Time for preparing:

About an hour (longer if you take your time)

Cooking program:

Handles, refrigerator


Very tasty, disgustingly satisfying and incredibly healthy snack / dessert / meal. I would never have believed it if I hadn't tried it myself!
I bought these seeds and for a long time could not figure out where and how to use them. But when I found out that when combined with liquid they swell and get a jelly-like consistency, I realized how simple and convenient it is! No need for gelatin, agar-agar and other "dances with tambourines"! Can be used as interlayers in cakes, pastries and other desserts. As a filling in baskets, tarts, eclairs, etc.
Besides, chia seeds are such a treasure trove of benefits!
What do we know about this?
First, chia contains 20% protein, 34% fat and 25% dietary fiber. This tiny seed is packed with antioxidants, unsaturated, beneficial fatty cysts and nutrients.
Secondly, 100 g of chia contains 630 mg of calcium (this is 2 times more than in a glass of cow's milk).
Thirdly, chia stabilizes the digestive system, regulates blood sugar levels, improves skin condition, makes it cleaner, healthier hair, stronger bones.
Fourth, chia seeds are a natural, natural antidepressant!
If you have a headache, do not rush to reach for the package of pills, but rather make chia pudding. Due to the high concentration of iron, beneficial "omegas", fiber and L-tryptophan, the food component relieves pain and improves brain nutrition.
Chia will give not only relief, but also a boost of energy.

All this is confirmed by the Internet, advertising and reviews of people who use these seeds often.

On my own I can say that I liked this pudding. A very unexpected and unusual consistency. Not quite dairy (fermented) jelly, but not a souffle either ... I don't even know what to call it. Pudding! Precisely tender, pudding. In appearance, as with poppy seeds, but the taste of the seeds became soft, swollen, not creaking or stuck in the teeth. Very cool. I advise you to try it anyway! And most importantly: very, very satisfying! Having eaten a glass of this pudding for a snack at 16 o'clock, I could no longer even have dinner! The stomach was full and I didn't feel like eating until morning.
One minus they have is the high price! But the consumption is small, tons of packaging are enough for a very long time. And discounts (promotions) for them are often.
Chia pudding with fermented baked milk and fruits

The cooking principle was looked at by bober_pp.

I will definitely try and unsubscribe
Agata21, I will look forward to it.
I really love chia seeds with dairy products, I will definitely try with a banana layer, thanks for the recipe!
Guzel, thanks for the recipe. I love chia seeds very much, I also add them to the crumble, when baked, juicy fruits release juice and they absorb it. Delicious.
Thank you.I love chia. With fermented baked milk .... yum.
kavmins, Olga, Iri55, girls. Thank you for stopping by and paying attention to the recipe. It is, of course, from seeds that are not familiar to most, but very simple, tasty and satisfying. I like it. Try it yourself. Maybe you will like it?
Just lovely, the view is beautiful, I really want to do it, Guzel, thanks for the recipe, and for all your other very unusual and beautiful recipes, do not stop, please
Guzel62, Is there any experience in making such a pudding or something similar with chia seeds, but without dairy products? It turned out to be a very beautiful dessert, I would repeat it, but fermented baked milk and kefir are not mine
Yarinka, Irina. Thanks for the kind words! Very nice.
And I'm not going to stop yet ...
"... Ostap suffered ..."

Although here I looked in profile, and I already have almost 50 recipes !!!! I didn't expect it myself !!! 😳

Zeamays, Sveta. The author's recipe included almond milk. Can be substituted for coconut ... any other vegetable or even ordinary. You can try with juice, but then you have to think with fruit and berry filling. Even, it seems to me, some liquid porridge (oatmeal, semolina) is possible. Or infant formula? Will do too.
Chia seeds will swell in any liquid and give a jelly-like consistency. The first time I (without knowing it) added them when baking instead of poppy. Oh, and I got a "brick" !!! such a hard, dense muffin, barely cut it.
T h think about where to add them, if sour milk is not yours!
Can be in cottage cheese. Especially I think it will be good for cheesecake!
To bookmarks!!!! I will definitely do it, it remains to buy chia !!!!
In the summer, I sprinkle the chip seeds into a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, season with oil and vinegar, and I get a salad with slimy eggs. The chip gives the structure not quite jelly, I would say gel or mucus, but it tastes good to me
Ketsal, Olga. You are right ... it is the structure of the gel !!! I could not find a word! Thanks for the help!
But with a thick (thermostatic, for example) fermented baked milk, the structure is nevertheless closer to jelly (although not strong).

I also have a recipe for chia bread. It turns out very fluffy and delicious!
Guzel62, waiting for the bread recipe
It is so delicious !!!
Kefir, its own frozen cherries and its frozen apricots, they are chopped and mixed with kefir and chia.
Chia pudding with fermented baked milk and fruits
gawala, Galya. I don't even doubt it! How delicious!
I bought a package of chia seeds today. I really didn't know which one to buy, black or white. I bought a black one. Is there a difference or not, except for the color?
gawala, I do not know. We only have blacks. It is your "capitalists" who are sophisticated! And we have it in a simple way.
Quote: Guzel62
It is your "capitalists" who are sophisticated!
Well, next time I'll buy a white one .. I'll compare ..
And tell us. What if you need it too?
Quote: Guzel62
What if you need it too?
So you still don't have it, white ..
Basil seeds also swell in liquid and give the same effect. In Indian cuisine, these seeds are added to drinks for a cooling effect.
Quote: EllaIsayev
Basil seeds
In such numbers, I have not seen something on sale. Well, so what would it be, 250g packing. The maximum is a bag of seeds for planting in the garden.
A healthy package of 57 grams, but only in Indian food stores and some other basil, called tulsi.
I tried it today with fermented baked milk, did not even add any fruit. This is love from the first spoon! Thank you very much for such a treat!
I can't do anything! What am I doing wrong?
I bought chia in VkusVilla, made it first with cream, then with milk. Stirring occasionally, I kept the first day in the refrigerator, the chia still "crunched", then another half a day on the table, still a little dry. I kept it in the refrigerator for half a day with milk, then put it on the table and became almost as warm as it should be.
I love this dessert very much, in our "Three Rules" a small glass costs 99 rubles, there are jelly-like seeds.I also like it, I ate a small glass and is already full.
Maybe my chia is too dry? I would like to put it in the refrigerator in the morning and enjoy it in the evening.
Quote: Zhita
I would like to put it in the refrigerator in the morning and enjoy it in the evening.
Try to take a fermented milk product instead of cream or milk.
Galina, thanks, I'll try.
Which dessert I buy with milk and honey is added, I really like the taste. Maybe I'll try the warmed milk later, and the ready-made one in the refrigerator.

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