Zucchini pancakes with oatmeal in the Travola pizza oven

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Zucchini pancakes with oatmeal in the Travola pizza oven


Zucchini 0.5kg
eggs 2 pcs
oatmeal 3/4 cup
salt 1h l.
onion garlic taste

Cooking method

  • Take food
  • Zucchini pancakes with oatmeal in the Travola pizza oven
  • Peel half of such a zucchini from skins and seeds (not less than 0.5 kg). Grind, you can skip through a meat grinder, you can grate on a grater, as you like
  • If desired, you can add a small onion and a clove of garlic for taste, and chop them as well.
  • Add 2 raw eggs to the chopped mass, mix.
  • Pour in sifted oatmeal and salt. Let it stand for a while, 5-10 minutes, this is quite enough.
  • We get just such a mass, the consistency of thick sour cream, does not flow, does not stretch, it is easily laid out on the surface for frying
  • Zucchini pancakes with oatmeal in the Travola pizza oven
  • I cooked in the Travola pizza oven, first baked on a dry surface
  • Zucchini pancakes with oatmeal in the Travola pizza oven
  • The second "batch" was baked in oil
  • Zucchini pancakes with oatmeal in the Travola pizza oven
  • The pancakes fall apart more in oil, so I liked the first "dry" version more.
  • It turned out pancakes with a pronounced bearberry taste, delicious, very tender. Try it, bake to your health!

The dish is designed for

About 20 pcs

Time for preparing:

quickly, about an hour for everything

Cooking program:

pens, grater or meat grinder, pizza oven


Recently our St. Petersburg girls recalled the bearberry porridge of their childhood. And somehow it so happened that I was not fed this cat in my childhood. I am a curious person, I bought oatmeal, made porridge and ... I didn’t like it. It’s worth it, I don’t want to cook porridge from it anymore, we have to sell the product. There are a lot of zucchini now, we no longer know where and how to use them, so the idea came to me to make such pancakes, and did not regret it, very tender, tasty, with a pronounced taste of oatmeal, despite the presence of onions and garlic in my version. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves porridge with oatmeal. To your health!

Thanks for an interesting recipe.
Was that thick porridge? I remember looking like jelly. There is a zucchini, I think the other day it will be just in a larger store.
Mandraik Ludmila
Anna, the porridge itself was not very liquid, it was similar in consistency to semolina, but the taste did not impress me. Although I adore oatmeal and oatmeal oatmeal, otherwise it turned out interestingly with zucchini, onion and garlic go well with zucchini
Mrs. Addams
Buttercup, thanks for the recipe! I make pancakes from overgrown zucchini according to a similar recipe, but with regular flour. It will be necessary to try with oatmeal, otherwise it is idle, but still more useful
Mandraik Ludmila
Arinochka, they are softer than with psh. flour or semolina, interesting taste, I liked it, especially with sour cream
Mandraik Ludmila, I wonder what pancakes are made with oat flour?
Mandraik Ludmila
Sveta, oatmeal and oat flour have different tastes, so I won't say - I didn't, do it, tell it, interesting
Mandraik Ludmila, so I still dream of making cornmeal pancakes.
Mandraik Ludmila
Sveta, for some reason it seems to me they will break when baking, although ... you won't try, you won't know
Buttercup, these are pretty pancakes, very delicate in appearance. In this version, I have not tried it yet. I will look for oatmeal in stores, I will get acquainted with new tastes.
Mandraik Ludmila
Marysya27, try it, the taste is interesting, especially for those who like oatmeal
Buttercup, I don't know who loves I remember from childhood that my father forbade my mother to cook barley and oatmeal (after being in the army) Let's try what kind of porridge
Mandraik Ludmila
Marysya27, try it, I still found a recipe for oatmeal cookies, but I haven't done it yet, if you like it I'll post it

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