Canned Cucumber Salad from Chuchina's Mom

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Chuchina's Mom's Canned Cucumber Salad


cucumbers young fresh medium-sized 4 kg
sugar 250 g (1 tbsp.)
vinegar 9% 250 g (1 tbsp.)
refined vegetable oil 250 g (1 tbsp.)
salt 3 tbsp. l.
ground black pepper 2 tbsp. l. (20g)
minced garlic 2-3 st. l.
with a slide

Cooking method

  • All vegetable preparations in our family are made by my mother. Well, almost everything. I have not yet inherited the pennant of the leader)). Here is another representative of our family winter feast, I hope you enjoy it. Like sooo many, even those who practically do not recognize any salads, I highly recommend trying it on my own.
  • 1. Cucumbers are cut along into 4 parts. Precisely young. Overripe tummies have a pronounced seminal chamber, and these insides, when pickled and sterilized, become not dense, but somewhat gelatinous.
  • 2. Everything is mixed in some kind of basin and marinated for 3 hours. During this time, 3 times mixlifting the underlying layers from below. They will soften and give water, it will be convenient to lay them out in banks. Otherwise, the top ones will not be saturated with marinade and, moreover, will remain oak.
  • 3. Pepper. It turns out pretty sharp. Anyone who is suspicious of spicy - put half the norm of pepper. But I say right away that these cucumbers are peppery for me, but not critical, although I am not a fan of spicy. This is to guide you on the final result)).
  • 4. Place on banks, ramming without fanaticism. Rather, it can be called - stack tightly so that no voids remain. Spread everything out evenly - pour the remaining marinade into the stacked jars.
  • 5. Cover the jars with sterilized lids (do not seal, but cover!) And put in water sterilized for 10-15 minutes. Put in warm water, not hot !! The contents of the jars are cold - they can burst if you put them in boiling water / pour boiling water. Heat water to a boil and time. Mom usually gives a sweet spot - 12 minutes.
  • 6. Take out the cans. ALL AND IMMEDIATELY after the end of time. Otherwise, while you seal the first ones, the rest will continue to stand in boiling water and "cook", that is, they will simply be digested into porridge.
  • 7. Cork, wipe (usually an oil can), turn on the lid, cover with a towel, blanket and leave alone until it cools completely. All.
  • Try to diversify your winter table with such a salad. We like it sooo much. When eating, you can add 1 tsp in an open jar or in cucumbers laid out in a bowl on top. Unrefined, scented sunflower oil - they become even more charming.
  • Chuchina's Mom's Canned Cucumber Salad

The dish is designed for

8-9 jars of 0.5 l


Here, they are already in the basement in even rows. In the photo of the recipe, I messed up the jar with the sediment while carrying it to the photo session. After standing alone, everything settles down and becomes transparent.

Natasha, I do it in exactly the same proportions, only I cut it with plump washers. But I do little, there are not enough amateurs, I am a daughter-in-law on the hunt
Scarecrow, we love this salad very much and often use overgrown cucumbers. zucchini are missing in the foliage and overgrown. or with tongues or washers we cut.
Mom just extremely dislikes overgrowths in this salad. But the taste and color, as you know))).
Nata, I've also been making such a salad for a long time, but I also add a tablespoon of dry mustard.

For the same 4 kilos? How does the mustard feel at the exit? You can weigh your 1 tbsp. l?
Nata, yes, otherwise - exactly the same proportions. I haven't made such a salad this year. I plan to do it next week. I don't weigh the mustard. I just take a rounded tablespoon. It gives a distinctive aroma and flavor.
The recipe came to me from a neighbor in this form. I'll make a salad, weigh it if one of the girls doesn't beat me
Nat, I always pour mustard in grains into ugurts, try it as an option
I call these cucumbers "in Polish", my husband's favorite cucumbers. I have been doing them for 15 years.
I also rolled these):
Chuchina's Mom's Canned Cucumber SaladCucumbers snack

And I did similar ones in mustard filling. Recipe from our Oli-Cooks.

Mustard cucumbers

4 kg of cucumbers cut lengthwise into 4 pieces.

Fill preparation:

2 tables each. lodges: dill, parsley, ready-made mustard, ground black pepper, crushed garlic.
Then 1 stack. sugar, 3 tablespoons. lies. salt, 1 stack. 9% vinegar, 1 cup refined vegetable oil.

Mix everything, let stand for 2 hours, put in jars, sterilize for 15 minutes, roll up. A very cool recipe.

But I use unrefined oil. It tastes better to mine).

I sterilize jars of cucumbers not in water, but in the oven.

Yeah, the basis is the same. True, greens and mustard have disappeared from us)). And there are 2 times more pepper (they are really spicy). ...

By the way, someone wrote there that Natusichkina's recipe is a duplication of another recipe. Nifigase duplication! Plus the carrot, the ratio of oil, etc. is different, the seasoning for the Korean carrot ... I have more of a duplication. And then their differences.

100g of salt is a lot ...

Yes, and you can delete this recipe altogether, in fact. Many similar ones.
Quote: Scarecrow
And you can delete this recipe altogether.

Mamo, are you stunned?!?!?!

What else was missing !!!
Quote: Krosh
Mamo, are you stunned?!?!?!

What else was missing !!!

Plus a lot! Chucha, what are you doing ???! For example, I'm going to do if I get hold of cucumbers
Yes, he looks like Natusichkin here. Why are they milen?

I wrote to the moderator, how the authorities decide - it will be so)).
I'll keep it for myself then. I really liked the non-standard cutting, what I did before (Latgalsky) was washers, it seems to me that it loses
Quote: Scarecrow
Place in banks

Tus, the cans must be sterilized first or then everything is sterilized together)?

To be honest, I keep it in the micra with boiling water and then sterilize it with the product as it should be. I'm so calmer))).
Scarecrow, Nata, thanks for the recipe. Yesterday I gathered my cucumbers 1 kg and made 2 x 0.5 l jars of this salad. Tried a little, delicious! I used to make cucumber salads with washers, but for some reason they didn't go with us. Hope this one will catch on.

Yes, my mother, even in my youth (during the hungry times)), also did a lot of different things, but all I ate was classic cucumbers and tomatoes (pickled), lecho. All. I have never eaten any green, winter salads, etc. I eat these cucumbers)).
Quote: svetta
I used to make cucumber salads with washers, but for some reason they didn't go with us.
Vooot, and I also wrote about the washers))
Quote: Scarecrow
refined vegetable oil

Nat, unrefined is not good, not)?

good, but its taste will be very pronounced. Can you dilute it?
Quote: Scarecrow
Can you dilute it?

And in what proportion do you think?
Quote: Krosh

And in what proportion do you think?

I would use the unrefined additive. Approximately a third of the total oil norm.
k @ wka
Beautiful girls!
Has anyone tried to humiliate this salad in the microwave?
Can share your experience, pliiiz
Or in the oven, too. I just hate sterilization with water

In short. Conducted an experiment, so to speak.
I made a salad for half the norm, for 2 kg of cucumbers. I got 5 jars of 0.5. Four cans somehow fit into the largest pot. I have a glass-ceramic stove and this limits the size of the dishes. Not everyone can be hoisted on it. One remained. And I decided to put it in the microwave. Sterilized in a micron for 3 minutes. I have 1000 watts. Spun it up, we'll see the result.
k @ wka,

Galya, the only danger is to cook. They will be non-crunchy, they will creep. Here, either empirically select the time or not risk at all)).
k @ wka
Quote: Scarecrow
the only danger is cooking. They will be non-crunchy, they will creep. Here, either empirically, to select time or not to risk it at all))
Too late to rush, as my son says.
I made only one jar in the micra. I won't even take her to the cellar, I'll leave her in the refrigerator.
As I try, I will definitely unsubscribe what happened
Finally! How I was looking for this recipe Because I urgently needed to take it to my favorites, so as not to get lost !!! And then a miracle happened! He was found. No, two miracles! The second is that he was found at the height of the season, and not at the end
In short, the salad is very tasty, I will continue to make it, many thanks to Natasha!

Three miracles - I once posted it not in January, As usual, but directly in the harvesting season.))
Indeed, the third miracle Godik was recently, and we are not in one eye
A wonderful salad of my childhood! Only we put red ground pepper - bright, spicy, tasty. Thank you Chuchelka and her mother for reminding me. We must do-sea cucumbers ...

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