Apricot jam on agar-agar

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Apricot jam on agar-agar


Apricots (already pitted) 1 kg
Sugar 1 kg
Agar - agar 10 g
Water (for soaking agar - agar) 200 ml

Cooking method

  • Apricot jam, unlike apricot jam, has a thick consistency, and is cooked in just one step.
  • But I cooked in 2 doses, as I was making an apricot for 2.5 kg at once. And the available agar turned out to be less in weight than necessary. And apricots won't wait. In the evening I brought the mashed potatoes to a boil and turned on the stove. And the next day I bought more agar - agar and made my own jam.
  • Agar-agar gives jam exactly that thick, jelly-like consistency that distinguishes it from jam, you cannot replace it with gelatin, you can try to replace it with pectin. I had homemade pectin available, and I had a pack of Zhelfix, which contains pectin. But I was afraid to experiment with homemade pectin, and jam with Zhelfix gives me an off-flavor. So I decided to do it only with agar - agar.
  • Wash the apricots well, cut into halves and remove the seeds.
  • Puree the apricots with a hand blender.
  • Pour 2/3 of the sugar into the apricot puree and put on fire and heat, stirring occasionally, until boiling.
  • Boil puree for no more than 5 minutes.
  • I did the first batch of jam. But when boiling, the puree adhered a little to the bottom of the bowl, although it interfered with it continuously. Therefore, the second batch of jam, I covered the halves of the apricot with sugar, let it stand for half an hour and brought it to a boil
  • Apricot jam on agar-agar
  • Then she took it off the fire, sucked it a little and mashed it.
  • Soak agar-agar in warm water for 20 minutes.
  • Then put on fire, heat until boiling and add the remaining third of the sugar. Boil for no more than 1 minute.
  • I did it in the microwave. She brought it to a boil and immediately took the bowl of syrup out of the agar.
  • Gradually pour the agar-agar syrup into the boiling apricot puree, and stirring well, boil for no more than 2 minutes
  • Apricot jam on agar-agar
  • Pour into previously sterilized jars and roll up the lids. It is better not to turn the screw jars, and turn those that are closed on a turnkey basis for 20 minutes. And then put the jars on the bottom again and leave to cool.
  • In the morning, our apricot jam will completely solidify, as can be seen on my jars. The jar upside down at the top fully holds the consistency, and the jam does not drip onto the lid
  • Apricot jam on agar-agar
  • Apricot jam on agar-agar
  • Apricot jam on agar-agar
  • In winter, we open a jar of thick, fragrant and amazingly tasty apricot jam and enjoy the aroma and delicious summer!

The dish is designed for

With 2.5 kg of apricot, I got exactly 8 half-liter jars of jam

Time for preparing:

The time is very fast.

Cooking program:



It turned out to be very easy to make aromatic and delicious apricot jam on agar-agar at home!
The apricot jam recipe contains only 3 ingredients. And the result is simply amazing!
This solar miracle is brewed in one step - everything is very simple and fast!
It is perfect for homemade baked goods and delicious with homemade cottage cheese - a great combination for a morning breakfast.
And it is also perfect as a spread for thin pancakes, pancakes and pancakes.
Having cooked one double portion of this jam, I didn’t hesitate to put in the same amount!

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Apricot jam on agar-agar

nila, Nelya, thanks for such a detailed recipe for my favorite jam - apricot
We urgently need to buy an apricot! And if there is less sugar, what do you think will be fine? Gram 600-700?
I'll put the recipe in your bookmarks) Thank you, Nelly)
julia_bb, Yulia,
ang-kay, Angela,
girls, thank you for stopping by and appreciating this simple recipe for delicious and healthy jam! Try it and you will enjoy all the benefits!
True, I did not manage to taste it, I spread it exactly into 8 jars, so all that remained was to lick the bowl and spatula.
Here, to try, I put it a second time. Now only agar needs to be purchased.
Julia, I also always have a desire to reduce sugar, which I always do. Both in baked goods and in sweet headlines. But this time I decided to follow strictly according to the recipe. Therefore, I find it difficult to answer. But if you do not reduce it to us, and roll it up on a turnkey basis, then I think it will not be critical.
I got a sweetish jam, but my task was to get a good jelly-like structure, and I got it
Nelechka, thanks for the recipe! I always cooked with Jelly, and with agar-agar they are more praised. So I'll try!
nila, Nelya, thanks for the recipe. I really love apricot jam and jam
What a sunny jam!
nila, Nelya, but what do you think is suitable for rolls?
Nelya, thank you for the delicious recipes! I will definitely make such a jam, just have to see if we sell agar agar.
Nelechka, thanks for the jam!
Beauty, and more! I just want to put a spoon in a jar and enjoy yourself from the heart!
Nelechka, thanks! The recipe for a note. Let's cook!
So, I already bought apricots and agar-agar, I wanted to ask about the weight (with or without seeds), looked in the recipe, and everything is already indicated there: weight without seeds!
I'll go sterilize the banks)
Tatka1, Tatyana, I don't like jelly. I always get a foreign taste from her
Agar does not give this aftertaste. Try to cook your pineapple apricots. They are so aromatic and tasty. Jam from them will turn out wonderful
Matilda_81, Gulnara, I will be glad if you like this jam recipe
Evgeniya, Evgeniya, for rolls should be suitable. Autumn turned out to be thick.
Nadyushich, Hope, we can buy agar by weight in a market. On stalls selling spices or dried fruits.
Maybe they sell there too?
Rituslya, Rita, put your spoon in the jar! I already have 16 of those jars. And the apricots are even bigger! As many as 2 trees are strewn
julia_bb, Yuliahow? Happened? Do you like jam?
Quote: nila
julia_bb, Julia, how is it? Happened? Do you like jam?
nila, Nelya, everything worked out, the jam is cool (I licked the pan :)) And I haven't tried the cold one yet, too, somehow the jam was distributed evenly over the banks.
Apricot was 1.5 kg, sugar took somewhere 75%, well, agar-agar in proportion. Thanks again for the recipe! As soon as I open the jar, I will come back with the report again.
Apricot jam on agar-agar
Today I tried jam, for me it is thick, it looks like marmalade and you cannot smear it on bread. For myself, I decided that it would be possible to reduce the agar-agar by half exactly.
nila, Nelechka, I'm going with a report - a gorgeous jam turned out! Just awesome! Delicious, delicious! Wow, I did not know that agar-agar would not be felt directly! Pectin gives me an unpleasant taste, but agar does not! I wonder if it can only be stored in the refrigerator or without it? And another question - what if you also make cherries? Will it work? Here is my handsome, from 1 kg of apricot (tore off cheap green ones in the "YES" store - 99.90 p. Kg!) And 800 g of sugar - 3 half liters and try it on the bottom.
Apricot jam on agar-agar
Thank you very much - and it's easy to do!
julia_bb, Yulia, yes, I immediately wrote that it turns out thickish. But I also achieved precisely this density. Because other, rare jam, does not suit me at all. And this is for food and baked goods.
I don't know, maybe I'll open the jar and take a look. The husband loves to put it on a bun, and not drip. But I did not check this jam, there was nothing left to try, just scrape off the walls
anavi, Olga, I keep all the seaming in the basement. But I also cover a little twist. I mainly use turnkey covers, it's safer for me. But I always reduce the portions of sugar. Here I did not reduce the proportions, and rolled up the lids. I think that my jam can be safely stored in the room.But you and Yulia have reduced the sugar, so I don’t even presume to advise anything. But only three jars, what should be stored there? You can find a place for them in the refrigerator.
You can try with cherries. Yes, you can make such a jam with any berry or puréed fruit. Aby the agar was available! And the main thing is not to digest. And then the color and aroma will be wrong.
And about pectin, I agree with you! I stopped buying both Zhelfix and Confiture for a long time. Yes, and we began to sell dry pectin, at a price almost like agar, but I still feel the taste.
nila, Nelya, what a good recipe, I will take note. If I find inexpensive apricots, I will.
marina-mm, Marina, I would really like you to try this jam
But you have the key word
Quote: marina-mm
If I find inexpensive apricots
I thought it’s not really possible to buy apricots in your area, but you write about not expensive... Abricosca is still a southern fruit, and it does not give birth here every year, it always falls under return frosts
But there hasn't been a year like this for a long time! Apricots in bulk, I don't know where to put them, I distribute them and crumble. And one more tree is not ripe! So what would I love to share, that's just HOW?
nila, Nelya, of course, apricots do not grow in our country, but they are brought to the market from southern places. I liked your jam, I will specifically look and look for apricots, you just need to understand when the season is on them, so as not to miscalculate the price. This year, the flowering of plants is two weeks late, the heat was only three days randomly, so it is hard to believe that somewhere the peak of the harvest has already come. The situation with the harvest is familiar only from apples and not every year, I understand you well, thank you for the offer. I have never tried agar-agar in jams, it's very interesting.
I love apricot and thick.
marina-mm, Marina, yes it is clear that you have enough imported fruits, and any! Let it be inferior to ours in taste, but you have it. I remember even my husband in ancient times, he really didn’t take apricots, but he did take cherries and pears to your land. A neighbor then worked at the airport, so there were no problems with baggage transportation, they were loaded with boxes.
I just look at the place of residence in your profile, for me Tyumen is something so distant, so cold, and never accessible
nila, Nelya, distant, yes, although before we were all closer and more accessible, I often flew by plane, there were a lot of flights and not expensive.
Cold, no, not always, there is no summer now, but it happens, sometimes even hot.
We built a water park and called it LetoSummer, so summer was offended at us, it doesn’t come, since it’s got ours.
Apricots as a delicacy, the more you need to stock up deliciously.
Tell me, does agar-agar have an expiration date? I have him for several years. I really liked the recipe
kirch, Lyudmila, on my agar-agar there is a shelf life of 12 months, I have a jar of 40g from Pudov
Luda, in general, heard that it has an expiration date. But I don’t know how long. I also thought about this question when I was making the very first jam. I had agar bought over a year ago. But it was not enough, and I added a third of the freshly bought. It froze perfectly, a photo from this jam, brewed on this agar. I buy agar by weight, and no one will tell me the truth how old agar is.
It's a shame. I definitely have more than a year, much more. And there is nowhere to buy in real life, only if you search the internet, but it takes a long time
kirch, Ludmila, agar has a shelf life of 12 months.
Recently, in another recipe, I used an old old one, much more than a year old, worked fine, kept dark and dry, nothing happened to it.
Luda, I would take a chance and use the agar-agar that is available. I don't think he has lost his gelling properties. Moreover, it is undergoing heat treatment? And then look for yourself, it's up to you!
Nelya, I also made some jam. Of course, it turned out a little bit from 1kg of apricots, but that was it. Thank you so much for the recipe.By the way, agar-agar was used with a shelf life of up to 2016. It worked perfectly!
Andreevna, Alexandra, thanks for trusting the recipe! Indeed, it is not enough with a kg of apricot jamik. But there is so much there! Maybe then some more suitable apricots will come across.
And thanks for confirming my guess about the agar shelf life. I thought that it is unlikely that he loses its gelling properties.
Nelechka, brought her jars to show.
Apricot jam on agar-agar
I packed everything, tasted only the leftovers from the pan, delicious.
I reduced the sugar to 300 g per 1 kg of apricot, otherwise it will be very sweet to us, agar according to the recipe, collected all the leftovers, including those of 2016, now I will buy fresh for the future. A thick, sunny jam turned out.
nila, Nelya, and I bring my thanks! Today I bought a couple of kg of apricots. I have already cooked half (a saucepan suitable for 3 liters, I decided to divide it in half), the second half tomorrow. I also want to make some plum jam. I don't need much - my mother-in-law will make jam from her southern (Rostov) fruits, but I wanted to make a little jam.

I also have agar already "ancient" - I bought my son marmalade to make, but somehow he did not go with marmalade on agar. I definitely did not lose gelling properties - I was preparing the ice cream mixture the other day, cooled it in the refrigerator, everything froze well.
marina-mm, Marinawhat a sunny jam in your jars
Class! The main thing is that it is thick! But for the first time I was afraid to reduce sugar. But then it also reduced, but not so much.
Anchic, Anna, so you joined this sunny, fragrant jam
I also wanted to try to make plum jam. I posted a recipe for plum jam on the forum, it turns out thick! And it's great! It suits me both for the filling and spread on the bun. But it boils down well, and cooked with agar for five minutes and the density is ensured
But now I stopped making jam and other preparations. The second week we turned off the gas. You cannot prepare much on a desktop induction machine. And she began to cook this jam in the microwave and burned the micra. Now I'm waiting for the gas to turn on
nila, Nelya, plum, too, should turn out well, if we have a crop, I'll try to cook it. It's a pity the microwave is how, it boils well quickly and does not burn, I like to harvest fruits in it.
nila, Nelya, I bought this kind of jam in stores. And here is its own Even taking into account the price of apricots, it is much cheaper than the purchased one. And exactly from some apricots it is made
Sorry for the microwave. Did she burn - did she start to spark? I got some sparks in mine, too, but then it worked. I ordered mica records on Ali and changed it myself the other day
Quote: marina-mm
It's a pity the microwave is how, it boils well quickly and does not burn, I like fruits in not
Quote: Anchic
Did she burn - did she start to spark? I
Girls, the mikru has already been done, but for how long, I don't know! At first, the magnetron failed, but we had an old micro, also Samsung. It is still one of the very first, and the enamel coating simply worn off, but it was in working order. The husband says, how did he not throw her out? I was trying to take it down to the dump, but left it, And the master took this magnetron off this micra and replaced it with ours. But he also warned that micro is only for heating food and not for boiling any liquids. But since my apricots were missing, and the gas was turned off, on the same day I put the mashed potatoes spinning again and sterilize the jars.
The first time the micro worked, the plate was spinning, but it did not warm up. The second time something crackled inside, and she stopped heating again. Of course, I didn’t tell my husband that I put the jam in the micra again, I pretended to be a ram, that I didn’t turn it on at all. I took it back to the master, the capacitor burned out expensive. We bought this condo on the radio market, the master said. Now I don’t know, after all, just warming up in the micro does not suit me at all!
nila, Nelya, well, in general, a mikre does not matter what to warm. She does not distinguish whether lunch is in her or the apricots are boiled.Or like you can't warm up for a long time?
Anya, yes, the heating time probably matters. In the old micro, I did not cook jam, and I did not cook in it. We do not take into account the sterilization time of cans, there are only 4-5 minutes.
But twist the mashed potatoes, a full plastic bowl, for more than 20 minutes. And more than once. That year I liked so much to cover fruit purees from the microwave. It is convenient that it does not burn, and quickly, you do not need to stand near the stove and stir constantly. But do it first without sugar, then with sugar. It's all the time!
The master immediately said, when he removed from the old microscope, that the magneton in it was not at all killed, unlike the new one! I immediately determined, asked that I did not cook jam in the first one?
He said that it was good that there was something to replace, otherwise buying a new one is not profitable. It's easier to buy a new micra
Our master is our friend, not from the SC.
Quote: nila
The master immediately said, when he removed from the old microscope, that the magneton in it was not at all killed, unlike the new one! I immediately determined, asked that I did not cook jam in the first one?
It seems to me that it depends on the micro itself. I have an old Samsung with convection for probably twenty years. She cooked jam in it all the time, made all kinds of casseroles, stewed vegetables. And all this was not for five minutes, it was instead of a stove. Now he lives in the country. I wanted less, bought LG, in it only a bowl of soup or a second was warmed up, I made a couple of potatoes for the longest. So she died very quickly, and even with fireworks.
So it probably depends more on the model of the micro, what it was originally designed for.
nila, Hi. You don't run far today / tomorrow, they will bring apricoski for the evening, we will make a dzhimik together.)) I will reread the separation, even it didn’t come to me ... right away, why should I cook a large pan?
Palych, yes I am mulberry, occasionally I look in with one eye
Now I'm going to the store, but I'll be there by evening
A large batch can be boiled, but if you have a good saucepan or a bowl with a thick bottom! Better yet, a copper bowl for cooking jam.
In stainless steel or enamel, a large batch is long and dreary to stand and stir until it boils. Otherwise it may heat up!
nila, I cooked cherries recently in pots with a double bottom, such from a stainless steel, with transparent lids. We have several of them for different displacement. Not burnt ... okay? And if you blender not into porridge, but leave part in pieces, can you? I like the whole ones. And if it is permissible for 5 kg, then 50 g of agar and diluted in 1 liter of water? That is, to increase everything proportionally? .. right now, I'll see how much of it there ... I can hike, since you are in the store, then grab me too. And for sugar ... I cooked cherries 2: 1, sugar 2 times less than berries ... just for sweetness. Is it okay with apricots? And can you store it in the room?
nila, Nelechka, and mashed with an immersion blender or in a wipe is better. They have already appeared on the market, but their green ones are still hanging ... although they did not crumble, like last year my favorite jam
Thanks for the recipe!
Smile, Catherine, Nelya mostly drops in in the evening - I pureed it with submerged. It seems to me that for rubbing, they will not be very boiled yet when they come to a boil. And why should you get it dirty, then you also need a bowl or saucepan to wipe into. My submersible coped with the task with a bang.
Anchic, Anna, thanks, I also leaned towards this option, so as not to clutter the table
Smile, Catherine, now I re-read the recipe again - in it Nelya writes just:
Quote: nila
Puree the apricots with a hand blender.
Nelechka, and I with a report!) I opened the season of preparations with apricot jam according to your recipe.
Apricot jam on agar-agar
Thanks again for the recipe!

We can say that she made a heroic deed. On the street +36, in the kitchen almost the same

Palych, Igor, I've already arrived! Do not be scaredso let's cook together your apricot jam
In the meantime, I'll quickly try to answer all the questions
A double day pot will work. But you still need to interfere, better with a silicone spatula.
Delhi immediately into halves and covered with sugar. It will give a little juice, you can bring to a boil.
It's better that way, at least at the first stage it will definitely not catch on! Apricots mash directly into mashed potatoes can burn
Then chop the leg blenders in mashed potatoes. If you want a piece, leave a piece! It doesn't matter how you like it.
Yes, all ingredients are magnified rotationally. Sugar can be reduced.
But with a decrease in sugar, preservation in a warm room is not guaranteed. Then roll up with a key, not twist the lids.

Smile, Catherine, I already answered Palych, and Anya prompted you. Better in this case, a hand blender! Rub is better for berries, and apricots are faster, easier and perfectly mashed with "foot"
Tatka1, Tatyanawhat a wonderful still life you brought me!
Cooked for 2 kg?
Yes, and we have the same degrees, but also the wind. And the sun turned right into the kitchen window
But nothing can be done, we must also begin to commit heroic deeds now
Yes, Nelechka, double portion
Nelya, why is it essential to close it with a key and not with a twist?
nila, Nelechka, thank you, even if I'm scattered today
nila, tomorrow. While 3.7 kg of peeled apricots are covered with sugar, boil it in the morning? Or let it be so? Agar turns out to be only 10 grams in a bag, you have to look for it tomorrow, buy more. And you can roll it up only late tomorrow.

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