Lean pumpkin pancakes "dessert"

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Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes


pumpkin 500-550 g
potatoes 180-200 g
dried apricots 50-75 g
Apple 150-175 g
banana 1 PC.
juice and zest of lemon (orange) 1 PC.
oat flakes 100 g
flour 1c or whole grain 150-175 g
water 100 ml
vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.
sugar 2 tbsp. l.
baking powder (soda) 1 tsp
salt, spices (cinnamon, cardamom, vanillin), nuts, seeds, raisins taste
flaxseed flour (optional) 30 g

Cooking method

  • A simple yet aromatic, tasty and healthy Lenten dish. The dish is balanced in the content of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber, pectin, carbohydrates and protein. The taste and aroma are clearly dessert. Can be served for breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner. It may not be lean if you replace the water with whey and add a couple of eggs.
  • Wash pumpkin, potatoes, apples, dried apricots, peel and chop arbitrarily. Leave the potatoes in their skins, just wash them well. It is advisable to put dried apricots on the bottom, where it will be steamed better from juices.
  • Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes
  • Add water, salt, sugar, spices, mix well and heat under a lid until softened. I did it in the microwave at full power for 10 minutes.
  • Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes
  • Add oatmeal and chopped banana. Mix well. warm up for about 5 more minutes.
  • Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes
  • Purée the mass with a blender. Add flour and flaxseed flour (it will give the pancakes more plasticity) to the hot mass and quickly knead the dough. It turns out something like a choux vegetable-fruit dough.
  • Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes
  • Add juice and grated lemon zest, oil, baking powder (or soda). You can add sugar, raisins, any seeds, chopped nuts. I only added lemon. Mix everything well and bake pancakes in a preheated pan. Fry on both sides. I baked in a special pan for pancakes, so I only greased with butter at the beginning.
  • Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes
  • The pancakes are lush, airy, fragrant and juicy.
  • Lean pumpkin dessert pancakes
  • Serve with jam or honey, the non-lean version can be served with sour cream. I served with my vegetable jam, I have it the most "running" and goes well with these pancakes.

The dish is designed for

18-20 pieces

Time for preparing:

about 30 minutes

Linochka beauty !!! That deliciously sure especially with your jam
Linadoc, Wow, how much delicious! Just such a stack of pancakes! With jam!
Thank you girls! Fast, tasty, aromatic, sunny, healthy and not scary for the figure
Linochka, what beautiful pancakes, like little yellow suns.
Yeah, Vikusthe soul asks for spring
Elena Kadiewa
You can kill! from one kind. .. just dispose of the pumpkin!
Linen, not nada! Do not kill yourself! You are still so young! Better bake yourself a healthy yummy for breakfast
Linadoc, thanks for the pancakes, I killed two birds with one stone: I had breakfast with delicious pancakes without breaking the fast, and added the rest of the pumpkin.
Tatyana, glad that the recipe came up! Cook for health!
Lina, thanks for the recipe! I want to cook, only I don't have a banana and oatmeal, but there is oatmeal, I'll turn it in a coffee grinder.
Good, Marina, write about the result later
And I always have oatmeal, I make bread and dough on them all the time.
Lina, I do not buy oatmeal, we take oatmeal, I like it more, it is not steamed or boiled. I grind it and add it to the dough, cook it into bread and jelly.
Marina, long-boiled oat flakes are also not evaporated and not boiled, just flattened, cereal.But it doesn't matter who likes what, who has adapted to what. Flakes are more convenient for me, and they are in use every day - bread, pies and pies, pancakes, cookies, cutlets, muffins and multigrain stewed porridge.
Lina, yes, I also bought long-term cooking flakes before, I don't take instant ones, but somehow I bought oatmeal and I liked it, more than flakes
Lina, I made pancakes today, but I ruined the look, so there is no photo.
I decided to bake in a samssushnitsa. I put it flush with the bottom panel, opened it after 2 minutes, they went up to the very top panel. Airy steels, the bottom was baked, but in the middle did not have time to bake. I had to remove the top and bake again. It turned out delicious, but not photogenic. Next time I will fry in a pan and make cashew sour cream for them.
Thank you for the recipe!
Marina, I'm glad it turned out delicious! Cook for health!

Well at least, having studied and weighed everything, I easily walked past this samushnitsa. A completely superfluous toy for my household and health

Linochkawhat a rich composition !!!

Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe with us !!!

You need to get together and bake such suns for your own !!!

I think it should work well in the oven, I like vegetable and not only) bake pancakes in the oven !!!

And my eaters like them, pancakes, eat them !!!

Quote: Linadoc
A completely superfluous health toy

Oh, what a fine fellow I am, resisted the temptation to purchase a self-contained did everything the doctor ordered !!!

Inna, cook for health! Fast, tasty, healthy, very lean, but tasteful

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