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sugar 110 g
glucose syrup (I have starch syrup) 50 g
water 35 g
wooden sticks, alcohol, silicone mat, various dressings, food coloring

Cooking method

  • LollipopsBefore you start making candy, have everything you need ready to hand. You have to work quickly.
  • Wipe the silicone mat well with alcohol, vodka or vinegar.
  • Pour sugar into a ladle, pour water and syrup.
  • LollipopsWe put on fire. I do not stir until boiling. Average fire.
  • LollipopsAs soon as the syrup boils and the sugar dissolves,
  • add a water-soluble food coloring. Can be dry or gel. Stir.
  • LollipopsCook the syrup to a temperature of 150 degrees.
  • It is better not to add fire, otherwise the syrup will begin to burn and change color.
  • LollipopsWe put in a spoon and pour it onto the rug.
  • In order for the candy to have an absolutely correct round shape, the syrup must be poured into one point. If you want a different shape, then we make a movement with a spoon in the right direction. To make Christmas trees or some thorns, we make a circle or an oval and stretch the syrup with a toothpick in the right direction.
  • LollipopsInsert a stick in the center.
  • LollipopsWe turn it so that it becomes covered with syrup. If you stretch the ends, then after the stick is inserted.
  • LollipopsSprinkle with sprinkles. Let cool and remove from the rug.
  • Lollipops
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


It turns out a very beautiful decor for cakes and cupcakes. Lollipops are very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. On the second day in a simple refrigerator, they began to "cry" at me. Therefore, it is better to isolate them from the environment and put them directly on the cake before giving to the client. If the cake is for yourself, then you can decorate it in the morning, if you need a cake in the evening.

Angela, finally I waited! What a beauty! And how simple! Now it remains to find glucose syrup or starch syrup, never bought.
Thanks for MK!
svetta, not at all. The kid said, the kid did Promised the same after Nikolai.
Quote: svetta
find glucose syrup or starch syrup,
Yes, in all online stores for confectioners we have. You know, I think you can try using invert syrup.
Angela, only recently I was in such a store, bought substrates and so on in trifles. I'll have to ask about the syrup and go buy it.
It's easier for you. I just order and wait)
I was also waiting for lollipops, hiding behind a computer
Leah, then there are already two of you who have waited)
ang-kay, Angela, thanks! I just need caramel trees!
Elena, glad I helped)
maha i
Angela! The lollipops are adorable! I have 100% glucose syrup, okay? I heard that 43% is needed, so I'm thinking of doing it with 100%?
An interesting recipe, bookmarked. And tell me what the syrup (molasses) gives?
Quote: maha i
! Lollipops
Marina, Thank you.
Quote: maha i
me 100% glucose syrup, okay? I heard that 43% is needed,
Marin, I have never used glucose syrup in my life. I also know that 43-46% is glazed. It then has a more fluid consistency. Hammer in the search engine, maybe somehow dilute it with water so that the desired density is. I have starch syrup, and so it is also very thick, like dense, but still flowing honey.
Quote: toy09
what does syrup (molasses) give?
Marina, does not allow sugar to crystallize and, somewhere I heard that there was no yellowness, if the lollipop was not painted.
maha i
I have 100% very thick, no starch streams, only maltose. In the online store where I buy a hedgehog there is 43%, but I slowed down something, did not take it! I'll try to make it out of my own, I won't get it, I'll take 43% Thanks Angela
Hello girls! I can put in my own 5 kopecks .. I cooked lollipops with invert syrup, everything works out and does not stick, the main thing is to cook the syrup for a test, when you dip the stick into the syrup and immediately into a glass of ice water - a crackling sound is heard. the candy mass is cracking - it's time to pour the candy ...
Victoria, Thank you. So you can cook with invert)
Yes, Angela everything works out ...: yahoo: although there is glucose syrup, but immediately experimented with invert, the first began to stick the next day and then cooked several times and everything is fine ... the only drawback is not pure blue to make the invert itself has yellowish tint and candies, if not tinted, have a yellowish color ...
Angela, Angela, thanks for the candies: rose: By the way))) I just needed a decor a la ice floes for a New Year's cake! But I was not guided by the thermometer, but determined the readiness of the cod syrup in a glass of cold water. I wonder if instead of water I take juice, any fruit or berry juice, or for example a decoction of useful herbs, will it work?
OlgaWhat a beautiful cake! I'm glad the lollipops came in handy.
Quote: Olgabozhok
if instead of water you take juice - any fruit or berry
I myself thought about this question. You just have to try to know.
ang-kaythanks for the candy recipe! It worked great the first time. Made with homemade invert syrup.
Gulya, I'm glad. Use it for health)
Angela, thanks for the recipe! If not for you, I would never have been ripe for candy)).
It turned out that everything was simple, I did it on glucose syrup, 43%. You have to work very quickly!
And yet, every time I try to photograph FOOD, I remember you and admire just your perseverance and striving for perfection!
Larissa, but everything is very simple! True? Nice candies. Well done!

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