Honey gingerbread (sugar free)

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Honey gingerbread (sugar free)


Honey (liquid) 140 g
Egg (C1) 2 pcs.
Salt 1/4 tsp
Gingerbread spice mix 1/3 tsp
Soda 1/4 tsp
Flour / s 270 g + 20g
Butter (room temperature) 30 g

Cooking method

  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)Break 1 egg into a bowl, pour in liquid honey. Mix well.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)Add salt, baking soda and gingerbread spice mixture. I cook it myself, grinding and mixing 8 spices in certain proportions (recipe below). If there is no such mixture, add ground cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, that is, whatever you like in gingerbread. Stir well again.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)In a separate bowl, combine 270 g flour and room temperature butter until crumbled. Pour into honey mixture and stir. The dough should be soft, smooth and slightly sticky.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)This time I had to add another 20 g. Look at the dough, maybe there is more flour and will not need to be added. But in no case pour flour, it is better to add it a little.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)This is how it should turn out. I repeat - soft, smooth and slightly sticky.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)I immediately spread it on the rug, dusting it slightly with flour. I shape the sausage.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)And I roll out a rectangle, 5 mm thick, 12 cm wide, 36 cm long. I saw this form in the original recipe and I liked it very much. You can mold the dough as you wish.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)Further, with the help of a centimeter, I outline rectangles of 6 cm
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)and cut.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)I smooth out the corners of each rectangle and put it on a baking sheet with a Teflon sheet.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)Lubricate with a beaten egg.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)I draw stripes with a fork at random. I put it in a preheated oven.
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)And I bake at 210 degrees for 12-15 minutes until a dry match and browning. Take a look in your oven.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)
  • Honey gingerbread (sugar free)

The dish is designed for

6 items

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:



Thanks to the author Anastasia for a wonderful recipe! I liked the lack of sugar, which makes the gingerbread very honey-tasting. In the original, the spices are half less and for us they were not felt at all. It felt like eating honey cookies. Then I increased their number and immediately you feel that you are eating gingerbread. They do not stale for a long time, so you can bake a double portion.
Honey gingerbread (sugar free)Dry perfume for gingerbread (and not only)

I'm the first for gingerbread. I take it to bookmarks. Soon a big vacation, Christmas, I will definitely do it.

What cute, plump!
Thanks for the recipe, Check mark, We will try!

Irina Dolars
Good gingerbread! Soulful! Interesting to try
Elena, RepeShock, Irina Dolars, take it to your health! I would be glad if you cook it. Thanks for stopping by
They are pretty, and it's not difficult to do it at all!
Check mark, took away the recipe, thanks!
And I'm already with gingerbread Honey gingerbread (sugar free)
Checkmark, thanks for the recipe !!! So I think, can I cover them with sugar glaze?
Wow, what kind of gingerbread they treat here !!!

Check mark, !!!

Quote: galchonok
spice mixture for gingerbread. I cook it myself, grinding and mixing 8 spices in certain proportions.

Check mark, but please share which spices and in what proportions do you make his spice mix for gingerbread?

Each has its own composition and proportions, too, but there are never many recipes for a mixture of spices for gingerbread !!!
Irishk @
galchonok, Galyuska, wonderful gingerbread. I took it to the bookmarks, I will try to make goodies
Irina. T , how lovely ! Indeed, it is a quick and uncomplicated recipe! Of course, you can also glaze. Thanks for the joy and the photo of the gingerbread!
Tatyana, Innochka,
Irina, good health, girls! Thank you for your attention !

Quote: Krosh
please share, from which spices and in what proportions do you compose your mixture of spices for gingerbread?
Innul, I will definitely share, in the coming days I will draw up a recipe. Yesterday I did not have time, but today I work. A very good recipe from an old cookbook
But there is no liquid honey ... Everything has become solid. The time has come. If I don't melt it in a water bath, won't it ruin the dough? Painfully like the recipe.
Natalia., melt.
Thank you! On Wednesday, my grandchildren have 5 lessons, I take them to school and try to have time to cook, to please the kids.
Galina, I really liked the gingerbread appearance, thanks. I will definitely do it, bookmarked the recipe.
Natalia, not at all! Delicious gingerbread. Thanks for your interest in the recipe!
Borkovna , to your health! Thank you
galchonok, I also join the request for the exact composition and amount of the spice mixture for gingerbread - how much and what to put? I really liked the recipe - it's scary to mess up.
mish, Natalia, I will write next weekend.
Quote: mish
I really liked the recipe - it's scary to mess up
Thank you ! And with spices ... you can just add your favorites, such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger pinch at a time - here is a mini mixture
Irina Dolars
Let me suggest this flavorful variation
Christmas Gingerbread Spice Blend (Lebkuchengewuerz)
Quote: Irina Dolars
Let me suggest this flavorful variation
Ira, I really like this spice mixture, I added it to the English Christmas cake (only I don't add anise, I don't like it, at all!)
Quote: galchonok
And with spices ... you can just add your favorites, such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger pinch at a time - here is a mini mixture
So once I made my "favorite spices by eye" into Swedish cookies - this is how it turned out - apparently, they somehow did not grow together with that dough. So I'd rather wait for the exact dosages.
Irina Dolars, thanks for the help !
Inna, Natalia, gingerbread mix recipe added. Link at the end of the recipe.
Checkmark, from this amount of dough you get 6 gingerbreads as in the photo? Is it better to do a double rate at once?
Victoria, yes, it turns out 6 gingerbread. And see for yourself, they are tasty and quickly eaten.
Checkmark, thank you, very tasty gingerbread, baked a double rate, took it out of the oven 10 minutes ago - they did not allow it to cool down properly, they eat it, they say it is very tasty!
In general, I baked gingerbread for the first time, I was worried about how my family would appreciate it, because with spices ... Everything is very harmonious, both sweetness and spices (dry perfume, by the way).
Honey gingerbread (sugar free)
Forming is not very much, it was in a hurry, it took a long time with spices.
Victoria, thank you very much for baking and showing! Wonderful gingerbread turned out, ruddy like that! I am very glad that I liked it (and the dry perfume came in handy)! Good health to all your wonderful family!
Galya, thanks for the recipe! I used it today. The children appreciated, ate and ate!
I made them small so that they could fit in a hand, my daughter actively helped, assistant.
Honey gingerbread (sugar free)
Natasha, good health to you and your children! Daughter is a clever assistant! It turned out beautifully! Thank you

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