Baked alu patras (potato rolls)

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Baked alu patras (potato rolls)


Wheat flour 3 st
Water 1.5 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Ghee butter 50 g
Turmeric 1 tsp
Potatoes 6 pcs large
Coconut flakes 2 tbsp
Sesame 2 h l
Turmeric or curry or garam masala 5 g
Ground ginger 5 g
Salt 0.5 h l
Sugar 1 tbsp
Chopped greens 2 tbsp

Cooking method

  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)Sift flour into a container, add salt, turmeric. Pour water and melted butter
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)Knead the dough. Cover and leave for half an hour
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)Peel the potatoes, boil and mash them in mashed potatoes (I add a little broth in which the potatoes were boiled)
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)Add coconut, sesame seeds, sugar, herbs, turmeric or garam masala to the puree, or curry, salt and mix well
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)This turns out to be a solar filling.
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)Sprinkle flour on the table, take out the dough and roll it into a thin layer (3-4 mm)
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)Spread the cooled filling evenly on the dough, pressing it down slightly with your fingers
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)Roll the filled dough into a roll
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)It is recommended to cut the roll into 1 cm wide slices. I cut a little wider and shaped the roses. Put a baking sheet with rolls in an oven preheated to 180-190 degrees and bake for 25-30 minutes. I liked the crispy-toasted
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)I sprinkled some of the rolls with cheese for the experiment
  • Can be served immediately. Bon Appetit!
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)
  • Baked alu patras (potato rolls)

The dish is designed for

2 trays

Time for preparing:

1,5 hour

Cooking program:

Stove, oven


It turns out to be a very interesting, fragrant dish. If you replace ghee with vegetable oil, then also lean one!

Larisa M
Lenochka, describe in detail the taste of this dish. How is it "crispy-toasted"?
Quote: Larisa M
describe the taste in detail
Very remotely reminiscent of dumplings with potatoes But they are not ...
Aromatic and interesting! Even Misha liked
But he said that without cheese they taste better
Quote: Larisa M
How is it "crispy-toasted"?
Fried from below, dark such steel. If you keep less in the oven, then they will be softer and more varenyky plan And I liked the crispy and drier ones that were
Larisa M
So the main thing is to do it much faster, zip - rolled it out, slap - smeared it, the rest is a matter of technology, and sit and enjoy the creation of your hands
Quote: Larisa M
do much faster
That's for sure!
And the dough can be made the day before, then very quickly-recipe
This time I added curry to the filling. Next time I also want to add garam masala. I think it will be quite fragrant!

ABOUT! You already have two rolls!

Larisa M
And if mushrooms with potatoes? And herbs?
Quote: Larisa M
mushrooms with potatoes
It will be something else ... Not alu patra ...
But you can try!

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