Pear decor

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Pear decor


Pears 2-4 pcs
Water 500 ml
Lemon acid 1/2 tsp
Sugar 200 g
Water 50 g
Lemon acid 1/2 tsp
Water-soluble dye optional

Cooking method

  • Pear decorPears can be of any kind, but they must be firm. Wash and cut into 2-3 mm thick
  • Pear decorDissolve citric acid in water and put pears in water so that they do not darken
  • Pear decorBoil sugar and water syrup, add 1/2 tsp citric acid
  • Pear decorAdd the desired dye to the syrup, brightness as desired (I had the best solution for the usual dye top product). Dip the sliced ​​pear slices into the syrup for a few minutes (about 5-10), so that they become soft and colored
  • Pear decorTake out pears and dry a little. Then put on a baking sheet on baking paper and put in an oven preheated to 50-60 degrees with convection and dry for 3-4 hours so that they dry out, but remain plastic
  • Pear decorThen paint with candurin and apply to decorate confectionery
  • How I applied this decor
  • Pear decor
  • Pear decor
  • Pear decor
  • Pear decor

Time for preparing:

3-4 hours

Cooking program:



I really love this pear decor for a quick cake decorating. You can get different, sometimes the most unexpected, colors. The recipe is well-known, but I got tired of constantly looking on the Internet and I decided to put it in a separate recipe so that it was always at hand.
These pears are very good friends with mirror glaze.

Cool pears! Thanks for the recipe, Lenochka!
Loksa, Oksanochka, I'm glad I liked it!
This is a lifesaver for me when I need to decorate both quickly and beautifully
Very nice decor!
I made apples with kandurin, it also turns out beautifully.
lettohka ttt
Elena_KamchHow beautiful!
Quote: Gala
I made apples with kandurin, it also turns out beautifully
Interesting! I'll have to try

lettohka ttt, Natasha, Thank you!
How beautiful it is, the state fall!
SveKosha, yes, from these pears what kind of beauty they do not create
Elena_Kamch, Elena, classsss .. super well and beauty! Such pears are beautiful
Elena_Kamch, Lenusik, I'm in culture shock
Well, you are an entertainer
kristina1, Thank you! A very fast and effective decoration Reckpt is famous, I only brought it to HP ..

Podmosvichka, Helen, well, she praised me straight ... Thank you! I’m so ... just trying and learning ...
ABOUT! Another midnight girl
It's just the recipe, right?
I did it in the summer. Very spectacular decor.
Pear decor
kolobashka, Barbara, what a beauty !!! Thank you!
So ..., I write down ... you can twist
Elena ! Bravo! How beautiful it is !
Thank you! I like this decor too

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