Catfish fillet smoked with garlic

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Catfish fillet smoked with garlic


Pear chips

Cooking method

  • I heard a lot about catfish ..., it smells like mud .., NOTHING LIKE !!!
  • Catfish living in clean flowing waters do not smell of ANYTHING except fresh fish)
  • We take a catfish carcass. Cut out the ridge and lower fin. It turns out like an open book.
  • I always cook brine (5 tablespoons of salt per liter of water), but you can just sprinkle it with coarse salt. Leave the fillet to salt for 2.5-3 hours. Rinse thoroughly under running water and let the water drain out for a while.
  • We make cuts in the skin and insert the cloves of garlic there. We tie the carcass with threads and send it to the smokehouse. The "locals" advised to use fruit chips (about garlic, by the way, also a local chip) I am a squirrel and I had pear chips with me.
  • Smoke for 30 minutes.
  • We ate the first carcass hot, incredibly tasty !!
  • Of course, the same catfish went to Moscow as hotels. And, lo and behold))
  • Cold and frozen in the fridge the next day, cut into thin slices like sausage - it was amazing. Honestly, it looks like a sturgeon. I'm not exaggerating.
  • We cooked Somyatina for the first time. And all the household is delighted.
  • Recommend)

Time for preparing:

4 hours with salting

Cooking program:



Catfish fillet smoked with garlic

Well, this is how a small catfish looks like
Catfish fillet smoked with garlic
He had 5 in his belly !!! crayfish))

only pliiz is not necessary about Greenpeace, like how can you eat it ..., etc. I will not enter into negotiations

Quote: Zhannptica
smells like slime .., NOTHING LIKE
Lucky you. It happens that the smell is just such that it is impossible to eat. Somehow they brought it from Don, just a nightmare, although our local from the river is very tasty and completely odorless. Zhanul, your catfish is just awful. Die and not get up. I can imagine how delicious it is if it is odorless. I love this fish very much.
Angela, Wow!! So we were lucky)))) rial, we are delighted)

all!! I finished))) the world should know where it was and what it ate

I will tell a story about catfish. When I was a child, I went fishing with my grandfather. And I caught two little catfish. I didn’t eat this fish that I caught myself. Grandpa told me that in the river in his village there was a catfish about 3 meters in size. Maybe more. Everybody tried to catch him, even special hooks were forged. The catfish tore everything. But they never got caught. He said that when he surfaced, it was just a house! And he swallowed the floating bird at once.
In our river Aydar, there were a lot of all kinds of fish. Catfish are now very rare. They poached them with underwater guns. And the river is something completely crumbling. Today I drove over the bridge over the river, it even became sad. Where we swam in childhood and adolescence, there are no beaches at all. The river was overgrown. It's a pity. There was even a dam. And it does not work, because it is unnecessary.
Jeannewhat deliciousness!

Quote: Zhannptica
So we are lucky
Yeah, us too. When we went to the Don, we also ate odorless catfish

ang-kayif you knew HOW I'm afraid of them. I heard that small children can be dragged away. But huge specimens are now, fortunately, a rarity.
Check mark, and certainly with garlic. Dad picked out smoked garlic from all of them and said that he was cute)))
Quote: Zhannptica
and certainly with garlic. Dad picked out smoked garlic from all of them and said that he was cute)))

Oh, what a fish!
We sell such a catfish under the name "barbel". Although, in fact, the barbel is completely different and lives mainly in the red book.
And smoked with my own hand ... I can imagine how delicious it is.

By the way, the smell of catfish perfectly beats off lemon juice.And if you put a ball of chopped dill mixed with butter (a little, for a bunch) inside the somyatin cutlets, then they are then remembered for a very long time and require repetition.

Lily, thanks a lot))) and about a ball of butter

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