Linen flaxes

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Linen flaxes


* Flax seed 200 BC
* Sesame seed 100 g
* Apple 1 PC
* Orange 1 PC
* Honey 2-3 st. l.

Cooking method

  • Soak flax seeds (170 g) in water so that they are saturated (20 min.) Grind the remaining 30 g in a coffee grinder.
  • Rub the apple into a coarse grater.
  • Wash the orange very thoroughly, grind in a blender (not into porridge).
  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl. If flax is poured in too much, then, if possible, this excess water should be drained. I add water in portions, as it is absorbed, I add more. Therefore, my mass is exactly wet. Mix well. The result is a viscous mass, not liquid.
  • If you have a dryer with pallets, then spread the flax mass, not thickly, on the pallets. There are no trays for marshmallows in my dryer, so I just cut out circles from baking parchment, a little less than the sieve area, and also cut a hole in the middle so that the air had somewhere to go. Smeared, lightly, with a silicone brush and spread the mixture over these circles. The mass was enough for two tiers.
  • Dried at T = 45aboutFrom 12 o'clock. Periodically swapped the bars. When the drying was over, I cut the blanks with scissors into rectangular "crackers".


These products have a pleasant taste. Alive and light. I am very pleased that I saw this recipe on the Internet.
You can also dry in the oven, it will take much less time. Cope in just 1.5 hours. BUT .... in this case, the honey must be replaced with dates (the amount is according to your taste)
For those who do not consider themselves to be a sweet tooth, there is also a variant of flaxes - salty. The cooking principle is the same. The only difference is in the composition. This can include herbs, spices, sunflower seeds, various delicious salts, garlic, etc.


Mama Seni
ANGELINA BLACKmore, good recipe. Thanks for sharing!
Natasha, great idea, we will definitely do
You can also dry in the oven. BUT .... in this case, honey must be replaced with dates
So if you set the same temperature (45aboutC), why change?
Quote: Chef
So if you set the same temperature (45 ° C), why change it?
Chief, I'm with mine bell towers oven considered the issue))) And I have it less than 150 does not give heat.
The question, you put it correctly - YES, if there is no threat for honey, then of course, you can not change the composition.

Or maybe someone just wants not honey, but dates - there is such a variance. In general, flaxes are an endless field for imagination.
Cook, share your variations. It is very interesting to try others as well.

Natasha, such things are cool and useful! Thank you)
It's sympathetic how. Thanks for the idea. Flax seeds are like shoe polish
I'll tell you later WHAT came of it
Quote: Zhannptica
Flax seeds are like shoe polish
I envy-oo-oo-oo-oo .........
Quote: Zhannptica
I'll tell you later WHAT came of it
Tell me ably)) We are waiting, sir !!!

Quote: ang-kay
such things are cool and useful!
So I was interested in THIS nuance. I drink linseed oil, but in the form of coarse fiber I did not guess. Nice bonu, there is some sweetness in this recipe. Here is the second day with the morning tea KhrusTYu. Good!!! And the spouse appreciated (he is always for a healthy diet)

Today I made salty flakes.
Flax seeds - 200 g.
Sesame seeds - 100 g.
Sunflower seeds - 100 g.
Utskho-suneli - 1 box l.
Garlic is dry. - 1 box l.
Dry parsley - 1 tbsp. l.
Paprika salt - 3 coffees. l.
Flaxseeds are soaked as in the main recipe. Fried sesame seeds and seeds. I mixed everything. The baking sheet was covered with a silicone mat. I distributed the finished mass. Dried in the oven - 180 * C, 50 min.
It turned out very tasty.
ANGELINA BLACKmore, Natalia, a wonderful recipe !!!!
kristina1, Thank you!!!
Having embarked on the path of returning to healthy eating, I remembered about my flakes. This is a great product. But we must remember that any product has contraindications.
Natasha, unfortunately, I saw yours for the first time now, and I myself have been making similar crackers with a banana in the oven for a long time.
And I posted this recipe for a long time)) Then I made them for a long time, then I abandoned it, for a number of reasons. And here again the recipe in the home notes came to my attention. I decided to resume. At least the flax will go away quickly, but something has accumulated more than necessary.

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