Tomatoes and zucchini in cheese batter

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Tomatoes and zucchini in cheese batter


Zucchini 1 small
Tomatoes 2-3 pcs.
Cheese 200 g
Eggs 2 pcs.
Mayonnaise 2 tbsp. l.
Sour cream 2 tbsp. l.
Paprika 1 tsp
Ground garlic 1 tsp
Salt pepper taste
Flour 2-3 st. l.
Rust oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Peel the tomatoes and zucchini and cut into slices. Grate the cheese (I have suluguni) and, adding eggs, mayonnaise, sour cream, flour and spices to it, knead a fairly thick dough.
  • Tomatoes and zucchini in cheese batter
  • Alternately dipping vegetables in batter, fry them in oil preheated in a frying pan until browned. Put the finished slices on paper towels to remove excess fat.
  • Tomatoes and zucchini in cheese batter

Oh, some kind of deliciousness ... Yes, looking at night ... Just a dream.
Larochka, thanks for the recipe!
lettohka ttt
dopleta, Larochka, how beautiful, golden! Photos and filing are incomparable! Mmmm yummy !!! Very relevant now! Thanks for the recipe and idea! I took it away.
Larissa, how delicious it is in cheese batter it is very tasty! And beautiful!
Thanks for the recipe, I will cook
Delicious, fast, simple! Everything as I love!
Thanks for the recipe!
Thank you for paying attention to such a simple recipe, girls. I was surprised that we don't have him here yet
Nadezd @
Thank you for the recipe! Moreover, this summer the zucchini was prepared in different ways, I will definitely try it with cheese.
dopleta, Lariskin .. thanks for the recipe ..
To your health!
Larochka, take the report:
Tomatoes and zucchini in cheese batter
It's insanely delicious. Thanks again for the recipe!
I drag them to my favorites, I will definitely repeat.
Well you, my dear, made a friend happy, thank you!
Tatiana Shishkina
I wonder if the eggplants will be tasty too?
NUUU! And how did I slip past such an idea ?! This is incredibly tasty and simple.
Photos and presentation are great!
Tatyana, eggplants will be no less if not more delicious! It has been tested more than once.
Ilosha, thank you, honey, but don't exaggerate!
I confirm, it is very tasty! Larissa, thanks for the zucchini, I don’t make them like that, but the tomatoes are always, especially their homemade ones, large and fleshy.
By the way, I baked them in AG, the same very tasty.
It’s also delicious as an eggplant and tomato sandwich.
Lorik, I never exaggerated! I like.
Tatiana Shishkina
Tell me, can you take any cheese? smoked sausage will do? And yet, if you cook eggplants this way, do they need to be soaked with salt first?
Tatyana, that's just smoked sausage, I would not take it. It behaves unpredictably: for one manufacturer it melts, for another it remains grains. Any solid is better. And I never soak eggplants. And when baking, I never remove the skin.
I don't like sausage cheese when baking. It remains a non-spreading cap. I do not soak eggplants and do not remove the skin.
Tatiana Shishkina
dopleta, Larisa, thank you! I just don't eat eggplants myself, they remind me of mushrooms (I can't eat mushrooms since childhood), but then it turned out that my husband and sister love them, so I'm mastering new dishes ...
Cheese now generally behaves strangely, choosing a more or less normal, and not a substitute, is a whole problem
Quote: Tanyulya

I don't like sausage cheese when baking. It remains a non-spreading cap.
Yeah, but also often turns into a hard crust.
Larissa, cooked zucchini today according to your recipe.

Tomatoes and zucchini in cheese batter

The zucchini were tiny "dairy", so we got little "pancakes".
Delicious, thanks for the recipe!
Oh, how delicious it looks, Tanechka👍! Thank you, dear, for your feedback and an unusually attractive photo!
Larissa, now plans include tomatoes and eggplants.
And it was possible at the same time😉.
Larissa, you can, but I had to go to the store, but I was too lazy! And the zucchini in the refrigerator were waiting for me. By the way, I'll buy suluguni, otherwise I did it with another cheese.
And I did it with suluguni only because there was no other 😄!
dopleta, Larissa, well, sooooo delicious !!! My all ate and smacked their lips! I have a question: what if it works out of frozen zucchini and tomatoes? It's just that I always ice the zucchini with cubes for soup and whole tomatoes - now I'm concerned, can we freeze them with rings?
Olga, thanks for your feedback, I'm very glad that you liked it. But I can't answer the question - I never fried ice cream. I'm afraid they might turn out flabby.
Tatiana Shishkina
dopleta, Larissa, thanks for the recipe! The hot zucchini were really VERY tasty, crispy, when they cooled down, they were also tasty, but they did not crunch anymore, they went limp. The eggplants turned out well too, but I still don't like them
Fine, Tatyana, I am very glad, thanks for unsubscribing! Yes, after "lying down", of course, the batter loses its crunchiness due to the juice of vegetables, but the taste hardly suffers from this.
Larissa! we really liked the zucchini and the tomatoes! Zucchini for my husband, and I have tomatoes))) No, well, I liked the zucchini too, but the tomatoes ... mmm ... delicious! Well ... I messed up when I was cooking. But I'll fix it next time. Yes, and I take it to my favorites so that the recipe is not lost!
Zhenechka, Sun, !

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